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After Banking Reform, Great Bank

It should be noted I am reviewing this bank in the light of it being after new banking regulations had been put in place. Now that the government makes them automatically decline transactions, instead of allowing you to overdraw, I haven't had any issues with them. I do question whether at heart they are looking out for customers, but as far as post banking regulations, they are a great bank.

Timing Of Deposits And Transfers To Accrue Fees

Apparently, when the puppet for Bank of America, Obama came into office some laws changed to help BOA pay pack the tarp funds and to become more profitable than ever.

BOA now times your deposits and transfers to show last for the day so that any and all transactions that can drive the balance down will do so and more likely resulting in plenty of $35 fees.

Why does our country bail out Banks, Insurance, and Auto companies? They are potentially the most profitable types of business but I guess when your president's campaing funding came from these companies it is obviuos.

I hope BOA goes out of business.

Arrogant Because They Are So Big

They truly do not care about you.   They act as if you are a nobody because they have 20 million other customers.  With so many other choices, why go with someone that will eventually bring you trouble!

Poor Treatment By Bank Of America

We have been Bank of America customers for over 30 years.  In 30 years I have never had a check returned NSF until now.  We have two business accounts and a personal account.  I wrote a check from my personal account to my business account and deposited it into the ATM at 8:30 in the morning.  This was all between Bank of America accounts.  Later that day I wrote a check out of the business account to a third party.  Little did I know that for the first time ever in my relationship with Bank of America they had put a hold on the deposit at 1 PM that day even though they knew the funds were there because it came from one B of A account to another.  As a result, the check I wrote to the third party was returned (even though the funds were there) and I was charged $35 for the returned check (even though the funds were there).  I went to the local branch and all I was told was that they had the right to do that and the hold would have been noted on the ATM receipt.  I went home and looked at the receipt and it indicated that the funds were deposited that day with no mention of a hold.  I went back to the branch and spoke to someone else who (while the answer was no different) was at least sympathetic and helpful as opposed to the first person who defiantly stood behind the "bank rules" and left us helpless.  Ultimately, I did get the $35 refunded and a letter given to the third party's bank explaining that the situation was a result of an internal matter at B of A and in no way reflected on us or the third party.  I have since talked to other B of A employees and no one can believe that a hold Was placed on a deposit between B of A accounts when the funds were there.  Last week my husband made a deposit to his business account of $20000.  We needed the deposit to post so we could pay payroll taxes.  We were told that $5000 was being held until the next banking day and the balance was being held 10 days.  He also deposited $25000 in checks from Kraft Foods Int'l a nationally known company.  He has been depositing these checks in these figures weekly ever since he  opened the account 4 years earlier.  They also said that they would release only $5000 with the balance to be held for 10 days.  This was the first time they had ever done that even though we had NEVER had a check returned since we opened the account.  Since he needed funds to deposit immediately he asked what he could do to get the funds deposited quicker.  He was told he needed to make a cash deposit although they did not advocate this for safety reasons.  Left with no choice, my husband had to go withdraw money from another bank and walk $20000 cash into the bank which was located in a less than stellar neighborhood.  Ny husband went back five days later to see why they still were holding the funds when they should have been cleared by then.  The telephone agent said that the funds still had not been released by either of the other banks ( Citibank and Chase).  If that were truly the case then why did they release $5000 on each deposit?  We feel we are not being told the truth but you can't talk to anybody with any power and customer service savvy.  When Bank of America was a California company and you could speak with managers in person who had power it was a great bank.  Now, all I want to do is move all of my accounts to a smaller bank of credit union that works with you instead of against you.  

I Hate BOA

I'm a poor college student so I usually don't have more than 200 dollars in my checking account at one time.  To make sure that my checking account didn't have any maintenance fees I signed up for ebanking and to get paperless statements as per BOA's conditions.  I check my online banking and I find out that they've still be charging a maintenance fee every month even though I did everything they asked!  I called their hotline and they said that I must've messed something up signing up for paperless statements and that they would keep on charging me fees.  The thing is the lady at the bank set everything up for me and told me I was good to go so she screwed me over.  I hate BOA and I wish nothing but the worst for that company.

Why I Wish I Never Opened A Bank Of America Account

It has been a LONG time since I have gotten this upset. I won't go into details but here's how it breaks down. 1. I've been a customer of BOA since 2003. I have never received any nice perks nor have I ever experienced an extraordinary show of customer service. 2. When I was in middle school, I was set up with a checking and savings account. I was told that if my checking account had an overdraft, my savings account would cover it. Nowhere in my paperwork did it state that there would be a $20 fee. I have still to this date not found this fee in any of their terms and agreements. It's such a stereotype but there really are hidden fees. 3. Their online bill pay is not reliable. People choose to pay online because they trust that BOA will do what they are supposed to do. Instead, canceled payments have still gone through; payments have arrived late; and scheduled payments magically disappear. Their excuse is that I need to print confirmations and hold onto them for 60 days but then again, how is that convenient? 4. This branch's manager assured me that she would reverse my late fee which was as a result of their flawed online bill pay system, let me know that I would get a follow-up call in a few days; and would cancel my pending online bill payments. Instead, the late fee was still there, I never got a call, and the canceled bill payment still went through. 5. Branch managers have more authority than the customer service reps at the 1(800) number. This means that for some issues, you have to go into a branch. How convenient. 6. The customer service reps don't have the slightest clue what customer service means. I get interrupted, transferred to machines where I have to re-state my issue MULTIPLE times; talked back to; told NO NO NO; and lied to. Supposedly they document all phone calls but they don't. You cannot count on all of them to follow through or do what they say; some reps have been good but the negative overshadows those few individuals that try and do a good job. 7. Checking, savings, and CD interest rates are a joke. Do yourself a favor and open a Schwab.

One Time Happy Customer - No Longer A Customer - Thanks BOA

I had been a very happy customer of Bank of America for over 18 years, until Monday, August 1st, 2011, when BOA turned my world upside down.

I went online that evening to check my balance and it was not showing my checking or savings account.  So I picked up the phone and called customer service and they proceeded to tell me that my accounts had been closed due to being compromised.  They gave me a different number to call.  I called that number immediately and they were closed until 9AM CST.  I called right at 9AM sharp and stayed on hold for at least 20 minutes prior to speaking with their associate.  Well here is where it really goes down hill.  I was informed our accounts had been closed due to my husbands SSN being incorrect.  I was shocked, they proceeded to tell me they had sent a W-9 to my home in January and how nice they had been to give me until August 1st to correct this issue. I had never received anything from BOA informing us that there was a issue of any type with our accounts.  BOA has my email address and they did send plenty of junk emails, they never sent me an alert via my online banking, they never mailed anything to my home, never gave us a call, nothing, nothing at all, they just closed our accounts without any regard on how this would affect us. 

As the call progressed the more shocked I became.  I explained to them that we had called them in June due to my husbands debit card not working, and we were told at that time it had been reported lost or stolen, which we hadn't done and as it turns out wasn't the case at all.  Never once did they mention there was a problem with our accounts. I have now discovered that BOA had suspended my husbands debit card at that time so we would call to get the SSN issue corrected.  HELLO, does the right hand know what the left hand is doing, nope not at all, they just mailed my husband a new card and sent us on our way.

I spoke with 4 different associates during my two calls on Tuesday, August 2nd and not one of them had any interest in helping me.  My accounts remain closed, but I can open new ones with them, LOL, like thats going to happen, and I sure won't be banking with them EVER again. All 4 of they associates told me there was no way for me to get the money in my accounts as they intended on mailing me a cashiers check today, Friday, 5 days after they closed my account.  Well quess what, I went to a branch and demanded they give me my money, and I will admit the associate at the branch was very nice, and she did get my money for me. 

At this point, I can't get any statements, as I kept them online, I can't get any of my bill pay information.  I am going to have to spend alot of time now trying to contact all my service providers and have them stop either sending my bills to BOA and/or stop taking the automatic payments from that account, what a PITA. 

I will do all I can to get this information out to as many people as I can.  BOA had no right to do what they did and then to just flat out not care and have no regard for a long term customer is just shameful.  They get negative stars from me.

Simply The Worst

Back when I was in College in the late 1960's, I worked as an investigator in the banking business. Bank of America was just a California Institution then, but they developed the "Bank on every street corner" business model, and they got rich. Unfortunately, that was the last good idea they ever had. Even back in the 1960's, they were known as "The Dumbest Bank in America."

Unfortunately, they buy up everybody. I find a credit card I like, Bank of America buys it and trashes it. Twice I have left after the merger announcement, but this last time I stuck with them. I'm not sure whether it was a decision, or that I'm older, and it was just inertia. Bad mistake. There have been many problems, alnd I won't waste your time with all of them. I'll keep it to two.

