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15 Mo CD 1.51% APY
Updated: Feb 25, 2016 by Ricochet  |  5 comments  |  Bank Deals

I just noticed this rate today, which I don't believe I have seen anyone mention.  It seems to compare pretty favorably to the 12 month and 18 month read more

Targeted -- Bonus Cash Up To $500 For Adding To Existing Yield Pledge Checking
Posted: Jun 17, 2015 by leef  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

Just received an email with this deal, which states it only can be used by email recipient (check your email for this if you are an Everbank customer). read more

2.52% APY 5 Year CD, Chartway FCU. Quick Look.
Updated: Oct 4, 2014 by leef  |  14 comments  |  Bank Deals

Chartway FCU is showing a 2.52% APY 5 year CD on its' rate page today.  Ken's last full review, Feb 2013, noted anyone can join this CU via a read more

Automatic Deposits Into New CDs?
Updated: Jun 8, 2012 by FinerTheBetter  |  4 comments  |  Ask The Community

I was wondering if there is any way to setup automatic deposits into new bank CDs or if any banks offer this service.  I'm willing to accept the read more

$200 Statement Credit After First Purchase: NFL Extra Points Visa Card
Updated: May 26, 2012 by pearlbrown  |  6 comments  |  Financial News

Here's a new credit card deal: www.nflextrapoints.com 20,000 Bonus Points after first purchase redeemable for $200 off your purchases (cash back via a read more

Overview Of Brokered CDs - Early-Withdrawal Rights
Updated: Apr 17, 2012 by leef  |  3 comments  |  Financial News

This post at Bankaholic is a good but brief overview of brokered CDs. The author of the post is describing his experiences with brokered CDs as he manages read more

Cap 1 Venture: Up To $1000 In Statement Credits Against Travel
Posted: Mar 31, 2012 by leef  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

I haven't seen this Venture credit card deal mentioned here, so I thought I'd post a link.  Although the deal is somewhat complicated, read more

ING Direct: $25 Bonus For New Orange Savings Account
Posted: Nov 26, 2011 by leef  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

This wasn't part of ING's Black Friday sale, but I just received a notice about it in the mail.  Open by Dec. 15 and receive the $25 by Dec. read more

Worldwide ATM Refunds Do Not Include 1% Foreign Exchange Visa Charge For ATM Use
Posted: Oct 1, 2011 by leef  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

I have generally been extremely happy with the Easy Grow rewards checking account and have appreciated the ATM refunds. After traveling internationally read more

Quick And Free Way To Get Your Real FICO Score
Updated: Nov 19, 2010 by dunker  |  6 comments  |  Financial News

You can get free credit scores at places like Quizzle.com and CreditKarma.com, but they're not the official FICO scores. My Money Blog just published this read more

CD Rates Drastically Slashed At Igo Banking
Updated: Nov 18, 2010 by leef  |  2 comments  |  Bank Deals

Just noticed the new rates posted this morning.  Now 1% APY for 24 months, 1.3% for 36 months.  Although the Gifts for Banking page has not read more

Any List For IRA Savings Accounts (Not Cds)?
Posted: Aug 28, 2010 by leef  |  0 comments  |  Miscellaneous

I'm interested in seeing the non-CD savings account options for IRAs, but can't seem to find a category for that.  If there's no easy way to add this read more

First Bank & Trust's Easy Grow -- Rate Cut
Posted: Jul 28, 2010 by leef  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

Effective today, the rate for balances below $25K drops from 4.01% to 3.51%. This follows on the heels of a fairly recent change to read more

Which Banks To Link To Reward Checking?
Updated: Jul 21, 2010 by leef  |  2 comments  |  Ask The Community

I'm want to set up a high-yield checking account.  I currently have checking accounts at both Chase & Wells Fargo.  Are these good read more

$125 Bonus For Chase Checking with DD - But...
Updated: Jul 21, 2010 by leef  |  5 comments  |  Bank Reviews

My Chase credit card has this offer page for $125 bonus if I open a Chase Checking with direct deposit. I opened the account online but had a few read more

Emigrant Direct-- A Good "Bridge" Bank
Updated: Jul 12, 2010 by tomlawler  |  3 comments  |  Bank Reviews

Emigrant Direct used to be one of my favorite internet banks, but their once high rates are merely competitive now.  I still maintain a small balance read more

Presidential Bank -- Go-To Bank For The Long Haul
Updated: Jul 11, 2010 by Mike  |  5 comments  |  Bank Reviews

I wanted to draw attention to a bank that has treated me well for nearly twenty years -- Presidential Bank. They have long offered a read more

3.54% 60-Month Rising Rate CD At Citizens National Bank In IL & IN
Updated: Jul 5, 2010 by leef  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

This special CD has a rate that goes up each year. It starts at 1.50% APY and ends at 5.50% APY for a composite APY of 3.54%. Rate is as of 7/5/2010. read more

ING -- If Only Your Rates Were Better!
Updated: Jul 5, 2010 by iracer7  |  2 comments  |  Bank Reviews

ING has by far the coolest and most enjoyable online presence and interface of any bank I know.  Attracted by those hypnotic read more