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Bank2 Reward Checking Rate Cut Scheduled for February

Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,947 posts since 2009

A reader reported receiving a letter from Bank2 which announced some unfortunate changes for February 8, 2010: Top rate scheduled to drop from 5% to 4% APY, and the cap is scheduled to fall from $25K to $15K. It's disappointing, but they did keep their guarantee to keep the 5% rate through 2009. This was a great deal when I first posted on it last March when it was available nationwide. The nationwide availability didn't last long. By May it was limited to Oklahoma residents.

Anonymous   |     |   2,235 posts since 2010
I can confirm this...got the letter today...4.01% to first $15k; 1.01% on balances thereafter. They are offering a "Great Rate checking/savings combo", the savings account will earn 2.01% to the first $35k, and 1.01% thereafter.

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