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Grow Your Savings Faster And Earn Up To 5x The National Average With These Recommended Banks.


Why get a high-interest savings account?

High-yield savings accounts are great if you want to multiply your money without thinking about it much. But how do you find the best one? After all, almost every bank offers savings accounts and they all promise the same thing: high yields, better interest and more money.

Want to know that you’re making the right choice? Shop and compare to see the best in savings accounts so you choose the one that makes you more money with every deposit.

How to find the best

Finding them is easy. We check rates daily at more than 11,000 U.S. banks and credit unions so you get access to the best savings accounts in the nation. That way, you can choose high-interest savings accounts that fit your needs and help your money grow. Fast.

But what about the big national banks, or the brick-and-mortar branches close to home? Don’t they offer high yield savings accounts that net you more interest, attractive benefits and substantial savings?

Not always. The average national annual percentage yield (APY) on savings accounts is a paltry 0.14%. Yet, we routinely find savings accounts that offer 0.50% APY and higher!

What else is there?

High APYs are important, but they’re not the only thing you should consider when comparing high-yield savings accounts.

As you start shopping, look at how each account handles monthly service fees, and whether you need a minimum deposit to get started. Also, look out for accounts offering ATM access and tools that make depositing your money simple.

Shop for high-yield savings accounts

Start exploring features of the best savings accounts available today. Maximize your savings with a high-yield savings account that helps you reach your financial goals much faster.

Don’t wait. Grow your savings faster and start earning more today!