Early Withdrawal Penalty Calculator

Use this early withdrawal penalty calculator to find the effective APY when closing a CD before maturity. The effective APY takes into account the loss from the early withdrawal penalty. Simply enter the term, apy and penalty for early withdrawal and you will see a breakdown of what the effective APY would be if you were to withdraw the money during any month. Please be aware that there are some risks in planning for an early withdrawal of a CD.

Calculate & Compare Early Withdrawal Penalties

Enter the term, APY and penalty for early withdrawal of any CD product in one of the columns in the table below by clicking the "Add" button.

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Add a CD

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Term (months)24 mo36 mo
Penalty (months)3 mo6 mo
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Here is your early withdrawal breakdown:

Effective APY By Year

Term (months)24 mo36 mo
Penalty (months)3 mo6 mo
1 Year2.26%1.65%
2 Years3.00%2.47%
3 Years 3.25%

Effective APY By Month

Term (months)24 mo36 mo
Penalty (months)3 mo6 mo
1 Month-5.80%-14.94%
2 Months-1.46%-6.23%
3 Months0.00%-3.17%
4 Months0.76%-1.58%
5 Months1.20%-0.63%
6 Months1.51%0.03%
7 Months1.72%0.48%
8 Months1.89%0.84%
9 Months2.01%1.10%
10 Months2.11%1.32%
11 Months2.20%1.50%
12 Months2.26%1.65%
13 Months2.32%1.78%
14 Months2.37%1.88%
15 Months2.42%1.98%
16 Months2.45%2.06%
17 Months2.48%2.13%
18 Months2.52%2.20%
19 Months2.54%2.25%
20 Months2.57%2.31%
21 Months2.59%2.35%
22 Months2.61%2.40%
23 Months2.63%2.44%
24 Months3.00%2.47%
25 Months 2.51%
26 Months 2.54%
27 Months 2.57%
28 Months 2.59%
29 Months 2.62%
30 Months 2.64%
31 Months 2.66%
32 Months 2.68%
33 Months 2.70%
34 Months 2.72%
35 Months 2.73%
36 Months 3.25%