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The Best Bank In America
Updated: Sep 8, 2016 by Jasmne Dover  |  12 comments  |  Bank Reviews

Bank of America is by far, the best bank in the USA.  I have referred many friends to this bank.

Bank Of America - More Than Bad Banking...Harassment And Lies!
Updated: Sep 17, 2015 by yankee2  |  9 comments  |  Bank Reviews

   I was very excited to open my new checking and savings accounts through Bank of America. I had just started a job in Tacoma, wa that used read more

Updated: Aug 3, 2013 by carly  |  18 comments  |  Financial News

The following article contains some interesting information which we all may already know but new to some:   http://money.msn.com/r read more

Bye, Bye NFCU
Updated: Jul 15, 2013 by ShellBack13  |  35 comments  |  Bank Reviews

Should be zero stars. I have been a member for over 30 years.  I lost two jobs in 2011 and ended up having to short sale my home. Even though read more

Mass. Goes After Wall Street; Says It Targets Seniors
Updated: Jul 13, 2013 by 51hh  |  14 comments  |  Financial News

Massachusetts' top securities regulator has hit top Wall Street firms with a blanket of subpoenas, saying he fears elderly people are being targeted for read more

Hartford Customers May Lose Guarantees On Variable Annuities
Updated: Jul 8, 2013 by Wil  |  1 comment  |  Financial News

From the Wall Street Journal A decade ago, Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. won applause from financial advisers as a trailblazer in developing new read more

Bonds Tank After Jobs Report: 10-Year Yield Soars To 2.7%
Updated: Jul 7, 2013 by lou  |  7 comments  |  Financial News

Markets made some big moves after this morning's June jobs report. Of note is the tumbling bond market where the 10-year Treasury note yield surged to as read more

European Markets Are Going Gangbusters — Here's What Happened
Updated: Jul 5, 2013 by paoli2  |  9 comments  |  Financial News

Markets are closed in the U.S. for Independence Day. But they're open in Europe, and they're going nuts. European central bankers broke new ground to read more

The Retirement Savings Crisis: Worse Than We Think?
Updated: Jul 4, 2013 by paoli2  |  11 comments  |  Financial News

Retirement crisis worse than we think? Hope the link above works, but this is not good. Who can look at this and argue against a national policy to save read more

CD Type Annuities - Good Alternative To Today's CDs?
Updated: Jul 4, 2013 by Rosedala  |  6 comments  |  Ask The Community

A reader forwarded me some info she received on fixed annuities. She has two fixed annuities with features very similar to CDs (often called CD type read more

New Discover It Card Offers Better Cash Back Features
Updated: Jul 2, 2013 by RJM  |  18 comments  |  Financial News

From CardGuys.com In a bold move, Discover has gotten rid of its other credit card offerings and replaced them with the Discover It card. In the past, in read more

76% Of Americans Are Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck
Updated: Jun 30, 2013 by paoli2  |  40 comments  |  Financial News

Fewer than one in four Americans have enough money in their savings account to cover at least six months of expenses, enough to help cushion the blow of a read more

Why The Banks May Keep CD Rates Low
Updated: Jun 28, 2013 by Wil  |  9 comments  |  Financial News

From TheStreet: Low rates offered on CDs and a recent rise in the yields of bonds, mortgages and Treasuries that Wells Fargo characteristically holds on read more

Free Book Of 50 Checks From Capital One 360
Updated: Jun 28, 2013 by paoli2  |  3 comments  |  Bank Deals

Received an e-mail today (This month's Capital One 360 Saver update) offering, among other things, a free book of 50 checks to existing Capital One 360 read more

Israel Jubilee Issue Bonds
Updated: Jun 27, 2013 by Shorebreak  |  6 comments  |  Financial News

The current rate for the Israel 5-year Jubilee Issue Bond is 2.59%  The 10-year Bond rate is 4.08%. Sales Period: Valid Jun 15, 2013 through Jun 30, read more

Portfolio Diversifier: REIT Vs Precious Metals Equity
Updated: Jun 25, 2013 by Wil  |  2 comments  |  Financial News

