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About duck55

Retried US Navy, living overseas full-time and enjoy finding ways to avoid avoidable bank fees.

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DON't Bank With Navyfed: 7 Day Hold For Cash Deposits!
Updated: Dec 7, 2014 by CUG99  |  6 comments  |  Bank Reviews

If you make a deposit via a Co-Op ATM with NavyFed (even if it's a CASH deposit), you will need to wait a MINIMUM of 7 DAYS before you can get ANY of that read more

Foreign ATM / Debit / Credit Card Use
Posted: May 29, 2014 by duck55  |  0 comments  |  Bank Reviews

I've covered this topic here before but it's worth doing again from time to time, especially for Active Duty and family stationed overseas, those who read more

Yet Another Incompetent Navyfed Story. AVOID!
Updated: Sep 12, 2013 by duck55  |  4 comments  |  Bank Reviews

Here's another incompetent NavyFed story to add to all the others. Just the other day I went into the local branch. A Roth IRA CD had just matured and my read more

GOOD But Starting To Lag Behind
Posted: Jun 27, 2011 by duck55  |  0 comments  |  Bank Reviews

Been a member since 1987 but didn't start using them for routine banking until the mid-90's.   Recommend the CDs which generally read more