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Work Of AMT Credit
Posted: Dec 26, 2012 by TonyStevenson  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

Hello Community, Originally signed into law in 1969, the Alternative Minimum Tax, or AMT, is an alternative to the income tax that eliminates most read more

14 Tax Issues To Watch After The Election
Updated: Dec 5, 2012 by TonyStevenson  |  1 comment  |  Miscellaneous

From MarketWatch Whatever happens in the election on Nov. 6, the next Congress and president will face a heaping helping of unfinished tax business. read more

When Should You Switch Insurance Companies?
Updated: Nov 16, 2012 by TonyStevenson  |  1 comment  |  Financial News

From Clark Howard Show Notes A huge percent of people never shop their auto and home insurance. That's not necessarily a good idea considering that modern read more

What Are All The Way To Get Tax Deductions?
Posted: Nov 7, 2012 by TonyStevenson  |  0 comments  |  Ask The Community

Hello Friends, Is it possible to owe nothing in taxes if I use all these deductions? Sources? Thanks and Regards, Tony Stevenson

Ways For Early Retirees To Withdraw Retirement Funds Without A Penalty
Posted: Nov 1, 2012 by Ken Tumin  |  0 comments  |  Financial News

From US News Here are some retirement planning suggestions if you are trying to exit the working world before the traditional retirement age Read more

A New Member
Updated: Oct 18, 2012 by EnronLoveChunk  |  2 comments  |  Miscellaneous

Hi Friends, I'm new member join in this forum. I will introduce myself. My name is Tony Stevenson, This is my first-post. I am interested in this board read more