I buy regularly from a website in India. Anyone who can read could look at my sttatements and know this. Yet suddenly BOA security people decided that my latest India charge was fraudulent, so they shut down my card. They neglected to inform me of this little detail, so a number of charges were kicked back, damaging my reputation. One charge that was refused was for the medicine that keeps me alive.

Secondly, this is the text of a message I left on their website feedback page today:

"Absolutely the worst financial website in the world. It's so cluttered that the site designers can't keep track of the complexities, and links wind up taking you to the wrong places. It takes too many clicks to get down to business. Today another layer has been added that I have to get through to get to my Mastercard account information, AND IT DOESN'T WORK!!! I click on my account, or on the "account details" tab, and it takes me to a page topped with "How do you want to pay?" along with a bunch of dumb ads. I never was able to find my balance, check the transaction I wanted to check, or redeem my rewards (I should have over 40,000 points, and I want a check). Absolutely pathetic. Would you people PLEASE stop buying up good companies and ruining them?"

Stay away of BOA. Enough said.

Saga Of The Check Fraud That Was A BOA Error

We have a checking and a savings account with BOA. We do our primary banking with another bank; therefore, we use BOA mainly as a savings account. We received a folded postcard from BOA notifying us that $38,000 had been withdrawn from our savings account (there was only $13,000 in the account) the notice stated that we should make a deposit within 5 business days of $25,000 to cover the overdraft and we were being charged a $35 overdraft charge.

What bank would allow anyone to withdraw $38,000 from an account with total holdings of $13,000? We didn't remove anything from our savings, in fact on the day this withdrawal occurred we actually deposited funds into our savings account.

We called BOA Customer Service and were given to the Check Fraud Division where we waited for 5 minutes listening to obnoxious music and while waiting for a rep from the Check Fraud Division. The representative at first said "this was a banking error" then she decided it wasn't and would have to be turned over to a fraud analyst.  When we asked when we would have resolution she stated the fraud analyst would call us .  We asked to speak with her manager and were put into a voice mail box and then disconnected.  We called back and got another Check Fraud Dept rep who asked if the  first rep had read us a "disclosure of our rights".  The first rep never said that we would be liable for any further withdrawals from the account if we did not freeze the account. We froze the account.

We spent the rest of the night on the phone contacting the other financial institutions that we do business with as well as putting a fraud watch on Equifax.  The next morning we went into the BOA Banking Center Manager who said, after a cursory review of our account activity, "it didn't happen at this bank" but upon further investigation she determined that it indeed did happen at the local bank.  She said it was a 'keying error". Apparently a customer came in after us and asked to have $38,000 removed from his savings and he asked for a counter check.  The bank removed $38,000 from our savings and gave him the check.  

It appears that the  situation has been resolved (we will believe it when we get a statement showing that our funds have been returned to us and the $35 overdraft charge has been removed).  We firmly believe had we not persisted with the local Bank Manager BOA would never have found their error.

When you are afraid that your identity has  been stolen and your accounts compromised it is very frightening indeed. Dealing with BOA Check Fraud Division compounds the fear because it is like falling into a black hole - no customer service, no follow-up, no communication, no help at all. The BOA Check Fraud Division clearly exists to serve BOA not the customer. Needless to say we are closing our accounts with BOA

Bank Of America

Worst Bank in America! I don't have a good thing to say about this bank. I have tried twice to have an account with them and both times promptly pulled my money out and moved to another bank.  My last move has been to a Credit Union as I don't have all the hidden fees! They lure you in and aren't good about full disclosure of their fees and how much you must keep in the account to not be charged.

It took me 3 months then to get an account online unlocked so that I could even remove the remainder of my money.

2 time burned -- NEVER again!

Sneaky Bank!!! They Will Take Your Money One Way Or Another!

I feel at ease closing my account with Bank of America. I always have to watch out for them figuring out a way to dip their hands in my account and take my money. In the past BOA authorized a $20-30 fee for security that I didn't know about. They were charging me monthly. When I cought it, I called them up to have it removed. It took over an hour to get it resolved. A year later, I was getting charged again! Just recently, I was getting charged overdraft protection fees that were not necessary. I called up customer retetion and they appologized! I feel like they do it to others who may not have noticed.  *** DON'T BANK HERE! *** Please go to a credit union or bank that will pay attention to your needs as a human not a stock item.

Alas, I'm free.

BOA Refused Me A Savings Acct

My husband and I have been with BOA since it bought out our former bank 10 years ago. We have checking and savings accounts with them plus a business account and unfortunately our mortgage.

I have only stayed with them because their online banking program is superior. They time things so if you could be overdrawn it will happen. They hold deposits as long as is legally possible. Their customer service is average for normal matters but is poor for any issues that cut into their profits.

Yesterday I used their online form to open a joint savings account with my adult daughter so we could both have access to the money for her wedding. We were declined for no reason, even though we both have accounts at BOA. We have been told to wait for a letter explaining why.

My daughter's credit score is very high and our used to be until we needed to apply to BOA for a mortgage modification. I cannot believe they would refuse to open a savings account for me. Incredible.

I am going bank shopping.

Fees For Use Of Own Money

Another step backward for this bank now that the announcement of a fee for use of their debit card has been made.  I called the NC corporate office (CEO) and got an arrogant and mean spirited response when I complained about this fee.  So, restrict its use...and back to cash.  BA has grown significantly more hostile to its customers during the past few years.  Do not ask, do not care, do not collect $50.00.

Why Do I Still Bank At Bofa?

I joined Bank of America when I was 17 years old, approx 7 years ago. In that time I have been continually disappointed in them. I worked at a credit union for a year and so I understand the processes and procedures of the banking world.

My first negative experience occurred when I had set up an automatic payment from my BOA checking account to my BOA credit card. I had it on auto pay and wanted to change it. So I contaced BOA and they instructed me on how to make the change thru my online banking. I did this. The day of the payment comes and they took it out TWICE, resulting in overdrawing my account. Then for every charge that hit, I incurred another $35 OD fee. I had gotten paid direct deposit that next day at midnight and all my money was absorbed for fees, with no time to work things out. I called the 1-800 number and explained my situation and they COULD NOT care less. They show no customer care. This was THEIR fault and they REFUSED to credit me back my OD fees. I went to my local branch and tried pleading my case with the asst manager who said there had been notes placed on my account not to refund the fees. So I withdrew all my money and closed my credit card.

I also deposited a check at the drive thru one day recently and it was drawn on BOA. This was also $100. This should have been immidiately credited to my account. But it was placed on hold. When I saw the hold, I called the 1-800 number and they LITERALLY could NOT tell me why it was on hold. He said it was at the discretion of the teller who took the check. Now I could POSSIBLY see placing it on hold if my account had been negative or it I maybe had less than $100. But I had $3,000 in my savings there!!!

Bottom line is they are inconsistent with their policies, only care about upselling you to a freakin money market, CD or savings, and they could care less about customer retention. The ONLY reason I still maintain accounts there is because I do like their online & mobile banking. But I have moved most of my money aay from BofA. And I never encourage anyone I know to bank there.. GO TO A CREDIT UNION INSTEAD WHERE THEY ARE FOCUSED ON MEMBER SERVICE AND YOU GETTER BETTER RATES OF RETURNS ON CD'S AND LOWER RATES ON LOANS.

Bad, Bad Bank

I would not recommend Bank of America to anyone.  I, unfortunately, have my mortgage through them and cannot get out of this anytime soon.  I had a checking/savings account with them and was so very surprised at how unprofessional they are!!  First of all, just because you open an account with them does not give them the right to have their telemarketers call you...repeatedly!  Even after telling them to not contact me, they still call.  I told them that if I need them, I will contact them.  I thought that was the way it should work.  I guess they think otherwise.

So, If you would like a bank to call you multiple times in a week concerning nothing, then go ahead and sign up.  If not, I'd stay away!

Horrible Service

Hate Bank of America!!! Worst customer service ever and constant mistakes are made. I have to call in every month to resolve a problem that they caused and it is never resolved. I have never in my life dealt with such an incompetent organization. For your own peace of mind go somewhere else.

Bank Of America

I have had a serious issue with Bank of America sending my bills to the wrong address, which cost me a lot of money in late fees on credit card payments. They refused to adjust the late charges. The man I spoke to in customer service proceeded to lecture me on my adult responsibilities.

In addition, the new credit card they sent me did not arrive and when I called their customer service to ask about it, they said they would have to cancel it and send me another one. So I was without the use of a valid credit card for over a week. When they sent the second card, they had already authorized it before it reached me, so while it was in the mail it could have been stolen and used by anyone. 

I have an online account with them and they accidentally deleted it, or so they claimed.

