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Money Market Rate Jump
Updated: Oct 26, 2015 by klink  |  5 comments  |  Bank Deals

Their money market rate has increased to 1.24% a few days ago.  Not sure about Redneck Bank, but wanted to let readers know.  The rate jumped read more

Hackers Using Java To Install Malware On Many Mac Computers
Updated: Mar 1, 2013 by Maecl  |  10 comments  |  Miscellaneous

Same hackers who used Facebook to hack into people's computers recently are now reported to have hacked malware onto many Macs via other Websites!: See read more

Important Note For Those Who Reserved CDs In The Penfed Watch It Grow CD Promotion
Updated: Jan 8, 2011 by moneysaver  |  15 comments  |  Bank Deals

Update 1/6/11: This is just a reminder that those who did not reserve these 10-year CDs in September, are not eligible for these 10-year CDs. PenFed is read more

Penfed And Its Credit Card
Updated: Jun 16, 2010 by tomlawler  |  2 comments  |  Bank Reviews

I opened a CD with PenFed a while ago which gave me good returns. I am happy with their customer service too. Unfortunately the rate has come down a lot, read more

Ally Bank CD Account Opening Review
Posted: Jun 16, 2010 by outtempster  |  0 comments  |  Bank Reviews

The good thing about Ally Bank CD is that it only has 60 day penalty if you withdraw the CD before the matural date. If you go with 5 year CD, the read more

Digital Credit Union
Posted: Jun 16, 2010 by outtempster  |  0 comments  |  Bank Reviews

If you have a DCU account, you can get your free credit score (from Equifax) every month. Once in a while they also have good CD promotion. However, the read more

Alliant Credit Union Saving And High Interest Checking Account
Posted: Jun 16, 2010 by outtempster  |  0 comments  |  Bank Reviews

If you are looking for a good rate saving account so that you can freely take money out or deposit in, Alliant Credit Union is one of the best choices. read more

Posted: Jun 16, 2010 by outtempster  |  0 comments  |  Bank Reviews

I have very good experience with NWFCU add-on CD. whenever you have some extra money, you can deposit it into the CD. I use internet online banking. read more