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Ken, The Articles Full Of Half-Baked Stuff Are Dangerous.

de7ye   |     |   72 posts since 2010

The IRA CD article is very misleading.

Those hack articles are eroding the fine quality of your site.

Marquit's resume shows no relevant background to be writing about financial issues. MirandaMarquit.com - Resume


Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,935 posts since 2009
Thanks for the feedback. These articles are intended to be a basic overview, and details are often left out which would help clarify the issues. For example in the IRA article, if brokerage accounts were mentioned, wouldn't that have clarified the issue of being able to put any CD into an IRA? From what I understand at brokerages, once you have an IRA set up, you can use money in the IRA to buy any brokered CD. But as you mentioned, banks and credit unions handle IRA CDs as a separate class of account.

I'll have a new thread to cover the concerns about having other writers contribute.