Goodbye Bank of America. I have had more than enough. I am going to move all my money (over $100,000) to a bank that respects me as a customer and as a human being.

If a bank like that actually exists.


My Account Was In Overdraft For Months...Yet Somehow My Direct Deposited Check Was Going There Weekly

I had a BOA account that i opened when I was 18, everything was fine for a year until I got a job with direct deposit. After having my payeoll check on direct deposit for 5 months I get a letter one day from a creditor saying that I owed BOA $135. I took my lunch break and went to the branch across from my job, the people inside the bank had no idea what the letter was and told me to call the number to customer service. I contacted customers service and after various "dropped calls" I finally got a person who was willing to answer my questions, I had never been direspected so bad by a customer service agent in my life. The guy on the phone told me that my account had been in overdraft since November, at this time it was early February, I asked him how that was possible when my check had been on weekely direct deposit since September and on top of that I actively use my ATM card to make purchases. He tells me it just was so i asked him if that was the case why didnt they inform me before they sent the account to a creditor. The guy goes on to tell me how it is not his fault that I am an irresponsible individual and so forth and so on. After I tell him that I am trying to figure out how this overdraft was possible and why they didnt inform me if this had happened he tells me I "don't have to be a bitch about my bad financial intelligence." Of course by this time I am beyond mad and late back to lunch. I had been disrespected and I now have this stupid charge on my credit and of course when I asked to transfer to to someone above him the call was "lost." Eventually I called back and got a person who would handle he problem well of course that wasnt tue becasue it was still on my credit the next year. I didnt pay it instead I called BOA about it. This happened in 2008 I called them every few months until it was removed. It ws not removed until 2010. I never reccomend BOA to anyone. I won't even use an ATM that has their name on it. Not only did they put that bs on my credit, give bad customer service, have no valid response to why the charge was their, but I was direspected. That has to be the worst.

Hands Down The WORST Customer Service...

Besides for Bank of America's rediculous interest rates, their customer service is infuriating. Good luck getting to speak to a human being. They make it next to impossible. HATE banking with them. As soon as my credit line is payed off it will be closed permanently and I will NEVER look back. My advice … Bank ANywhere BUT Bank Of America. 


I would give zero stars but it wasn't an option. 

Adequate But Not Great. They Look For Ways To Take Advantage Of You.

I've had an account with Bank of America ever since they merged with Nations Bank back in 1998. Convenience is the reason I've stayed with them. When I was in school, they had me on a no-fee student account. When I graduated, I kept the account because they didn't (and still do not) charge fees to people with monthly direct deposits. I currently live in NYC and BoA ATMs are everywhere I need them to be. 

When I leave NYC two years from now, I look forward to switching to a local credit union or other bank. Below is a summary of my expierience with them.

Advantages to BoA: 
They have a good website, and their Portfolio funciton works really well. It's powered by the same software that powers, so you can see all of your accounts in one place. This is really convenient. ATMs everywhere. Partnerships with overseas banks. When I was in France last summer, I was able to avoid foreign transaction fees by using my BoA card at BNP Paribas ATMs.  They sponsor a promotion where people with BoA cards get free admission to numerous museums, zoos, and aquariums. Disadvantages:
Their savings account interest rates and CD rates are lower than elsewhere. I use BoA for day-to-day checking/cash withdrawals, and keep larger amounts in other banks. Many of my friends have had bad experiences with BoA charging unexpected fees. I haven't run into this because I have direct deposit, but the impression I get is that they view the customers as a resource to be exploited, and that it's gotten worse with the passage of credit reform laws. Customer service is not great. When I lost a card, they were quick to answer that. When I've had other, less urgent problems or questions, they put me on hold for lengthy periods of time.



Worst Bank Ever

Do not use this bank.  I do not have the space here to detail all of the screw-ups that caused me to leave them.  The only reasons why I put up with them so long is because it is the only bank in walking distance to my house.  Just a few negative points:

-they hold funds for weeks longer than they have to before clearing them

-they repeatedly put holds on my account in error, freezing my account and causing checks to bounce.  I would deposit a large check, they would put in the deposit, then put a hold for the amount of the deposit, then some knuckledragger would put a second hold for the same amount.  eg:  account as $7k, deposit $10k, the two $10k holds go on the account and my available balance is suddenly -$3k.  This would then take them days to fix

-they try to shaft the customer at every turn, and if you complain they cite 9-11 and say they can't do anything about it

-the managers are dimwits

Careless, Slow, Inefficient, And Arrogant Services. Banana Country Banking!!

I recently opened a business acount in BoA, but the partners and I decided to change the name(title) of the business, just that, due to being a conflictive name. I did whatever is legal and necessary to accomplish that end. When I received the paper work (certificate of Name Change) from our company's lawyer and the State government with the new name duly approved, I took the papers to the bank to have them change the title of the account accordingly.  Little did I know what I was getting into. The employee whom I saw was reluctant to do anything and pretended to speak with someone at higher level on the phone who asked  why we were changing the name, then proceeded to ask for all kind of documentation -- which I provided. But they wanted originals, even though there were names of State officials and their phone #s to make any consultation. This employee was. They asked for papers I never heard off. I had been with them for over a year and things were going well, but this little and simple request seemed to get them out of their box.  Long story short, I proceeded to close the account to which they say , that's OK!!  This employee never even tried to keep our business with them -- which, by the way, was not bad at all. I walked out so dissapointed. I was treated so badly that I would not recommend this Bank for anything, they do not seem to care about the needs of the clients. Down BoA!!

Bank Of America (3852)

I really like a lot about Bank of America. I like that you can link your savings and checking accounts so that if you overdraft your checking but have it in your savings, it will automatically take from your savings without charging you an overdraft fee.

I like that Bill Pay is a free service and it makes it easy to do automatic bill payments or to set them up each month on your own.

I like the My Portfolio feature, which allows you to link other bank accounts, loans, and credit cards, so you can take a look at your liabilities and assets all together, as well as determine the categories where most of your spending goes.

The one thing I wish I could change is that they have really really REALLY low interest rates for the savings accounts. Other than that, I am happy with Bank of America.

Mortgage Customer Service

My sister died in March, 2012.  As a result, she missed her next mortgage payment.  Bank of America called to inquire -- they asked for her, and I told them that she was dead.  Within an hour, they called again.  Despite the fact that I informed them that she had died, they continued to call -- approximately a dozen times.  When I received her death certificate and life insurance proceeds, I went to the local branch and paid off the mortgage.  They accepted the payment.  A few months later, I called the mortgage unit, and I was informed that I do not have authority to receive any information.  I called the enterprise estate unit, and was informed that they had not received the death certificate.  I am trying to retire the mortgage, but I cannot get any information as to why they have not released the lien on the house.  I paid off the mortgage, and submitted the paperwork that they asked for.  The mortgage unit refuses to give me information, but they were certainly willing to accept my money.

When I was trying to make funeral arrangements, Bank of America kept calling to ask to speak to the deceased.  They continued to call and ask for her, until they reduced me to tears.  They provoked an angry response after about a dozen calls asking to speak to a dead person.  They simply refused to stop calling for her.  And when I got angry, they told me that my behavior was inappropriate.  The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.  I just want to end this nightmare and terminate any relationship with Bank of America


Bank of America has been a great dissapointment for both my husband and myself. We've been banking with them a little over 3 years now, and we have encounter a series of problems with them. They seem to train their personnel very well to tell customers what they want to hear. However, when a serious issue comes up, the only thing their personnel can say is and I quote "great question, but I do not have an answer to you question". We have decided to part ways and find a bank that better fits our needs.

They're Everywhere Bank Of America

Bank of America is everywhere. They began in the west coast in California. They grew in CA, and expanded to Seattle Washington. Later on, they acquired or merged several banks..Seattle-First National Banks, Security Pacific National Banks, Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust, and the biggest merger of NationsBank and Bank of America. Later, they took Robertson Stephens, a securities and investment firm. In 2004, they moved to the eeast coast by purchasing FleetBoston (Fleet Bank). A year later, they announced the purchase of the credit card issuer MBNA and renamed it FIA Card Services. Band of America acquired LaSalle Bank, Contrywide Financial, and Merrill Lynch.

They have many many many ATMs everywhere; but yet I always find some place where I need an ATM, and no Bank of America machines. The bad thing: Bank of America charges me $2 if I use a non-Bank of America ATM, and the non-Bank of America ATM charges another $2 (some I've seen $3, and others at $3.50 or $4.00) That's outrageous and should be regulated how it was in the 1980's and 90's.

Not What A Bank Should Be....

