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Investors May Be Headed Toward ‘Fiscal Cliff’

Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,936 posts since 2009

From MarketWatch via Yahoo Finance

Investors are reeling from Europe’s deepening economic crisis, but they may soon find themselves battered closer to home as the U.S. economy closes in on another debt-ceiling debate and teeters toward the edge of a “fiscal cliff.”

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paoli2   |     |   2,407 posts since 2011
Thanks for sharing the article Ken.  From everything I read, it is mainly about investors who buy stocks etc.  We CD holders don't seem to be in the category unless you are concerned about the low interest rates and what inflation will cost us.  This has to be an extra concerning time for any in the stock market.  Somehow I can't see a "new" President frying people with such high capital gains rates.  If it is Romney, practically all his taxes are in capital gains from what I have read.  But then again, he has the money to pay those kind of taxes!