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Texas Citizens Bank -- Reward Plus Account Big Rate Drop -- Now 2.5% (From 5.01%)
Updated: Aug 22, 2011 by elarh  |  10 comments  |  Bank Deals

Reward Plus: From (5.01%, $25K) to (2.50%, $25K).  5% (at least $25K) club members: from 6 to 5; trending down by the day, 4, 3, ...

Good Public Relations
Posted: May 15, 2011 by adityanm  |  0 comments  |  Bank Reviews

you can earn 5% on $500 without too much of hassle that is $25 in a year.

Please Sign The Petition
Updated: Feb 11, 2011 by adityanm  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals


This Deal Is Almost Dead.
Updated: Jan 24, 2011 by 51hh  |  5 comments  |  Bank Deals

The bank now wants each debit card payment to be for full amount. In other words if you pay utility bill in sevearal small amounts to meet read more

Another RCA Bites The Dust
Updated: Dec 24, 2010 by 51hh  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

interest rate 3% from 1/1/11 and limit 10k from 2/1/11

Best RCA Now Open In All States
Updated: Dec 1, 2010 by 51hh  |  42 comments  |  Bank Deals

4.75% APY up to 25k. you can even fund through CC.

Sorry I Opened It
Updated: Oct 30, 2010 by adityanm  |  1 comment  |  Bank Reviews

I opened account to get the $300 bonus - and, if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have done it - not worth it. As it is, I'll keep the account open read more

Management Of This Bank Sucks And Is Coward
Posted: Oct 29, 2010 by adityanm  |  0 comments  |  Bank Reviews

I received a letter from this bank signed by Mathew Schlitz seeking my feed back on their services but when I called the telephone number I was told that read more

Reward Checking Mentioned As One Way Savers Can Fight Back
Updated: Oct 7, 2010 by adityanm  |  2 comments  |  Financial News

Scott Burns is one of the nation's top personal finance newspaper columnist. He has also been a strong advocate against the monetary policy that helps the read more

"Savers And People Living On Fixed Incomes Have No Voice In Washington"
Updated: Aug 22, 2010 by adityanm  |  2 comments  |  Financial News

-snip- It is not lost on these consumers that their minuscule returns are a direct result of the Federal Reserve's attempt to shore up troubled read more

Posted: Aug 10, 2010 by adityanm  |  0 comments  |  Ask The Community

Has anyone received the $50 bonus after 10 bill payments yet? I paid my  10th bill last week and am waiting.

Has Anyone Had A Reward Checking Closed Because Of Small Debits?
Updated: Aug 9, 2010 by 51hh  |  5 comments  |  Ask The Community

This has not happened to anyone I know. Just curious.

Wells Fargo Is Just One Of Those High Banks
Updated: Jul 13, 2010 by insider  |  3 comments  |  Bank Reviews

I never had a Wachovia Bank Account. I never had a Wells Fargo Bank account. I now want to consider them. However, now that they no longer have any read more

Citibank Is Only Ok For Credit Cards
Updated: Jul 11, 2010 by adityanm  |  1 comment  |  Bank Reviews

Citibank accounts are just not that great. They have lots of fees; they require large balances such as 1500 or 6000 or 10000 or 100000 to avoid ridiculous read more

Presidential Bank -- Go-To Bank For The Long Haul
Updated: Jul 11, 2010 by Mike  |  5 comments  |  Bank Reviews

I wanted to draw attention to a bank that has treated me well for nearly twenty years -- Presidential Bank. They have long offered a read more