Unfortunately the Bank of America is just another over-sized, uncaring, out-of-touch corporation with little empathy for it's clients.  If you don't believe that then just try to call them on the phone and speak with someone in a timely manner....... it's impossible.  That's the corporate mentality that is so pervasive in the US today.  Gone are the days of the small town banks who actually want and desire to provide a good product.  Welcome the days of the giant corps that have phone trees as long as your arm so that they can avoid personal attention.  Bank of America epitomizes this.  If, after working toward the end of your arm and you still have the patience, and you actually get to speak with a human being be prepared with your second language because the person who answers will undoubtedly be speaking theirs, and it won't be english.  Also, expect them to be sitting at their desk in Pakistan or Mexico because they won't have a clue about your locale and thats the exact approach they will take to solving your problems.  But they will apologize profusely because it says so in the customer relations handbook.  It won't do you any good though because they still won't be able to help you.  So, in conclusion, if this is the type of service you desire then by all means bank with the Bank of America.  If however you actually want to speak with the entity that holds all YOUR money and get answers directly and helpfully, then I strongly suggest you try to find the smallest local credit union you can find and do your business with them.  That's where I'm headed! ........

If You Love Being Nickeled And Dimed To Death, Bank At Bofa

Fee for this, fee for that.

It was horrible. I had a checking account, savings account, brokerage account, and credit card at Bank of America. Every time I turned around, I was getting hit up for some bs fee or another. Just keeping my money there was costing me more than I made in interest. I closed my accounts.

For the last 35 years, every time I've done business with BofA, I've regretted it. I stay away for several years, then for one reason or another I try them again. This is the last time, I swear.

Bank Of America (4286)

This bank gets zero stars from me. They do not seem to understand that banking is not like selling shoes. Just about everytimne I come in, someone pounces on me and with an over solicitous smile and attitude, loudly asks how can they help me. Why would I want to discuss my personal banking business in the middle of a lobby for everyone to hear?

Then they are always asking if I have their debit card when I have already handed them my drivers license. I DO NOT WANT THE DEBIT CARD, but they keep pressuring me to get it. I have never had a bank where I leave angry half the time but, over silly stuff.

If I'm getting cash they loudly count the money, so everyone can hear how much I'm walking out with. They just do not have a clue about bank decorum.

The bottom line is that this bank is very gimmicky. It is constantly bothering me about something, but, does nothing for me to speak of. I expect banks to provide interest on my savings and keep my money safe. That's fairly simple, I think. Lasalle Bank was an excellant bank and understood the difference between banking and selling shoes. Pity. Of course, I will be changing banks.


Bank Of America, Just Another Letdown..

BOFA was good, back in the day.  They no longer seem to care for the customers.

I had called not long ago to close a checking and one credit card.  After telling the rep my plans they replied with "okay they are closed" and didn't try to save my business.  I explained that I wanted to be saved but wanted to see if they wanted my business.  They replied saying that I already was a customer of them and still had a checking/credit card.

I won't forget this, it was extremely disappointing.

Medallion Signature Guarantee

BOA is no longer offering this service at any of their branches, even if you have an account with them. If you have a brokerage account at Merrill Lynch they "might" be able to work out something.

Great Service and Web Experience

I was recommended to Bank of America by a friend of mine that banks there also. The customer service was very friendly, and when I first signed up I was walked through the process in a easy, simple to understand way. Banking online is an important thing for me, so I had to make sure the web experience was up to par. Overall Bank of America is a great place for me to do my banking.

I Left B Of A Because

I felt I had been a loyal customer of B of A for 50 years (since having a school savings account).  When I asked for "customer for xx years" status many years ago, I was told that I had to come up with an old deposit book to prove it.  A minor incident, but I always remembered it.  I had always believed in the bank, but even in a trivial matter, the bank couldn't believe in me.  This sowed a powerful seed, and B of A should take heed (if it cares to).  Individuals are what makes the bank possible.  If individuals don't count, will the bank stand?

When it looked like B of A was becoming unstable a few years ago, I finally made the long considered move to Wells Fargo, which I have been satisfied with.

B of A's customer service has nearly always been good, and I believe their online banking is excellent.  I didn't have trouble with unresolved problems like several reviewers seem to have. 

Bank Of America Redefines Zero As A Negative Number

I have many reasons to dislike Bank of America (will be closing all accounts tomorrow), but I just had to pass on the zero as a negative number story.  We had business accounts with Bank of America, and, after we shut down, I had to continue to keep the Payroll account open to finish up taxes, etc.  I forgot to put the money into the payroll account for the payroll service's ACH transfer to pay themselves, resulting in an overdraft.  My mistake, which I discovered the next day, and made the transfer to cover the overdraft and the $35 overdraft fee.  Should be story over, right?  A day or two later I discovered that they had charged another $35, then another fee (something about consecutive days overdrawn).  I call BoA and try to explain that I returned the balance on the account to ZERO the day after the overdraft, so there should only have been ONE overdraft fee, and nothing else.  I go round and round with the customer service, who passes me on to a manager (after I start yelling in frustration).  The manager sees my point, but explains that their system does not recognize returning an account to zero as remedying the overdraft.  If I had put one additional penny into the account none of this would have happened.  The manager had to go to HER MANAGER for permission to remove the additional fees!  I thought it was basic grade school math, but evidently not for Bank of America.  Zero is a negative number for Bank of America!

Fees Everywhere!

I first joined this bank about 6 years ago because they had the most ATMs in my area; don't make my mistake! At first they were okay--I don't ask much, just a place to deposit and withdraw/write checks on my cash. Now they charge steep fees for everything. $35 fees for bounced check, $35 fees for wire transfer, additional fees for bank transfer, $35 overdraft fees, $35 low balance fees, fees if you don't use your savings account often enough, fees to withdraw money from another bank's AMT on top of the fee from the other bank! 

I had a friend who overdrew her account by accident on Sunday with a large purchase, so, on her statement, they said they paid that out first and then paid out her smaller purchases on Friday and Saturday behind it so that they could charge overdraft fees for EVERY small purchase!

I've been charged an overdraft fee that created a low balance in my account, so they charged me another $35 fee, a day latter, for that! 

Go with anyone else. I've had a Fidelity account for almost 2 years now and haven't looked back. Fidelity will be my sole bank account here on out.

Bad Service

I am BOFA customer since 1995, had all my money with this Bank for 17 years. I had constantly a balance over 10K. Because of my job I couldn't take a vacation in more than 3 years. My wife my daughter and I finally planned to have one this fall. We will go to visit our parents in Europe. These being said we tried to book the tickets online using the debit card with direct access to our account. Because my wife and daughter have a different return date we had to do two transactions one for them and one for my round trip. Everything was nice for the first transaction my wife and daughter were able to book their flights, however on the second trasaction for my round trip I had the bank denying my traansaction. I called right away the bank using the customer service number from the back of the card but the robot declared the office is closed. Following day I finally get hold of a representative and they help me to have my card enable so I can book my ticket. Fortunately there are still available seats at the same flight but the ticket is 50$ more. I pay the price but I ask the representative to repair the damage in a way because in my opinion I wasn't at fault. She reads me a statement about the company policy and how they try to keep my account secure. I don't understand it....You let me use MY MONEY when you want, during your 7-5 PM customer service working hours and only after I call you to pray you to enable my account? i decided to take my money away and move them to another bank.

Bank Of America No Help For Person With Disabilities

Someone should report them for being in violation of the American's with Disabilities Act...My mother is suffering from Macular Degeneration and loss of hearing....Whem my dad passed away years ago, she opened a checking and savings account and has her Social Security depostied directly.  Her health has deteriated to the point where she has me make out any checks for her and then signs them. I have been trying to first get larger checks which Wells Fargo offers.  B of A had no idea what I was talking about. Her eyedoctor gave us information which I brought to the bank and low an behold, we are wainting to get their version of this larger check.  She also asked that my name be put on the account so I can sign the checks for her.  Since my brother's name is on the account he has to sign also....Welll, he lives 1500 miles away.  I asked if he can go to his local branch and do anything.  Nope!  Instead they gave me an 800 number for me to call...I called and after being asked for some kind of verification number 20 times,  I got to speak to a human....The "manager" at the bank here said I should ask for forms to have fillled out by my brother and I suppose my mom to get my name added to the account....Nope....Mom had to verify herself over the phone...well. I had to scream what the call was about and mom gaver her remember, this is just to get some forms.  All mom kept saying was "I can't hear you" which is how i handle telemarketers selling hearing aids over the phone.  Mom then to my son...the person tells me there is nothing she can do.  WELL, there is one thing I CAN DO...take mom to the bank yet again and have her close both the savings and most of the checking account but leave enough there so her SS checks are stilll going there until i get that aslo changed. and I nor mom will ever have to step a foot in the door of any B of A branch.  Shame on you.

