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Posted: Apr 25, 2016 by styx  |  0 comments  |  Bank Reviews

Recieved Mailer Notice dated 4.18.2016 - We are discontinuing extra20® checking and extra20® savings accounts. On July 1, 2016, your extra20® checking read more

Changes To INOVA Ovations Reward Checking
Updated: Jan 8, 2015 by kiwi  |  12 comments  |  Bank Deals

Email received today changing requirements on July 1st to 5 x $51 transactions instead of 15 of any amount: Dear Member,   As an Ovation read more

The Fastest Growing Retirement Plan You Never Heard Of
Posted: Jul 12, 2014 by styx  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

From ThinkAdvisor: But for the small-business owners, often older individuals anxious about not having saved enough for retirement, age-weighted read more

Moran-Backed Bill Would Clear The Way For Prize-Linked Savings Accounts
Updated: Jun 29, 2014 by paoli2  |  3 comments  |  Financial News

Proponents of so-called “prize-linked” accounts hope the prospect of a no-lose game of chance – account holders get to keep their money even if they don’t read more

Happy Birthday GE Capital Bank!
Posted: Jun 29, 2014 by styx  |  0 comments  |  Bank Reviews

Thanks for your good service. I opened a savings account using a mobile phone a few months ago and the process was straightforward. No problems. The test read more

Paying Bills In Public
Updated: Jun 16, 2014 by paoli2  |  4 comments  |  Miscellaneous

I had a new experience this morning that concerns me.  I had a bill to pay so I wrote out my check and was going to mail it but was concerned it read more

Is Your Credit Card Debt Average? And What's Average?
Updated: Jun 16, 2014 by klink  |  3 comments  |  Financial News

DailyFinance - Michele Lerner http://www.dailyfinance.com/2014/06/11/is-your-credit-card-debt-average/

Posted: Jun 16, 2014 by styx  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

Another PNC VIRTUAL WALLET & GROWTH FUND offer. Ends August 29,2014 http://www.offers.pnc.com/checking/100_reward/search.html?m=w

The Death Of U.S. Savings Bonds
Posted: Jun 15, 2014 by styx  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

CNN MONEY - Americans bought over 40 million of the most popular savings bonds in 2000. Last year, the U.S. sold a mere 400,000 of them. read more

A Novel Approach To Higher Rates: Ask For It
Updated: Jun 2, 2014 by styx  |  7 comments  |  Ask The Community

A friend of mine was a depositor at Whacovia Bank with a money market account of long standing. When the bank became Wells Fargo, he noticed the interest read more

Shame On First Premier Bank: You Get An F
Posted: May 31, 2014 by styx  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

MagnifyMoney blog - Erin Lowry -There is nothing that is more repugnant to me than a financial institution preying on the vulnerable. And the credit cards read more

Colleges Are Getting Millions To Steer Students Toward Certain Banks
Posted: May 27, 2014 by styx  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

According to a report from the General Accountability Office, at least 852 schools, or 11 percent of colleges and universities in the United States, were read more

How Not To Get Soaked When The Bond Bubble Bursts
Updated: May 25, 2014 by styx  |  3 comments  |  Financial News

Most investors are unaware and ill-prepared for the impact that rising interest rates will have on their bond funds and ETF investments. There has been an read more

RE: ACH Push To Santander Extra20 Checking
Posted: May 11, 2014 by styx  |  0 comments  |  Bank Deals

The following post appeared in the Fat Wallet forums dated 05/01/14. I share it with you though I do not know if it is legit. It has been reported that read more