From The Finanace Buff:      " After I have the core asset classes covered in my investment       portfolio read more

Everyone's Nuts About Fed Speeches And Econ Data, And We're Gonna Get A Ton Of Them This Week
Updated: Jun 24, 2013 by Wil  |  8 comments  |  Financial News

This week, eight Federal Reserve officials will be speaking as at least ten critical economic reports come out. Buckle up. Monday Scouting Report, read more

Another Viewpoint On What Retirement Savers Can Do...
Updated: Jun 24, 2013 by paoli2  |  4 comments  |  Financial News

MarketWatch.com: Retirement savers: It’s not too late for stocks - Robert Powell's Retirement Portfolio - MarketWatch "Delay taking Social read more

Bill Gross Answers 4 Questions About Bonds For Investors
Updated: Jun 17, 2013 by pearlbrown  |  4 comments  |  Ask The Community

From WallStreet CheatSheet: When Bill Gross talks about bonds, people listen. The founder of PIMCO and manager of the world’s largest bond fund read more

Extremely Disappointed
Updated: Jun 17, 2013 by Wil  |  4 comments  |  Bank Reviews

I've had a checking account there for about a year or so with no problems.  Then I asked a cashier to withdraw a certain amount of money from my read more

Can Bernanke Avoid A Meltdown In The Bond Market?
Updated: Jun 14, 2013 by ChrisCD  |  19 comments  |  Financial News

The past few weeks have given us a hint of what might happen when the Federal Reserve starts to reverse its super-easy monetary policy. Expect turbulence read more

30-Year Treasury Auction Tails, Bonds Fall
Updated: Jun 13, 2013 by Shorebreak  |  6 comments  |  Financial News

The results of today's 30-year Treasury auction are out.  The highest yield at the auction was 3.355%, above the 3.324% "when-issued" level.  In read more

Government Bonds Around The World Are Getting Destroyed Today
Updated: Jun 13, 2013 by ChrisCD  |  20 comments  |  Financial News

The sell-off in government bonds has gone completely global as concerns over Federal Reserve tapering of monetary stimulus infect the market. The read more

Advantages In Keeping Checking/Savings Accounts In One Bank
Updated: Jun 12, 2013 by Wil  |  1 comment  |  Financial News

From Bankrate.com: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/c...bank-1.asp I have multiple accounts with various banks/credit unions for best rat read more

Low Rate CDs. WHY?
Updated: Jun 12, 2013 by Shorebreak  |  8 comments  |  Ask The Community

Do banks really get customers to bite when they offer absurdly low cd rates?  I can’t believe anybody would even be remotely interested in say read more

No Problems Since Account Opening On 8/31/12
Updated: Jun 11, 2013 by futuresynthpop  |  2 comments  |  Bank Reviews

Update: I opened my cit bank on 8/31/12 and have had no issue whatsoever.  I'm getting 1.05% rate. I've even called them on the phone and they were read more

Americans + Saving Money = Gobs Of Wishful Thinking
Updated: Jun 10, 2013 by Shorebreak  |  4 comments  |  Financial News

This is not good news... "51% of U.S. consumers say they don’t have $1,000 in readily-accessible savings. 41% say they don’t have even have read more

What Retirement Crisis? Retirees Say They’re Doing Just Fine, Thank You Very Much
Updated: Jun 9, 2013 by Shorebreak  |  15 comments  |  Financial News

Maybe we worry too much about retirees. As a group, they are more likely than working people to describe their finances as comfortable, according to a new read more

Vanguard's Bogle: Fed's Strategy 'Simply Will Not Work'
Updated: Jun 7, 2013 by 51hh  |  6 comments  |  Financial News

"There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty out there," Bogle said. "The uncertainty is somewhat higher because the Fed is in control. They are trying to read more

Paul Farrell: Stock Crash By Year-End 2013 (87% Risk)
Updated: Jun 6, 2013 by 51hh  |  11 comments  |  Financial News

From MarketWatch.com: Doomsday poll: 87% risk of stock crash by year-end - Paul B. Farrell - MarketWatch This is the only "good news" of the day, with read more