Bank Services

bank of america services are decreasing and almost impossible to reach someone on the phone....I called several times to one bank and never did get to talk with I dialed the main bank number and got an operator that said the number is no longer in service....two days ago I went into the Belleview, Florida branch to have a document notarized and they said they don't do that....just certain ones, I happen to be a notary, so I know a notary does not incurr any liability for notarization, as long as you have the person show proper ID, and they endorse the document in your presence...i.e., your not certifying the contents or validity of the document, ONLY that the persons signature is true and correct....soooo, my point being, BOA is going to hell in a handbasket....I am now looking for a better bank, one that cares about its customers......just thought I would post this so others may know.....


I have delt with Bank Of America one time and only time I was going to college and from my loan the school sent me what was left after paying for my classes i deposited 1800 by the time I got what I needed I had five hundred dollard left so I had a bill that needed to get paid and it was not even close to five hundred dollars well in the mean time I paid and a year later I get a collection notice from the company that I paid the bill to they said that the bank never release the fund to them and I was mad because the money was in the account and they did not release the funds to the comapny so make long story short Bank Of America riped me off hundred of dollars for overdrafts that I did not do because I was very careful of my money because of bills that I had to pay and I was working at the time and when I got a settlement papers in the mail about Bank Of America charging overdraft fees when customers have money in there account I  accepted the settlement and a year later I only got of all the money they have taken from me was 15.78 out of all the money they took from me all they think about is themselfs and for the people that think the world of that comapny that are blind because they are a ripe off they take what does not belong to them and they are not willing to admit that they were wrong and won't give back what they took.


Bank Of America Exes Should Be Put In Prison!!!!!!!!!

B of A  frozen our business account over 2 years ago all our income is still going in but we can't get to it.  We have spend over $100,000 on legal fees just to try to get them to release what is not theirs.  They offered a settliment.They would give us 50% of our own money and they would keep the rest. How generous!!  NOT!!! Criminals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is our money not theirs but they have a huge legal dept. Our attorney says we are not the only ones this is happening to he has 5 other cases just like this.  This is a game the big banks play and they don't give a S H *T!!!!!!!!!  they just wait us out hoping we will give up.  this is criminal plain and simple.  Crooks with no integraty or moral values.  Greedy 


Take my advse and run as fast as you can away from this stealing bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Business Checking / Savings

Bank of America just charged my business savings account an annual $150 maintenance fee for a savings account that was told was free with my business checking account.  I do $250,000 in annual credit card processing with bank of america.  They would rather steal $150 from a good customer than to keep my business.

I'm moving my accounts this week to another local bank.

10 Years Ago Was A Great Bank, My Fav.

but now, zero customer service...i still have a couple of accounts there, but eventually i will switch away.

This Bank Sucks!

After years of thinking they close the business day on Fridays at 6:00PM like most all banks, I was just informed that the close business at 4:00 PM every day.  BOA will do anything to get a late fee and if you call to get one knocked off, forget it.  Go to wells Fargo if you have one, much better service and Chase closes business at 6:00 PM every day. 

Your Credit Score Can Suffer From Banking With Bofa

I think people should stay far away from Bank of America. I have been with them for 17 years and I just got off the phone with 6 different customer service reps who couldn't fix their mistake. This isn't the first time either. They accidently closed one of my 15K credit cards...twice. So they asked me twice to reapply for the card which would ding my credit. All 6 customer service reps were surprising rude considering they were the ones who made the mistake and kept blaming the other for it. No accountabilty but then what did we really expect for BofA? Even Rolling Stones had to say something about them:

Nowadays there are so many small banks and credit unions that offer interest bearing checking and ATM fee reimbursements that it's a no brainer. I had an account with DL Evans and I made $400 in interest last year on a checking account that BofA was trying to charge a fee for.

Harrassment To The Wrong Party!

A little while back, I started getting calls from Bank of America stating my balance was well-past overdue.  I do not, did not, and never will, have an account with BOA!  I kept telling them I was not the person they were seeking.  They stated that THIS was the number they had on file and that I BETTER pay up!!  I decided on one of these phone calls to ask that if I were to pay in full, just how much it would be.  He told me.  ok, so now I have their delinquent person's name and the amount owed.  So even though I told them I was not the correct party, they still gave me someone else's account information!  I finally had to contact Better Business Bureau to get them to stop calling me.

Worst Of The Lot!

Horrible! There is never anyone who is willing to talk to you about issues that they have created, when you really need it. Problems often take weeks to resolve at the expense of the customer (us). When the tables are turned they expect you to jump through whatever hoops they decide are relevant and expect you to do it IMMEADEATELY! Customer service is a joke with this company. They will leave you feeling completely defenseless.

Worst Fraud Of A Bank

Boa will never again receive my business. My fiancé and I were applying for a home loan through a different lender and he had taken out a credit card with boa his freshman year of college. Why in they issued an 18 year old with no credit and no job a 2500 limit baffels me to this day, however he made hits payments on time and more than the min balance. We were instructed by the lender to immediately reduce the ammount owed on the card, so we did. Immediately after paying down the card boa dropped his credit limit to 700 (12 more than what we had just paid it down to). This destroyed his credit score and pushed back our home buying process. We had never even received a letter telling us they were dropping it nor did we ever miss a payment or pay late. With a drastic pay increase and better credit then when the card was originally issued the dropping of his credit limit can be seen as nothing more than an attack bc they were not going to get all the intrest. I will never bank with boa ever again! Don't let then do this to you too, avoid boa, I know I will.

Just A Bad Bank Overall...

Bad customer service, fees for EVERYTHING, and overall the worst bank I've ever had. Switching banks ASAP.

Horrible Bank

I paid my mortgage online on 10.03.2011. It took 14 days for the money to be transfered from my checking account  to the mortgage payment account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. They charge $65 late fee too??????????? Dont use Bank of america online payment. this is a broken comapany, they don't know what they are doing. they will destroy your credit score. this is they goal. 

Horrible Service

I went to close my account before the monthly fee starts I asked about whether I get my keep the change savings 4 times at the end after they closed it they tell me im not eligible cause I have to wait til june. Outrageous, im not eligible for my own change savings? Makes no sense bank of america just stole $42 bucks from me. If they would have told me earlier I would have waited til june. Along with the ridiculously long wait, I'll just pretend it was investment they need it since there was about.10 people closing their accounts, bank of america will close down soon enough. Never again, stick with local banks

Buying A Mortgage Cautioned From Bofa

Anyone thinking about starting a mortgage with Bank Of America may want to reconsider. With all the reorganization, lay offs, and government involvement Bank of America is going through, you may find the over worked mortgage specialist at Bank of America making a lot of mistakes and not making deadlines as promised on your closing costing you more money than you expected.. I just completed the loan process with Bank of America and some of the problems I faced were, No communication with me or inability for the loan specialist at Bank Of America to take messages., loan information going to an email address I never provided or used costing valuable time, in other words I never received some very important information, not making the closing date on time, this is one of the most important necessities of a mortgage purchase, this failure on Bank of America’s behalf cost me the seller paid escrow fee of 1500 dollars, the whole process was horrible and this was a little mortgage for under 50K. Bank of America had me down for five and one half percent interest, most lenders are going for four and one half percent or under Its is more involved, what happens after your loan is approved, more than likely there will be more mistakes long term, you may have to deal with, lost payments, Bank of America changing addresses without notification, poor customer communication and many more variables. I pulled out of the loan the same day the documents were ready to sign and close, remember this was after the closing deadline, Bank of America offered me 1000 dollars to change my mine, I explained all the problems I had with this loan and no employee at this branch including the manager seemed to care.. They proved how fast they could work when they were loosing my account by getting the docs in at 9:30pm in order to save the account and make the second deadline. Do yourself a favor, the odds are against you. After all I was a 25 year customer, that doesn’t mean much these days. Remember, you have to live with a mortgage for a very long time so do yourself a favor, shop around for the best, most honest deal you can find.

Lifetime Bofa Customer, No Longer...

My family HAS HAD multiple accounts with BofA, personal and more importantly business. Yeah, we closed them all out. The more digital banking becomes, the less personal they all get, but BofA is making it an art.

Poor customer phone service, hidden fees, horrible responsiveness to real issues, inability to quickly handle simple requests, changing fees and policies without adequate notice, (I find out about BofA changes from news, not the bank...tisk tisk.)

Now, most recently because I travel a lot, I use a mobile app....WHY IN THE WORLD DOES BOFA NEED ACCESS TO MY PHONE CONTACTS FOR MOBILE BANKING? Just another way to steal information and sell/market to it. THAT IS A COMPLETE AND SERIOUS INVASION OF RIGHTS AND PRIVACY. I should never have to consider if my bank is hacking into my phone contacts...

