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Forum Change - Consolidation Of Some Sub-Forums

Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,935 posts since 2009

If you haven't noticed there has been a forum change. It's a minor change, but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of it.

There used to be sub-forums under the "Rate Changes and Deals" sub-forum. These sub-forums included reward checking, checking, savings/mma and CDs.

Since some of these sub-forums didn't have much activity, we thought it would be better to just have the "rates changes and deals" sub-forum (now named "Rate Changes, Deals and Promotions").

You can still post on reward checking rate changes, checking account bonuses and CD deals. Just post them under "Rate Changes, Deals and Promotions" sub-forum.

If you are only concerned about reward checking rate changes, this change may make it a little more difficult to see just the reward checking rate changes. They will still be there, but the posts on other accounts may make the reward checking posts harder to see. If you only want to see reward checking forum posts, I would suggest using the "forum search" feature. Search the body for "rca". You can bookmark this search page. To make this work, we need to make sure "rca" is always included in your reward checking post.