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Identity Theft

Bozo   |     |   1,208 posts since 2011

For those of you who have not yet been a victim, be advised. My wife was just hit. A fraudster (through a "phish") apparently convinced a low-level employee in her payroll department to send copies of all current W-2s to "HR", which was the fraudster. The fraudster then filed bogus tax returns. We are sorting out the mess.

diamondx   |     |   108 posts since 2011
These hr/payroll departments do not care about what can happen to their employees regarding identity theft. I am forced to submit multiple copies of personal information. They have it , on a computer somewhere and are just too lazy to look for it. I give it to the foreman, he scans it , sends it , and hr doesn't receive it. Happens ALL the time. There needs to be a single document that is used for employee / employer dealings. Filling out a dozen or more papers to get hired is bull.