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Ovation Checking Account Change In Terms Notice
Updated: Jun 17, 2015 by 51hh  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

Here's a letter I received today. Basically they're changing their reward account to a new format: maintain a checking account & you'll earn meager read more

1.75%/1.50% 75-Day CD
Updated: Jun 15, 2015 by cumulus  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

For ovations checking (their reward checking account) holders, 1.50% without. Minimum $200. 75-Day Certificate | Inova Federal Credit Union Their read more

91-Day Certificate, 2.50% If You Have Reward Checking, 2.25% Otherwise
Updated: Jan 13, 2015 by cumulus  |  2 comments  |  Bank Deals

Very short term but possibly interesting to some. 

Changes To INOVA Ovations Reward Checking
Updated: Jan 8, 2015 by kiwi  |  12 comments  |  Bank Deals

Email received today changing requirements on July 1st to 5 x $51 transactions instead of 15 of any amount: Dear Member,   As an Ovation read more

Bestbank: Get Up To $110 With Our Spring Checking Event.
Posted: Apr 10, 2014 by AtlantaWolf  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

BestBank is the Georgia division of Guaranty Bank of Wisconsin. They're found in Kroger and Walmarts in the metro Atlanta area. They're offering this read more

Midwest America FCU: Possible $5 A Month Fee Added To Share Account
Updated: Dec 10, 2013 by 51hh  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

Important Notice about your Share Account Over the past several months, a team of employees of MidWest America FCU has researched and reviewed our read more

State Bank And Trust: $50 Personal Echecking Promotion
Updated: Nov 23, 2013 by paulhb2  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

Received paper flyer in mailbox today, unfortunately there's no reference to this bonus on the website: Receive $50 when you open Personal eChecking read more

Superbanked Consumers Make Up Only 5% Of Adults
Updated: May 25, 2012 by Bozo  |  4 comments  |  Financial News

I've seen the term "unbanked" used a lot. These are consumers who don't use banks or credit unions. However, this is the first time I've seen the term read more

Interest Can Be Lost If CDs Mature On The Weekend
Updated: May 15, 2012 by me1004  |  2 comments  |  Miscellaneous

Just on my soapbox today, with a comment about the day on which a CD matures. We lock in CDs for a specific term, to mature on a specific date. And we are read more

Coulee Bank rate cut To 2.55%, Same $25K Cap.
Updated: May 4, 2012 by ekat  |  6 comments  |  Bank Deals

From their website: 2.55% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) paid on balances between $.01 and $25,000, and 0.30% APY paid on all amounts above $25,000 each read more

Coulee Bank Is Not A Good Institution
Updated: Apr 30, 2012 by AtlantaWolf  |  4 comments  |  Bank Reviews

While Coulee Bank comes across as a great "local and community" financial institution with a high interest checking account, behind the scenes they really read more

Chase To End Trials Of 3 New Bank Fees
Updated: Nov 19, 2011 by AtlantaWolf  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

Good news for Chase checking account customers. From CNNMoney.com In addition to ending the trial of its controversial debit card usage fee this week, read more

Some Chase Accounts See Delay In Credit For Deposits
Updated: Nov 2, 2011 by AtlantaWolf  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

From the NYT Bucks Blog Because of a delay in the electronic batch posting of transactions on Monday night, some Chase bank accounts were not credited read more

Close Or Keep Open A Rewards Checking Account When Rate Drops?
Updated: Jun 7, 2011 by AtlantaWolf  |  8 comments  |  Ask The Community

I have at least two RCA accounts whose rates have dropped significantly. I've moved most of my money out of these accounts and transferred them to others read more

$150 Checking Account Bonus At Chase Bank
Updated: Jun 2, 2011 by AtlantaWolf  |  4 comments  |  Bank Deals

I mentioned this $150 bonus in my review of Chase Checking Account fee changes, but I thought it would be worthwhile to mention it in a forum thread. read more

