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Lake Michigan CU Does Not Count Paypal Purchases
Updated: Oct 8, 2015 by harrysit  |  3 comments  |  Miscellaneous

This week I made four web purchases using Paypal and my LMCU debit card. Lake Michigan has recorded these four as "Bill Payment", and they do not count read more

CD Vs Bond Fund: A Case Study
Updated: Apr 30, 2013 by ytytytyt  |  11 comments  |  Financial News

From The Finance Buff:      my bond fund returned 6%+ a year in the last few years.      If I had bought CDs read more

Problems Using An ATM To Deposit A Check
Updated: Apr 30, 2013 by harrysit  |  4 comments  |  Financial News

This is a good example of the downside of trying to deposit a check in the new ATMs that take checks without an envelope. Harry Sit of The Financial Buff read more