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Nearly Impossible To Use Debit Card As A Credit Card
Updated: Oct 12, 2016 by Totum CyclePac  |  4 comments  |  Bank Reviews

After 4 happy years with CCU I have just closed my account. All merchants in my part of Ft Worth have changed their card machines so that the debit card read more

New Rate From 10/16/2014
Posted: Sep 15, 2014 by dk  |  0 comments  |  Bank Reviews

Due to the unprecedented low interest rate environment and the outlook for interest rate markets continuing to remain low for the next year, the following read more

Closed My Accounts After Discovering They Started Stealing My Money Through New Fees
Updated: Dec 21, 2011 by dk  |  1 comment  |  Bank Reviews

TCF claimes to have notified all of their customers by "flyer" that there are imporetant changes to their accounts.   Nothing posted in their read more

For Some, Beacon Federal Becomes Midsouth Bank As Of 12/2/11; NO REWARDS
Updated: Nov 17, 2011 by pearlbrown  |  7 comments  |  Bank Deals

Beacon Federal Reward Checking accounts managed out of Tyler Texas branch will be converting to MidSouth Bank Advantage Consumer account as read more

Rate And Cap Will Be Changed 8.7.2011
Posted: Jul 6, 2011 by dk  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

I got email:     .... ...wise business dictates the following changes to the account effective August 6, 2011:     read more

February Changes In Chase Checking Accounts
Updated: Feb 9, 2011 by Southwestern  |  12 comments  |  Bank Deals

As readers mentioned in my free checking post, Chase will be making it harder to avoid monthly fees. Here's what this WSJ article described: In February, read more

3 Year CD APY=2.6%
Updated: Dec 11, 2010 by pearlbrown  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

A single branch of a small bank in Indiana has jumped to the top of our rankings of the best nationally available 36-month CD rates.The Shelbyville branch read more

South Division Credit Union Fropped Rate Big Time!
Updated: Oct 8, 2010 by Ricochet  |  10 comments  |  Bank Deals

Credit to: Waterd53; but highlight it here: South Division Credit Union dropped rate drastically from 4.01% to 2% (same cap of $25,000) -- already shown read more