Then, the $5 debit card let me get this straight, they already get my money, which they can loan out and make more money off of, I get a crap savings fee, and now just to use my debit card, I have to pay as well...I am not sure where there is any benefit in that.

Also, not happy with the fact BofA got bailed out and since, policies have really taken a dive past few years. I guess they know, no matter how awful or corrupt they get, good ole Uncle Sam and our dirty, greed politicians will cover their special interest butts and take care of them, yet again leaving the little people out in the cold...

I am sick and tired of corporations taking more and giving less, and us being told to be thankful for it. GO TO A COMMUNITY BANK!!! While they may have some issues as well, take pride in knowing you are supporting the "Mom and Pops" of America in essence.

Dirty corporations and evil politicians have ruined America to a point of no return. It is now up to the people to take serious control of their money and lives, because there is no other way to make changes when the people in office to protect us are hand-in-hand with the corporations.

Bank Of America Website Gets An F!

Bank of America is our bank only because of repeated buyouts of our previous banks...and we aren't happy with it.  Finding information on their website is frustrating to say the least and when I email for information, they usually say they can't respond and I need to call someone.  Calling is just as bad because after taking a long time to get through to a person, it is usually someone who is also not knowlegeable.

Their interest rates are extremely low and getting lower.  They are the only bank I know of that can't post your monthly interest paid on CD's.  All they will do is give the balance, making it necessary to subtract each month from the previous balance to find the interest. 

They seem to purposely hide or make difficult to find any information about fees.  Try finding out what their early withdrawal policy on CD's is!   It can't be found anywhere on their website. 

The only thing preventing our switching to another bank is the hassle it would be to change all our automatic payments. 

Bofa Sucks!!

I made a mistake and went through BofA for my mortgage. Worst mistake of my life!

1. A few months after we bought the house we got married. BofA said to change my name to my now married name. It was going to cost almost $20,000 just to change a name...really?!? So, umm no.

2. My husband was laid off at work. I called BofA to tell them I couldn't make all the payment, but I could make some. They told me to pay what I could and they were gonna set me up for a "loan modification" and it would take 7-10 days to get my "package" in the mail. The next month I called about the same thing, and they told me the same thing. When I told the girl I haven't received my "package" she said it could take 30-45 days. The next month I called and the lady said that they have never spoken with me about anything! WHAT! Are you freaking kidding me!!! She then told me to STOP paying and wait for my "package" to arrive.

3. Waited 7 months! to get 7 papers that could have been emailed to me! I gathered up all my info and sent it back the following week.

4. 3 months later I was told that I had been denied b/c I had whited out my bank account number. Ok fine...that was my mistake. I didn't feel comfortable sending my bank account number through the mail! My bad. But really, nobody could have called and told me? Or emailed me, or sent me something through the mail? I was calling every other day and nobody told me!

5. After that they said I could go through an "in house modification" where in 30-45 days I will know if I'm approved or not. 2 weeks later they denied me b/c my husband hadn't had his job for more than a year! Well duh!! That's what got me in this situation in the first place!!

6. I found that out on June 1st that on June 6th my house went to auction, but it didn't sell. I am now being forced to move out of my home that I was led to believe for a year that I was going through an in home modification! After I was denied my 2nd time I said I wanted to "APPEAL IT". As far as I knew I was in the middle of an appeal, and then I started getting letters from attorneys offices telling me I had to vacate the property and appear in court.

7. BofA is the worst bank I've EVER banked with! I will be closing my 2 savings accounts and my credit card through them.

8. My mother in Law works for BofA in the loan modification dept, and told me that they are trained to lie to people. She said it's a Q and A. We ask a question, they find the answer on their paper and tell us. She would tell me exactly what they were going to say, and she was always right! I would call day after day, sometimes 3-5 times a day and they would tell me I haven't called in 2 months! Again...are you freaking kidding me?!?

9. I'm glad to be done with BofA! I'm tired of the heart-ache, crying over this, stressing over it, etc. I've been so depressed for a year now b/c I didn't know what was going to happen next.

10. Go with another bank!! Please!! Chase bank is who I have now, they've been good to me for a while now.

I Nominate BOA For "The Most Despicable Bank In America Award"

Bank of America is in the business of stealing homes from the American people, not banking. We have been under the impression for the last year and a half that they were working with us to find a way to save our home from foreclosure. They weren't! All we have been handed during this time is lies and two bit talk to lead us to believe them, and let our guard down a tad. We were up for their Modification Program, which sounds a lot like a campaign used by the Nazi's, Surprise! We were turned down even though we have a current income of around $1500 a month thanks to the lack of jobs and the economy. So if we were turned down, who the hell is eligible for this plan, because anyone in a worse predicament could never afford a house. Bank of America never cared about us as its customer and from what I have seen on all other web-sites, they don't care about any of their other ones either. So, Bank of America thanks for taking the last thing my Dad helped me get before he passed on and turning my warm loving home into a cold material house which you will never sale because of the economy. Just remember it was the money of these foreclosure victims of yours that helped you out during the bail-out, we appreciate you being so ungrateful and hope you have another chance to fail.


B. Hartman

Not For A Lay Man Bank

Bank of America is huge, huge banking institute that, as expected, does not care much for the masses. Although, it is evident, that they do care about extracting your last single penny out of you in order to run! Students, people with average to low income, please refrain from opening an account here. My review is not about any particular type of account or any branch. It is in general pertaining to BOA and its policies that are adopted all over the country. The interest rates for deposits, savings accounts and similar are low, even lower for smaller deposits or terms and the loan interest rates are high. Credit card rates are super high, the limits pretty low and the charges stupendous. All in all I will ask every "lay-man" to go to a smaller local bank or even a credit union that will actually care for you.

I Love My Bank

The main reason I love my bank is security. Any time you have any issues the customer service take care of it right away. For example we were on vacation and someone had got our credit card information and tried to purchase some ideas that were irregular. The bank called us for verbal validation. This stopped a potential problem in its tracks. Also we were able to tell them what states we would be traveling in so when charges showed up, they would realize it was indeed us using our account.

B Of A Losing In Customer Service

Just about done with BofA. All they do is raise rates, lower customer service and deny requests for loans and credit. I have recently moved to a local Credit Union where i will probably be moving ALL of my accounts. The only reason to stay with BofA is the sheer number of ATM's but that is increasingly becoming unnecessary due to interexchange agreements between smaller banks.

They just don't seem to get it and if they did not have so much in assets, they might be able to see the forest for the trees. 




This is the worst bank you can possibly use!!! STAY AWAY!!!!

The Bank I Want

Bank of America, this is by far the best bank I've been to, all

of their personnel are bilingual Spanish-English, so people

who are Hispanic always feel welcome.

The tellers are super friendly, they always welcome you

with a big smile and are are always willing to answer any question you

may have. One thing that my kids love about this

bank is that they always have lolly pops, yes lolly pops. 

The ATM is available 24/7 and you can deposit your check

directly there without having to get in line. I love

this specially when I'm in a hurry. In the two

years I have been with this bank, I have never

gotten overcharge for any transactions. So I must

say I'm very happy with this bank and they match

my savings too. So what more could I want? I

got it all at Bank of America.

The Best Bank In America

Bank of America is by far, the best bank in the USA.  I have referred many friends to this bank.

What A Great Bank.

Bank  of  America  is  my favorite  bank.I have  been  a  loyal customer since i was  seventeen years old  when  i  first  started my  first  savings  account.The great thing  i love the most of  bank  of  America  is  that they  are  everywhere.I  travel  alot   and  when in  i  need   to use  the  atm,  there  is  always  one  always   available around the  nation.Thanks for the  convenience ,keep up the  good  work.

BOA Is Wasting Taxpayers' Money

Being the flagship bank of US of A (an informal analogy to airline industry), B of A is a fair reprentative of unfrugal Americans. One example is sending me monthly account statement up to 8 months after I closed all my BoA account, even after I made 2 phone calls to BoA Customer Service to stop it. Amazing.

If you are not their customers yet, stay away.

Consider other banks if you already have accounts.

My 2 stars are for their convenient branch locations and being the first bank I have saving account with.

Pretty good bank

This bank is pretty good, in terms of providing access and customer service. I wanted a simple checking account that would allow me to add and withdraw money easily. This bank does that, providing a lot of options with ATM's and overall great service. The overdraft fees are little expensive, but not as bad as they used to be.

Bank of America is a good bank tio work with!!

I've been with Bank of America for several years. There's only one time I can count that ive had an issue with them. Once I had acidentally over drafted my account by $7. A few days later they charged me $39.99. That same week they charged me 2 more $39.99 fees. They did remove 2 of them leaving me with only $47 having to pay them. They were able to fix my account in one phone call. Overall banking with them has been great. My direct deposit from my job is in the bank before most of my co-workers. That in itself is very nice.

