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Changes To Shell MasterCard Rewards Program Is Major Disappointment

Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,945 posts since 2009

A reader just forwarded me a letter he received from Citibank which notified him of a change to the Shell MasterCard Rewards program. The cash back rewards are going way down.

Instead of 5% back on all shell purchases, now you have to spend at least $500 a month to get 10 cents a gallon. To get 15 cents per gallon requires spending $1,000 to under $2,500, and to get 20 cents requires spending at least $2,500. The credit only applies to the first 100 gallons during a billing cycle.

Since they long ago dropped the 1% cash back for all other purchases, it's not worth using this card non-Shell purchases.

With this latest change, there's little reason to keep this account opened.