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1 Million To Invest In Cds Vs Alternatives
Updated: Jun 19, 2016 by John Sears  |  31 comments  |  Ask The Community

Hi everyone, I've got ~ 1 Million in Ally 5 yr CDs maturing earning close to 3%, Ally can now only offer me 2.05% with the 0.05% loyalty bonus for read more

4 Promising 5 Year Cds... Or Duds?
Updated: May 31, 2016 by John Sears  |  9 comments  |  Ask The Community

The first is Kearney Bank.  Although it states 2.10% on DA, they offer a "Star" deal where you open a checking account and receive 2.25%.  I read more

The Fed Signaled That It's Leaning Towards A Rate Hike In June. What Do You Think Will Happen?
Updated: May 22, 2016 by InterestYields  |  1 comment  |  Ask The Community

Most significantly, will interest rates go up on CDs?

CD Penalties On Death Of Grantor Of Personal Trust When There Are Co-Trustees.
Updated: Jan 7, 2016 by ocsteve  |  5 comments  |  Ask The Community

My father died recently, and owned CDs in two credit unions.  They are titled to his personal trust, with originally just him as trustee, but a few read more

Need Help Making Decision Where To "Put" $200K.
Updated: Jan 6, 2016 by TedandAfrica Osmundson  |  13 comments  |  Ask The Community

In my mid-seventies.  Own mortgage-free home valued at about $250K. Have about $80K in individual stocks I plan to leave for daughter.  Have read more

Ally Bank Is Slowly Cutting Rates
Updated: Jan 13, 2011 by Ken Tumin  |  25 comments  |  Bank Deals

The latest small rate cut at Ally Bank happened yesterday when it reduced its 24-month Raise-Your-Rate CD APY from 1.85% to 1.84%. On Monday they made a read more

Any Online Credit Union Suggestions Open To Anyone To Qualify For Sprint Discount
Updated: Dec 16, 2010 by pearlbrown  |  5 comments  |  Bank Deals

Can anyone recommend a Credit Union that anyone can qualify for & easily open online to enable a Sprint Discount. Someone asked me to find out & read more

Ally's 5 Yr CD With Its 60 Day Early Withdrawal Penalty Advantage
Updated: Aug 23, 2010 by InterestYields  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

Hi all, I came across this site after searching for more information on what appears to be Ally's 5 yr CD penalty advantage & was read more