Overdraft hell

For the most part my experience was pretty middle of the road, but at one point with this bank I was allowed to overdraft seven times before I found out that I didn't have any funds available. Every other bank that I've been with before has processed one overdraft payment and then put a block on the card, but with this bank I was allowed to run up over $200 in fees, not counting what I owed just for the overdrafts themselves, before I found out that I had no money.

Bank Of America

I travel alot, so I use BoA, to have easy access to ATM and cash only near my hotel area. It is my secondary account for travel only.

Worst Customer Service Call Centers EVER At Bank Of America !!!!!!!!

 I travel often each month and call the Bank of America call centers to have my accounts flagged for travel to add the states that I will be traveling in.  It always takes a long time, but this last time, July 26, 2013, was the worst.  It took me almost 2 hours  ... are you kidding... ????  I finally asked for a Supervisor.  She offered me gift cards to compensate my time in the amount of $50.00 each.  Then the Supervisor from the Phoenix, AZ, location lied to me about even doing that.  Today, 8-12-2013, I called to find out where those gift cards were I was told the request could not be found by 2 different customer service employees, one was a Supervisor in the Escalation team seriously???   The lady-Supervisor that I spoke to in Pennsylvania call center (Escalation team) told me I always need a case number, but I did not know that.  She set me up a case number and told me it would take another week, I could not believe this... So I decided to put this behind me and I kept calling today, 8-12-2013, to handle it myself.  I had to call 6x to get to a USA call center and I was on hold with Tampa, FL, call center and spoke to a gentleman who said he was a supervisor of customer service and said he would check into it.  He said he could see that it had been mailed out 8-8-2013, but needed to make sure it had been done?????  That the note had just been placed on my account at 2:03pm, EST, if it said it was mailed, why does he need to check to see if it has?????????  He placed me on hold.... I am still on hold... lol He came back, said he was actually talking to someone in Tempe, AZ, to find out they are sending out the additional gift card, it just took almost 4 hours to handle everything... at a certain point, it's the principle of the thing... the Supv. in Tampa, FL... did his job... thank goodness...



Offspring Of The Creature From Jekyll Island

They put a hold on a check, then someone in the risk dept. would overturn it...not once, but twice.  If you get an answer to a question from customer service, you cannot count on it being true.  Personell in local banks try to be helpful, but always they are largely minimum wage tellers and clerks who have no decision authority.  They don't have the authority to buy paper clips or toilet paper for restrooms, much less overcome arbitrary decisions made by the impersonal fools behind the 800 number (800-BUSINESS).  BOA is hereby fired.  Their so called 'services' are no longer acceptable.

Screws Up People's Financials At Free Will

My family and I have been Bank of America customers for a very long time.  I opened my first checking account with them almost 13 years ago.  There have been a couple of things they have done that have frustrated me, but none like the one that happened a week or so ago.  While out shopping, I left my checkbook at one of the stores.  After getting home and retracing my steps, I called the store and they said they had it.  They did say they called the bank to see if they had a way of getting in touch with me as I was not in the phone book.  I told them the bank had NOT contacted me but that was okay I was on my way to pick up the check book.  Keep in mind no one had stolen it or run off with it so there was no threat of someone using my checks or DL. 

It wasn't until a week later that my hairdresser (thank goodness it was her) texted me asking me if everything was okay because my check to her was returned stamped "stop payment!"  I felt really embarrassed because I didn't no what the heck was going on.  I told her everything was just fine and that I had money to cover her check. 

Now to the climax of the ordeal - when I called Bank of America's customer service, and spoke to Alex, he said a stop payment had been placed on a certain check range.  I was livid - more than livid.  I told him that was not correct and I did NOT authorize it.  He asked if I knew a Kathleen and I said no (who later turned out to the more believable store manager).  He said he would cancel it immediately.  I was so upset and worried because I had some outstanding checks - which had been cleared thank goodness!  I hung up with him hoping it had been resolved. I called back a few minutes later to ask another question and this time spoke to Matilda.  She said apparently the customer service person that it was me calling in!  Did she not try to confirm it was me?  Did she not call back or email to let me know this was done? NO NO NO!  I told the person that the employee who placed the stop payment should be reprimanded.....he said he would make a "notation in the file to have her coached."  NO, she should be fired!!!!  I then get a form letter in the mail saying "as per your request...."  I marked on it that it was not my request and mailed it back.  I am going this weekend to close out my savings and start the process of switching my checking to another bank - one with mostly 4 star ratings.   And if /when they ask me why, I might have a hard time trying to keep my cool while deciding if I want to tell them the real reason! 

Worst Bank

I don't normally like to give negative reviews, I feel that some places should be given a fair chance but this bank is terrible.  I do not recommend it to anyone.  The first thing that happened was they cut off my debit card temporarily due to "suspicious spending".  It was around Christmas and I was doing Christmas shopping.  What a terrible thing to have happen, a shopping cart full of things, and a card that will not go through!!  I received NO phone call, NO warning.  When I called, I was told because I was spending more money than usual.  I appreciate the gesture, but please call me beforehand next time.  That was very embarrassing.  I had to put all of the shopping onto a credit card that I save for hard times.  It was a huge inconvenience.  The second thing that happened was my savings account.  I was charged a $12 monthly maintenance fee that I had never been charged before.  I also noticed that my savings no longer said savings, but checking.  My husband and I opened this account a while back for emergency funds.  We don't use it very often.  When I called, I was told it was because they have a new policy where they only accept 6 deposits into the savings account a month, and because my husband and I use the "keep the change", we had more than that.  Again, no call, no warning, no notice. This is the worst bank I have ever been with and I am cancelling the account. 

Bank Of America And On-Line Banking

I have been a Bank of America customer since it took over the Las Salle Bank in Chicago.  They steered me to on-line banking which was a lot easier to do reconciliations with, especailly since I didn't need to wait till the end of the month to do the reconciliation.  However a year and a half ago, when logged into on-line banking, I would be able to read the balance but nothing else.  Moving to the next step meritted a return to the log in screen.  Several phone calls lead to the answer, "We are working on the problem."  After three and a half months, the problem ended, only to return fouir months later.  At this time, and after about a week of calls,  they established a second on line profile which went around the problem.  Again in a few months the original profile was working.

In early spring this year, a new problem developed in which I could access the on-line account, but not do anytjing with reconciling the account, transfering funds, and downloading statements.  Again I talked to customer service who assured Me it would be is now August, and today I am looking for a new bank.  How can I trust Bank of America with my money, when they can't even keep their on-line banking services working properly,  and when the customer service can't fix the problem, or at least advise they need work on it, and takes no time to keep one informed about what it is doing.  Customers don't count with Bank of America.

Personal Loan Promises

Read anything you agree to three times with personal banker at local bank + make sure it's not revolving credit line loan. I was screwed and didn't even get to enjoy it, I quess raped would be better word.

BOA = Bend Over America

BOA is one of the biggest crooks on the planet and any scheme they come up with should be looked at with great scrutiny and a great deal of skepticism. These greedy creeps participated in the biggest mortgage scheme of the century that helped to put us into an economic and housing crisis that will last for at least a decade. Yet, as any of you have ever tried to get a mortgage from them lately know, they now treat their customers and potential customers as if THEY were the crooks! We are trying to get a mortgage and have credit scores of over 800, own a home that is paid off, have solid work histories for over 30 years, pay off our credit card in full each month and only have a car payment each month. We've never filed bankruptcy or had a judgment against us. We collect rent on our paid off home and are in the process of buying another home in Florida. We put down 25% as the down payment and the Loan-to-Value ratio is only 75%. But BOA is treating us like we are trying to rob them of the $135K instead of borrowing it. Each day I awaken to another litany of unreasonable and often silly demands for documentation that proves nothing more than the documentation they already have which includes 3 years of tax returns and letters of explanation for just about every deposit into our checking account that is over $1,000 for the past 3 months. We're supposed to close on our new house in a few days and they still have not given us final approval for the loan. The stress has been incredible. IF THERE IS EVER AN INDUSTRY IN NEED OF REGULATING IT IS THE BANKING INDUSTRY. But we'll never see it in our lifetime and there is very little people in the 99% can do about it. The bank that was too big to fail took taxpayer money to save it, paid out millions in bonuses to their executives and is doing nothing to help get us out of this mess that they helped to create.....unless, of course, it is a plan that benefits them first and foremost.

