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Huntington's New Fixed Annuity Marketed As A CD Alternative

Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,936 posts since 2009

With no rates posted, it's hard to say if this new fixed annuity is really a good deal compared to CDs. It is a fixed annuity and not a variable annuity which consumer advocates warn about.

The Huntington Investment Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated (NASDAQ: HBAN; www.huntington.com), is launching a new fixed annuity May 2, 2011 that provides customers with a higher rate than many certificates of deposits, tax deferred interest earnings and a unique feature that allows customers to exit the product if renewal rates decrease by more than a half percent.

There is more info on fixed annuities in my recent annuity thread.

RayMort   |     |   2 posts since 2011
Thanks.  I came accross this fixed annuity rates and calculator in my travels, it may come in handy.