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Add Dates To Blog Page

me1004   |     |   591 posts since 2010

I suggest that you add the posting date of your blog posts to each post, maybe right under the headline. That would be very helpful. I know I, for one, check it each day, and the dates on the post would let me know where I last left off.

I know, theoretically I shod remember when I see the first one I previously saw. But since I only quickly scan unless I see one I am interested in, I don't recall those skipped ones.

Actually, to be honest, I thought the dates already were on them. But at least today they are not.

Ricochet   |     |   318 posts since 2010
Date is shown if you click on each individual topic.

But yes, it would be alot better if displayed on Blog *summary* page
Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,936 posts since 2009
@me1004, thanks for your suggestion. We just released a blog change with dates included in the main blog page. As Ricochet mentioned, dates were already included in the blog post pages.