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Need To Show Multiple CD Rates From One Institution

de7ye   |     |   73 posts since 2010


Just noticed that the only rate you show on the 5yr CD page for PenFed is their 7-year rate.

Looks like you need to further complicate your code by adding the ability to scrape two rates from one institution into one list  :)

That is probably also an issue when institutions do an odd-term special -- i.e. a regular rate for 24-month but a special rate for 25-month. Ideally, both would wind up on the 2yr CD list.

Maybe it would be simpler to add a separate CD list for >5yrs. Those almost always have terrible early-withdrawal penalties -- so they really do belong in a category by themselves.






Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,957 posts since 2009
You're right. PenFed's 5yr CD isn't on the list. That's a good point about having a table just for long-term CDs with terms over 5yr. As you mentioned, most all of these 6-10yr CDs have bigger early withdrawal penalties than the 5yr CDs.
Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,957 posts since 2009
@cactus, I'm glad to report that my technical partner implemented your suggestion about the 5-year CD rate table. We now have new tables for the 7+ year CDs. I have more details in this blog post.

About including multiple CDs with similar terms from the same bank in the tables, this is much more complicated for us. Our old tables did include everything, but this created complications when banks had many variations of their products.

Currently, we just include the CD with the best rate in the table for a particular term. We sometimes do include an "Other Accounts" note that's visible when you click on the plus sign to expand the row in the table. The "Other Accounts" include similar CDs offered by the institution.