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Growth Of Mobile Banking And Mobile Deposits

Ken Tumin
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More people are using their smartphones for mobile banking and for mobile deposits. Several large banks like Chase, US Bank and USAA Bank offer mobile deposit apps. More credit unions have started offering their own mobile banking apps. Golden 1 in California is one of them. This Sacramento Bee article reviews the rise of mobile banking in the greater Sacramento area, and it provides some interesting statistics about the acceptance of mobile banking and mobile deposits at Golden 1. Only about 11% of members use mobile banking, and only about 2% use the mobile deposit app:

Out of Golden 1's 600,000 members, 250,000 have signed up for online banking services, which allow customers to check and manage accounts from a computer, said Donna Bland, chief executive officer for the credit union. About 65,000 members are enrolled in its mobile banking program, which allows them to use a mobile device to manage accounts.

Since the institution launched the mobile deposit app in November, 12,000 members have signed up