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14 Tax Issues To Watch After The Election

Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,947 posts since 2009

From MarketWatch

Whatever happens in the election on Nov. 6, the next Congress and president will face a heaping helping of unfinished tax business. Here’s the second part of our two-part story on the most important unresolved personal tax issues — along with some fearless predictions.

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TonyStevenson   |     |   6 posts since 2012
Hello Friends,

These personal tax matters could see changes in 2013, depending on who wins the White House. The current more-generous rules will be extended through at least 2013. Under the current rules, most parents can claim a credit of up to $600 for costs to care for one under-age-13 child, or up to $1,200 for costs to care for two or more. There is still much negotiating to do before there's any kind of deal on the fiscal cliff. But by most accounts virtually everything is on the table, including the mortgage interest tax deduction. The much loved and very expensive to the federal Treasury .

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