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These Savings Accounts Pay 9x More Than Your Current Banks

Grow your savings faster and earn up to 9x the national average with these recommended banks from our partners.

Today’s average savings rate

How the Top Banks Compare

A majority of hard-working Americans have savings accounts with traditional “brick and mortar” banks that pay less than 0.21% APY. Most local hometown credit unions don’t do much better. In fact, the FDIC national average savings account is hovering around 0.45% APY.

This is where high-yield savings accounts come in. You can shop around FDIC-insured banks for the best APY so that you can get your savings account to earn more money. The top accounts out there offer perks like no minimum balance, ATM access and interest rates that are often 9x the FDIC national average savings account.

We’ve searched thousands of FDIC-insured banks and have compiled a list of the top savings account offers, including some from our partners. Put your savings account to work and start saving more money now. When you find an offer you like, click “View Details” to start towards your new savings account.

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FDIC National Rate
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