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'Largest Merger In History' Canceled By 2 Michigan Credit Unions
Updated: Jan 8, 2016 by jeff  |  1 comment  |  Financial News

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Two Michigan credit unions that announced "the largest merger in credit union history" last October said they have canceled their plans read more

'Largest Merger In Credit Union History' Joins 2 Michigan Institutions
Updated: Nov 16, 2015 by Ally6770  |  4 comments  |  Financial News

The president and CEO of LMCU will run the combined credit union. There is a FAQ on LMCU's web site that says "Ultimately, the best products and services read more

3-Yr Rising Rate Certificate With Blended Rate Of 1.75% APY
Posted: Oct 23, 2015 by jeff  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

Patelco has 2 rising rate certificates. The best is the 3 year option with 1.50% for year 1, 1.75% for year 2 and 2.00% for year 3. This works out to a read more

Alliant Checking Rebates Up To $20 Per Month In ATM Fees
Updated: Dec 5, 2014 by verity  |  6 comments  |  Bank Deals

Alliant Credit Union has added ATM rebates! A wonderful benefit to a great credit union.

Horror Story About Add-On Certificates
Posted: Jun 23, 2014 by jeff  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

I am impressed that this guy did not give up the fight. Credit union customer's yearlong struggle finally over | Tampa Bay Times

Be Careful When Opening Accounts At This Institution Based On The Rates They Are Advertising
Posted: Apr 26, 2010 by jeff  |  0 comments  |  Bank Reviews

Be careful when opening accounts at this institution based on the rates they are advertising. CD rates listed on their web site are for higher balances read more