RCA Rate Cap Change
Updated: May 27, 2011 by 51hh  |  2 comments  |  Bank Deals

Brookhaven Bank in Atlanta, Georgia, has lowered the cap for the highest APY in its Elite Checking RCA to $15,000 from $50,000, according to its web site read more

Summer Vacation Trips For Financial Nerds
Updated: May 23, 2011 by AtlantaWolf  |  2 comments  |  Financial News

Have you ever thought about taking a tour of places like the US Mint or the Federal Reserve Banks? This blog post has an interesting list of 10 money read more

Deposit Growth At Both Bank Of America And Chase
Updated: Apr 16, 2011 by lou  |  3 comments  |  Financial News

Even though Bank of America reported a Q1 drop in profits while Chase reported a record profit, one thing both reports had in common was an increase in read more

I Bonds Interest Component Now Known For May 1st Reset.
Updated: Apr 15, 2011 by Ken Tumin  |  2 comments  |  Miscellaneous

CPI information was released today for March, 2011. We now know the six month interest component of the I Bond. It is 2.302%. Thus the new CPI portion read more

Chase Is Making It Hard And No Common Sense In What They Say No To
Updated: Apr 15, 2011 by AtlantaWolf  |  2 comments  |  Bank Reviews

  Chase bank is trying to change the good American ways!!!!! I am a contractor and have been for a long time... I pay for products out of my read more

Bank Of America ATM Check Deposit Incident
Updated: Apr 13, 2011 by AtlantaWolf  |  2 comments  |  Bank Deals

Do you deposit checks at ATMs? Even with the new fancy ATMs, the deposit process doesn't always work as advertised. This Consumerist post shows an example read more

Email Breach Affects Affects Chase, Citi, Capital One & US Bank
Updated: Apr 4, 2011 by Wil  |  6 comments  |  Financial News

I've already received an email from Chase about this. Here's an excerpt from the email: Chase is letting our customers know that we have been informed by read more

Smart Rewards Checking
Updated: Apr 2, 2011 by darkdreamer4u  |  7 comments  |  Bank Deals

(4%, $25K).

Denied Account
Updated: Apr 1, 2011 by Ricochet  |  4 comments  |  Bank Reviews

I went through all the account requirements and applied for the account online today and my application was accepted online, but later received a message read more

Where To Put Your Cash Now
Updated: Mar 16, 2011 by Bozo  |  3 comments  |  Financial News

Four options are reviewed in this Wall Street Journal article. The first option is bank accounts which should be no surprise. The last two have some risk read more

Reward Checking Rate Dropped From 3.51% To 2.01%
Updated: Mar 11, 2011 by 767  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

Rate tiers are as follows: 2.010% APY applies to balances of $.01 - $15,000 and 0.600% APY applies to the portion of balances over $15,000 as long as read more

Anyone Have Any Experience With Georgia Bank & Trust
Updated: Mar 5, 2011 by AtlantaWolf  |  2 comments  |  Bank Deals

I saw today that Georgia Bank & Trust was offering a rewards checking account that they call "Impact Checking".  Looks like the requirements are read more

2% Sure Saver Certificate (25-Month Term)
Updated: Mar 3, 2011 by me1004  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

It looks like an installment savings account.   Terms: $100 initial deposit, $50 minimum monthly allotment   "A Sure Saver Certificate read more

Midwest America FCU Raises Reward Checking Rate To 2.51% (From 2.41%) But Cuts Cap To $15K (From $25K).
Posted: Mar 1, 2011 by AtlantaWolf  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

Not a big jump, but we need more banks to raise their RCA rates! I sure miss the 7.01% that we started with.

Bank Of Blue Valley Rate Dropped From 3.05% To 2.00%
Updated: Feb 24, 2011 by 51hh  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

  PAY YOURSELF BACK with Performance Checking. Earn 2.00% APY* Performance Rate on your balances of $0 - $25,000 if requirements are met.  read more