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America's Biggest Banks Are Closing Hundreds Of Branches
Posted: Oct 24, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

America's biggest banks are closing hundreds of branches. Bank of America, Citigroup and JPMorgan shut 389 branches since the third quarter of last year. read more

Americans' Wages Just Hit An All-Time High
Posted: Oct 22, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

The inflation adjusted weekly income of the typical full-time American worker hit an all-time high in the third quarter of 2016, according to data read more

California Investigating Wells Fargo For Criminal Identity Theft
Updated: Oct 20, 2016 by darkdreamer4u  |  1 comment  |  Financial News

The California Department of Justice is investigating Wells Fargo & Co. on allegations of criminal identity theft over its creation of millions of read more

Debit Card Refund -Directv Scam?
Updated: Oct 18, 2016 by Shirley Peaster  |  7 comments  |  Ask The Community

I finally decided to terminate our DirectV service.  I did that in the middle of a billing period and thus was due a refund of the unused balance for read more

Fed's Fischer: US Economy Could Enter 'Deeper Recessions' If Interest Rates Stay Low
Posted: Oct 18, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

The U.S. economy may face longer and deeper recessions in the future if interest rates remain stuck at current low levels, Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer read more

Fed's Yellen Says 'High-Pressure' Policy May Be Only Way Back
Posted: Oct 15, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

The Federal Reserve may need to run a "high-pressure" economy in order to reverse damage from the crisis that depressed output, sidelined workers and read more

We Throw $62 Million Worth Of Coins In The Trash Every Year
Posted: Oct 14, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

Calculating based on the amount of coins that it pulls from the trash in its own facilities, Covanta Holding Corp. incinerator outside Philadelphia read more

Six Credit Cards That Pay You At Least $1,000 For Opening An Account
Posted: Oct 14, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

Rewards credit cards have grown in popularity as consumers have realized they can get a little money back every time they make a purchase. Some cards pay read more

Navy Federal To Pay Back $23M To Members, $5.5M In Fines
Updated: Oct 14, 2016 by jimbeau  |  13 comments  |  Financial News

The CFPB said Tuesday the $77 billion Navy Federal Credit Union will pay $23 million to members and a $5.5 million civil penalty for making false read more

TCPA Settlement OK'd In Navy Credit Union Suit
Posted: Oct 13, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

A California federal judge preliminarily approved a $2.75 million Telephone Consumer Protection Act settlement with Navy Federal Credit Union, after read more

Fed Policymakers Closer To Rate Hike, But Inflation Doubts Remain
Posted: Oct 12, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

Several voting Federal Reserve policymakers judged a rate hike would be warranted "relatively soon" if the U.S. economy continued to strengthen but read more

There's Plenty Of Risk But Little Reward In Saving
Updated: Oct 10, 2016 by Bozo  |  7 comments  |  Financial News

As if saving money weren't difficult enough, it's now looking hazardous to boot. Reports from the Investment Company Institute show that we are selling read more

Low Rates Are Here To Stay
Updated: Oct 10, 2016 by Bozo  |  5 comments  |  Financial News

Let's hope not.

US Economy Added Only 156,000 Jobs In September
Updated: Oct 8, 2016 by Ally6770  |  1 comment  |  Financial News

The US economy added only 156,000 jobs in September, the US Department of Labor announced on Friday, a figure likely to be seized on as the presidential read more

What Happened To Bankaholic.Com?
Updated: Oct 7, 2016 by MidAtlantic  |  5 comments  |  Ask The Community

Does anyone know what happened to bankaholic.com?  I haven't seen any new postings since August 19, 2016.

Fed Buys $10.9 Billion Of Mortgage Bonds, Sells None
Posted: Oct 7, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

The Federal Reserve bought $10.901 billion of agency mortgage-backed securities in the week from Sep. 29 to Oct. 5, compared with $11.225 billion read more

Average Bank ATM Fee Rises To New High Of $4.57
Posted: Oct 5, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

In 2016, ATM fees increased by 0.7% to $2.90 per transaction for consumers who use machines outside their own network. Consumers' own banks also tack on read more

Penfed Ups Short-Term CD Rates - Long-Term CDs Remain Disappointing
Updated: Oct 4, 2016 by Bozo  |  4 comments  |  Bank Deals

The good news is that PenFed increased its CD rates at the start of October. The bad news is that their long-term CD rates remain very uncompetitive. read more

Income & Employment Info Necessary For Opening Cking Account.
Updated: Oct 3, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  6 comments  |  Ask The Community

I went to a credit union, to open a new checking account, due to the fees being charged by my current bank. The credit union wanted my income and read more

Yellen Says Fed Purchases Of Stocks, Corporate Bonds Could Help In A Downturn
Updated: Oct 2, 2016 by lou  |  5 comments  |  Financial News

The Federal Reserve could get benefits from buying assets other than long-term U.S. debt if in a future downturn it could not buy any more government read more

$250K NCUA Insurance Per Customer Facing Credit Union?
Updated: Oct 2, 2016 by lou  |  3 comments  |  Ask The Community

Hi, I noticed that a lot of credit unions use the same credit union in the back end to store their money, do transactions, etc. Like for example Catalyst read more

Trump Accuses Yellen, Fed Of Politicizing Interest Rates
Updated: Oct 2, 2016 by lou  |  9 comments  |  Financial News

During the debate last night Trump accused Yellen of not raising interest rates for political reasons. This is the second time he claimed the Fed is read more

Yellen Cornered By Lawmaker In Heated Exchange Over Fed Politics
Posted: Sep 29, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's defense of the central bank as non-partisan came under attack on Wednesday, as a Republican congressman cornered her read more

QE Is Here Forever, Says Bank Of England Deputy Governor
Posted: Sep 29, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

The deputy governor, who is leaving the Bank to head up the London School of Economics, said that interest rates have been at around 5pc for centuries, read more

Traders Doubt Yellen’s December Resolve As Credibility Attacked
Posted: Sep 29, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

Traders see barely more than coin-flip odds that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates by December, even as Chair Janet Yellen reiterated read more

Wells Fargo Sales Scandal Points To Industry-Wide Problem
Posted: Sep 28, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

Oscar Garza was a personal banker for a Chase Bank outside Dallas. He said aggressive sales tactics aren’t just a problem at Wells Fargo.“Deceptive sales read more

Big Rate Changes At Ally? (Update: False Alarm)
Updated: Sep 26, 2016 by RJM  |  8 comments  |  Bank Deals

Surprised nobody is talking about it.  . But the bottom line is a decline on savings & money market rates and a massive increase in the read more

Anyone Using Synchrony Online Bank
Updated: Sep 26, 2016 by MidAtlantic  |  7 comments  |  Ask The Community

Can anyone vouch for Synchrony Bank? I'm considering opening up a savings account because of the high 1.05% interest rate with no minimums or anything read more

Deposit Accounts Email
Updated: Sep 26, 2016 by Anon456  |  4 comments  |  Ask The Community

I received the following email from Deposit Accounts showing large rate drops at Ally Bank.  I don't see the drops at Ally.  Anyone receive read more

Ally Bank Yield Changes?
Updated: Sep 25, 2016 by Shorebreak  |  2 comments  |  Ask The Community

I received an email from depositaccounts.com last night showing some yield changes on Ally Bank accounts. The Savings Account going from 1.00% to .85% and read more