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harold   |     |   3 posts since 2011

I understand it might be more work but would a bank star rating from Bauer/Bankrate.com be possible to add to the Blog postings.  Perhaps start with those nationally available and see what people thing and how much effort it takes.  I always check both of these ratings before considering an investment in a bank i'm not familar with.

Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,936 posts since 2009
I do include a link in each blog post to our financial overview page for each institution. In addition to our own star rating and Texas Ratio, we also include a link to the Bankrate page for that institution that has the star rating. We can't do this for BauerFinancial since they don't have pages that we can link to.

Here's an example of one financial overview page for Alliant Credit Union. The Bankrate report link is on the left. It's below the link to the NCUA #. Note, this NCUA # would be the FDIC # for banks. These are links to the NCUA/FDIC page for the institution.