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The Pros And Cons Of Savings Bonds

Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,937 posts since 2009

A DA reader emailed me this commentary on this Yahoo! Finance article:

Let me summarize this article:


Pros: Series I Bonds offer inflation protection that's better than any other reliable investment. They offer significant tax advantages. And they act like a high-yield 11-month CD that becomes liquid on day 335. Then stays liquid, while continuing to earn CD-like rates, for 29 years.


Cons: The old paper bonds of yesteryear (which are no longer offered, by the way) sit in drawers and safe deposit boxes. if you're too lazy to spend 15 minutes converting them to your treasurydirect account. And I Bonds are not as sexy as stocks -: you don't feel the excitement you get when watching the value of your stocks gyrate wildly in your brokerage account.


I Bonds outperform stocks, but at a slow, steady, and less nerve-wracking pace.


I'm not sure why the author isn't singing the I Bond's praises instead of coming up with lame reasons to diss them.

I have more pros listed in my last review of Series I Savings Bonds.

RJM   |     |   168 posts since 2011
bonds do NOT outperform stocks. Not over the long term, or over the last 1.2 and/or 5 year periods. Not even close.