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Hello, my name is María Andrea López, I’m a student from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, where we are developing a service to detect fraud in banks, the improvement of the banking transactions security,  to prevent and solve faster card cloning  problems. This is through a safe and reliable data mining system.

In this project we had defined that card cloning and bank insecurities are serious problems. This software will end these problems among others. We want to reduce the insecurity of using credit cards providing this service initially to banks in Mexico.

Please answer the following three questions to helps us in the validations of our project:

Have you ever had problems with card cloning, check fraud or PIN hacked to illegally dispose of your resource? What happened and how were you treated?

What is the approximate maximum amount of money lost by fraud issues for misuse of your bank cards?

A high security software, able to predict your buying behavior, protect and provide a quick solution to any bank fraud, believes it could solve your problems?

Thank you for your time and for sharing your experience.

Plese visit our web page for more information. [moderator note: URL removed since its association with university could not be verified]