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Reporter Looking To Talk To Rate Chasers

Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,980 posts since 2009

A reporter from a major newspaper is looking to talk to savers who have a history of moving their money to get the best rates on savings accounts, checking accounts and/or CDs. He's interested to know how you have held up in this awful interest rate environment.

If you are in this group and would like to talk to the reporter, you can either send me a private message (PM) or send me an email at ken at depositaccounts.com.  If you PM me, please include your email address. I will then forward your info to the reporter.

I'm hoping this type of article will give more publicity to the issue of savers being punished in this awful interest rate environment.

paoli2   |     |   2,474 posts since 2011
Ken:  A lot of posters (like myself) may not want to give personal info to reporters but if they want an eyeful of how real Americans are suffering from the low interest rates they can read the notes people have left with their names on the Savers Petition.  There are a lot of sad, angry people posting how badly they are doing with these low rates.  The Petition is still up, I am just not pushing it any longer here.  That reporter can get an eyeful of what is going on just by scrolling through the signatures with their notes.  Just a thought.

BTW the Savers Petition is at:  http://signon.org/sign/the-feds-zero-percent

It wouldn't hurt our cause if that reporter mentioned we had a Savers Petition going.  Maybe it could get us a few more signatures.  Thanks!
Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,980 posts since 2009
The reporter is also planning to mention the petition. Hopefully, he'll be able to contact Elle.