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409 Silverside Road
Wilmington, DE 19809

PerkStreet Financial is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution The Bancorp Bank.

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PerkStreet Financial Will Be Ceasing All Business Operations - 8/13/2013

On Monday PerkStreet Financial announced on its website that it will be “closing permanently and ceasing all business operations on September 26, 2013.” Customers’ account balances are safe, but custo ...

Reviews (9)

Excellent For Debit Card Users, Better Accounts Out There For Others

I have gone through complete cycle with Perkstreet: opening, using and closing.   The positive of course is the perks for debit card users - the rewards are much better than your average checking accoiunt.  You can of course get better benefits from a credit card.   The routine "purchase today for 5% cash back" was too difficult to keep up with, in my own opinion.  I am unsure how the new debit card rules from congress will affect this account, and I have not seen them address that issue either.

The website was a cookie-cutter version that they purchased and extended to include their perks.  It works fine, but isn't anything cutting edge.

The fees (and there are plenty, including inactivity fee) make it difficult just to keep this account "just because", and you will need to ensure that you are using your account and managing your money accordingly every month.

Lastly, customer service was superb!  Everyone there was pleasant, understandable and helpful.  They offered perhaps the best customer service that I have experienced across 20+ banking institutions. 

Stay Away From Perkstreet; I Shall Close My Account Soon


Effective APril 4, they are restricting 2% rebates only for selected retailers (even if you keep 5K in your account balance). The rebates are mediocre compared to many credit cards out there, which offers 5% on gas, 3% on grocery and 1% everywhere (grocery and gas stations are where we purchase mostly), and credit card is using their money unlike wiht perkstreet where we are using our own money.

Also, you can not redeem your rebates for MasterCard after APril 4. YOu can redeem for cash into your account, but for that they will take $2 off your hard earned rebates for every $20 you deposit into your account.

Just as one reviewer said, i am done with opening and using perkstreet for 3 months; and now will move towards closing the account. Overall, a poor experience.

I call it a bad bank for one that changes its policy to make it more profitable for them, and less attractive for customers.

The Good And Bad Of Perkstreet

The debit rewards can add up - on the other hand you have to keep $5K to get the 2% reward and they give you nothing on the $5K in interest. The web site is mediorcre; there is no app; there is no savings account. It really is a one-trick bank. They promise more features but have yet to deliver. If you have the time to deal with some of their quirks, it does give decent rewards.


Perkstreet's New "Benefits" STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!



These new changes are DISGRACEFUL and personally INSULTING!  I was not thrilled about having to redeem rewards through the MasterCard gift card, but I understood the rationale for doing so. 


These new changes are ridiculous and I will be ACTIVELY looking for another account; I see a great deal of potentials already.  One of the INFURIATING things is the spin from PerkStreet to make it look as though this is a new “benefit” and in the best interest of the customer. 


What does this really mean?


1.        If you maintain over $5k in the account, like I do, you will NO LONGER get the blanket 2%.

2.       Now there is a LIMITED amount of retailers for which you can even receive the 2% on.

3.       You are limited to only a max of $5k spending at the 2% level.


I personally used the MasterCard gift card redemption option, which is now GONE.  (They have added more retail gift cards, which severely limit you, force you to shop at those establishments, typically entice you to spend additional money that you wouldn’t have normally spent and people tend to leave a small balance on each card that when added up is quite substantial).  They have replaced it with an “account credit,” which adds up like this:


1.       You only get $20 for every $22 of rewards.  This is OVER 9% (NINE PERCENT) of your rewards that they have decided to just keep from you.

2.       This means, that if you are not purchasing from one of THEIR retailers, you are getting 1% return.  THEN, they take 9.09% of your 1%.

3.       FOR EXAMPLE, you spend $100 and earn $1.  They then take 9.09% of your dollar and only leave you with barely 90 cents.

4.       This essentially drops their 1% “reward” to a 0.9% “reward,” if you can call it that.


The $2500/$2500 online/in-store purchase limit is the final nail in the coffin.  I could not believe that when I read it.  Limiting the amount that you can even receive at the 2% level to $5000 IN ADDITION to limited the places you can spend at, is preposterous. 


These executives must have sat at the table and thought, “Yeah, I think people are STUPID enough to buy all this.”  It’s like someone SPITTING IN YOUR FACE and telling you that it’s a ‘benefit’ and thinking you’re too DUMB to know the difference.


 It is unfortunate that it is seen by the PerkStreet executives as revenue vs. cost while the demand function will never surpass the motivation for INCREASED PROFITS.


I'm sure in the future there will be a company that will offer a 2% rewards program with the direct account credit option and possibly even a high balance high percentage savings and/or investment account to compliment the checking.  I guess I will have to do some digging and find out what's currently out there and go with the best option.  It too bad because I thought PerkStreet was that option.  Who knows, maybe PerkStreet will even come around. 


If this does take effect, I will make it my DUTY to get accounts and post negative reviews for this company as far and wide as I am able.  If I have to go through the HUGE PAIN of switching my bank (i.e., direct deposits, auto payments, etc.), then while I’m at it, I will warn anyone who will listen.






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