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First Financial Bank RCA ($15K, 3.0%APY) To ($15K, 2.0%APY)
Updated: Jan 2, 2015 by kiwi  |  9 comments  |  Bank Deals

The last qualification cycle ended recently. 

Lake Michigan CU 4% RCA 15K Cap 10 Debit Card Transactions Easy Membership
Updated: Jan 28, 2014 by AdamL0909  |  48 comments  |  Bank Deals

Not sure if this deal has been discussed before.  This article Finding Big Yields in Small Banks - SmartMoney.com mentions an easy way to join the read more

Need Help choosing RCA available to TX residents with Good Rates
Updated: Mar 17, 2013 by moneysaver  |  8 comments  |  Bank Deals

I'm looking for an RCA in the 2-3% percent range that will offer rewards up to 15-25k. My wife and I have no debt outside of our mortgage and our credit read more

First Financial Bank Offers (3%, $15K) Kasasa Cash Checking
Updated: Mar 17, 2013 by dunker  |  46 comments  |  Bank Deals

They also have a Kasasa Saver Savings Account with (1%, up to $50K).  No direct-deposit/ACH requirement, either.  https://www.ffb1.com/ It read more

Community Financial Services Bank Changing To Kasasa 3/11/13
Updated: Mar 14, 2013 by moneysaver  |  6 comments  |  Bank Deals

Effective 3/11/13, in the middle of the qualification cycle, the bank is switching its free eRewards Checking account to Kasasa Cash.    As read more

First National Bank (LA) Kasasa Cash Rewards Cuts Rate To 2.55% (on $15K), Raises POS To 15
Posted: Feb 14, 2013 by moneysaver  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

First National Bank based in LA has a Kasasa Cash rewards checking account that had been paying 3.05% with 12 required monthly POS. Recently, and with read more

Incommons Bank (TX) Cuts Kasasa RCA Rate From 3% To 2.5%
Posted: Feb 2, 2013 by moneysaver  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

The rate reduction took effect as of Feb. 1. No other change in the terms of the account, still a $10K balance cap and 10 monthly POS required with their read more

First National Bank LA To Cut Rewards Checking Rate To 3.01%/3.05 APY On Feb. 9, 2012
Posted: Jan 12, 2012 by moneysaver  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

My monthly Kasasa Cash rewards checking statement from First National Bank in Louisiana today included the following update: "Effective February 9, 2012 read more

Opening A Rewards Checking Account With LMCU
Updated: Jan 1, 2012 by pearlbrown  |  13 comments  |  Bank Deals

Hi all, On Sunday I filled out the online application for a rewards checking (4% interest, 15k max) with LMCU.  I am eligible thanks to most of my read more

How Many People Here Are Giving Up On CD's
Updated: Oct 31, 2011 by pearlbrown  |  9 comments  |  Miscellaneous

Now that it is almost impossible to find 3% CDs, I am wondering how many people are abandoning CDs and looking elsewhere to invest their money. I am read more

Deposit Accounts Says That Randolph Dropping APY To 2.25%
Updated: Sep 21, 2011 by moneysaver  |  3 comments  |  Bank Deals

I received an email alert from Deposit Accounts on September 14 that Randolph was dropping their APY from from 2.5% to 2.25% (with the cap remaning at read more

Liberty National Is Terminating Its Kasasa Checking Account...
Updated: Aug 3, 2011 by 51hh  |  20 comments  |  Bank Deals

(was (4.11%, $10K)) effective end of July or August, per Nymgiants of FWF.

E-Checking Rewards Accounts - Sold Out
Updated: Apr 11, 2011 by moneysaver  |  5 comments  |  Bank Deals

As of last Friday.  This applies to e-savings accounts too.  Old accounts are grandfathered.

Southern Community Bank & Trust Cuts Reward Checking Rate From 2.25% To 1.15%
Updated: Feb 3, 2011 by moneysaver  |  1 comment  |  Bank Deals

Just one month after the last big rate cut, they did another one. This time the top reward checking yield has fallen from 2.25% to 1.15% APY. The balance read more

Bank Of America Testing New Checking Accounts With New Fees In AZ, GA & MA
Updated: Jan 24, 2011 by shacklaw  |  4 comments  |  Bank Deals

From The Boston Globe: Bank of America will begin testing a new slate of checking accounts in Massachusetts and two other states later this month in an read more

Ally ACH now may have a hold
Updated: Jan 15, 2011 by pdxmale  |  8 comments  |  Bank Deals

I just experienced a further hold for ACH into Ally (from another bank).  It took two days to arrive at Ally as promised.  However, it was put read more

Important Note For Those Who Reserved CDs In The Penfed Watch It Grow CD Promotion
Updated: Jan 8, 2011 by moneysaver  |  15 comments  |  Bank Deals

Update 1/6/11: This is just a reminder that those who did not reserve these 10-year CDs in September, are not eligible for these 10-year CDs. PenFed is read more