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Inactivity Fee
Updated: Jul 16, 2013 by 51hh  |  1 comment  |  Bank Reviews

The National Institutes of Health Federal Credit Union (NIH FCU) has instituted a quarterly inactivity fee of $25.00 on inactive accounts.  Yes, read more

Ally Bank's Suitcase Of Money Commercial
Updated: Nov 5, 2011 by darkdreamer4u  |  2 comments  |  Bank Deals

Here's another amusing Ally Bank commercial. They ask strangers to watch over a suitcase with $100,000 of bills. The guy that finally agrees is a little read more

15 Bp Rate Decreases At American Express Bank
Posted: Jun 16, 2011 by MDBill  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

Sadly, it seems AEx Bank has dropped the yield on its "high yield" savings account from 1.15% to 1.00%.  This leaves Ally, SallieMae, and Capital One read more

Rate Increase And Silly Games At Capital One
Updated: Apr 20, 2011 by abc123  |  2 comments  |  Bank Deals

Capital One has once again increased the APY on its brick and mortar "Simple Savings" account.  It's now offering 1.23% on deposits over $10,000. read more

Sallie Mae Bank 2010 IRS 1099
Posted: Feb 3, 2011 by MDBill  |  0 comments  |  Bank Reviews

SallieMae is distributing its 2010 1099s electronically via its Website.  The customer service rep informed me that they do not intend to distribute read more