They Offer Regular Services, But Have Many Fees And Terrible Customer Service

I started with Bank of America as a child and kept their services until just after college. I was unhappy with their many fees, but as I always had a steady job, I didn't have too much trouble with this. Besides, I just thought many fees were the norm. However after learning of their many illegal actions and the many cases both private citizens and the US government held against them, and frustrated with the proposed $5 debit card fee, I closed my account and went to a local credit union. After I had closed my account, I had some difficulty because a paycheck was direct deposited to my old, closed account. When I called Bank of America about this, they told me the funds had not been deposited and that they could not hold them for me when they were received. Instead the funds would be sent back to my employer. Working with my HR department, I found out that the funds had actually been deposited and that the customer service representative had simply not taken the time to look it up and lied to me about it. When I called them again, they were unapologetic, refused to help me, would not send the funds to my new account, and were in general rude and unhelpful.

This was not the first time a Bank of America employee gave me false information. I was assured by the branch manager that foreign currency exchange services were offered during one visit to a BoA branch.  A few days later I went backt to the same branch at the same time and spoke with the same person to deposit about $20 in Euros into my account.  On this instance though, I was informed that only paper foreign currency was accepted (despite the fact that 1 Euro and 2 Euro are only offered in coin form), and only at certain times during the day.  Thus, they were completely unable to help me with this service.  I would have liked to have been informed of that before I dragged that heavy sack of coins around with me all day.


In short, most of my experience with Bank of America was a case of trusting ignorance. When I learned the truth about their illegal practices and went with a new bank, they were unhelpful and rude to me during the transition.

Horrbile, Horrible, Horrible, Horrible.

Bank of America Sucks. When i joined the military i had this company watching my back. Plain and simple... They suck really, really bad.

Worst Bank Ever!

The only reason I gave them one star was because there is not a negative star. The entire time I dealt with this bank it was trouble. I never felt better leaving a bank than the day I closed my account with BOA. I refuse to even use their ATM's. Hopefully they will collapse soon.

ATM Deposit Issues

I recently made an ATM deposit at my local BOA. I put the check in, and the machine told me that there was a problem with the transaction, and that I would have to call the electronic dispute number. I call. They tell me that I will have to wait 10 business days for the dispute to be resolved. I'm not disputing anything, just depositing a check from a contractor that I did a job for. According to the branch manager, the ATM that I used is not serviced by that branch, even though it is attached to the side of the bank. After 10 days without a letter or telephone call, I finally call the same dispute phone number to find out what is going on. They proceed to tell me that because I deposited another check for the same amount a few days later that they considered that to be a replacement for the original deposit. So the original "disputed" check will not be credited to my account. All of this without calling me or asking me about this. Now it will be an additional 10 business days for the dispute process to work itself out. It's not like the check was for that much ($1700.00), but I have been out this money for almost 1 month now. I am a small business owner, and that is a pretty big hit for me and my employees. I"m now changing to my local credit union. Not as many ATM's, but I will take the service over this place any day.


They are so big, they don't think they need the little guy anymore! Well the little guys should show them who makes this economy run!

Bank Of America Not Servicing Home Loans

I hope BoA goes down the toilet just like their farmed out work to India, and taking jobs from American workers. Also, for most mortgage holders BoA just services the loan from either Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. They're going to put themselves out of business for trusting BoA. What really stinks is that it was all our tax money which bailed them out, and they simply do not care about the people that bailed them out. Customer service, lol, the biggest joke ever. And what happened to all the money that is supposed to go to modifications, such as making homes affordable from the government? They do not help the people who need it, they just say you are denied, no explanation of any sort. Look, I'm no angel, and everybody has hard times, but I hope all who work for BoA get a large piece of humble pie, because what goes up will eventually come down........BOTTOM LINE, WE MADE THEM WE CAN CRUMBLE THEM.

Need More Tellers

I have been with this bank for years. They need to staff their banks with enough tellers to avoid long waits. I have experienced this at many different times of day. I am pulling out all my accounts.

Worst Bank Ever

Bank of America has done me wrong on multiple occasions now. I was in Florida last week, and for some reason they put a hold on two paychecks from the same large company that I've been receiving them from for months. They told me the funding was questionable in the account the checks were to be pulled from, I work for DirecTV!!!! You've got to be kidding me, a billion dollar company??? Unbelievable, and this isn't the first time they've done this kind of thing to me either.Thanks to their stupid holds, several of my bills came out and my account was heavily overdrawn. They refused to do anything about it too, and told me that I should find out more about where my checks are coming from. Other employees from my job say they don't ever have issues at other banks with our checks!! Bank of America-DON'T DO IT.

Direct Deposit

I have had a disabilty check for over 10 years and then switched banks to this lovely bank only to find they DO NOT RELEASE direct deposits intill the very last min so sorry I went to BOA big mistake and I will soon be gone to a Better Bank very disapointed 

Mortgage Refinance

If you want to feel nameless and at the mercy of a big corporate bank this is for you. Have mortgage with BOA & also with BB&T. The difference is stunning...go with BB&T....

Convinient With Lots Of Useful Services, But WILL Nickel And Dime You

I've been a Bank of America customer for about 6 years now and I have both good and bad things to say about the bank. They're online banking website is excellent. It is very easy to use and has many useful features. They're customer service is also pretty good, they have very convenient hours and the wait times aren't often too long. Bank of America offers a ton of different types of bank accounts, credit cards, and investment services. My main problem with Bank of America is their services fees. They charge you for a savings account, have ridiculous overdraft charges, and a bunch of other outrageous service charges. If they tone down their service charges then this bank would go from pretty good to excellent.

Service With A Crooked Smile.

Be very careful with this bank. Dont expect anything other then basic service, like a tv with bunny ears. They do hype up their ratings and various programs, but I would not bank with them unless they were your last option and only option in town.

BOA Is The Worst

Their Massachusetts web site was down January 14, and now all day 3/1/11. Look at other Banks.

Ups And Downs-But Mostly Ups.

Before I began banking with Bank of America, I was with a small town bank. The small town bank had way different policies and procedures than those of Bank of America. After becoming familiar with their policies, it was easy to get started. The employees at the banking locations are always helpful and kind. On the other hand, if you have to go through the customer service telephone line, those people aren't always as helpful or kind.

Bank of America started allowing customers to deposit money in the form of checks or cash into ATMs, which is a good idea and something I was very excited about. I wanted to call to find out more details before I messed something up. When I talked to the customer service on the phone, the lady informed me it was as simple as inserting the check and the funds would be immediately available. That was NOT the correct information as I latter found out. There is a hold on checks that are over $100.

Overall, I have had a positive experience with Bank of America. I believe their only downfall is that they don't communicate things very well to their customers on their new features and full information regarding the features.

Bank Of America - Pleased

I opened a checking and savings account with Bank of America several years ago.  I chose Bank of America because they have numerous branches in my city and throughout the United States.  After several bad experiences with other banks, I have been pleasantly surprised with Bank of America’s customer service.  I recently had fraudulent charges post to my account and Bank of America was very fast and helpful in resolving the matter to my satisfaction.  I had to change my debit card and they provided me with a temporary card so that I would not be without one while my permanent card was being sent through the mail.  I love being able to make both cash and check deposits through the ATM and the online banking system is excellent.  The local branch staff is always friendly and responsive to my questions and concerns.  The only negative I have is that I receive many telemarketing calls from Bank of America affiliates offering insurance and other services.  I could do without those calls.

Best Customer Service!

I just want to say that the customer service reps at bank of America are the best!  I have been a customer for a few years now, and I have never had a problem calling in with an issue.  The customer serice reps are always very helpful, and don't make you feel like it is a bother for them to answer my questions!  I highly recommend Bank of America!  You can't beat the friendly and helpful associates!

New BOA Customer

Just opened a new checking account and savings account this past week. All of the staff in the bank were very friendly, explained everything about the accounts and took me step by step to decide what was best for me. I ended up getting a great rate on the savings account and a card for the checking account that was good for use the same day. Overall good experience. 

My New Bank

I  recently switched banks from National city when they became PNC to bank of America and I am very happy with them so far. I have a CD and checking account with them. I am very happy with their customer service, rates and Im overall happy with the bank itself so far. I dont think I will need to switch banks anymore.

Upset In New York

I would rate this bank one star, and that is only because someone actually answered the phone. I am being charged for my savings acct after having it for almost 6 years for free because I have direct deposit going into it, and now since August 2010 I have been charged a fee of $5.00 per month. When I called to get it removed they said they could credit me for $5.00, but not the $30.00 because they sent me a letter 2 months ago that I did not receive stating I would be charged this fee if I didn't have at least $300 in my account at all times. I never received this letter, but have also been paperless since last year. I then asked to speak to a manager and I was transferred to escalations. Not sure if escalations meant to help or escalate me even more. I was then told by her that I received the letter via email back in July, and if I signed into my account I would find it. I did while on the phone and it was not there, and she said she would resend via mail to me did I get the letter via email back in July or like the first rep said mail 2 months ago? Needless to say, I have never received this letter, and when I asked to have the credit she told me she would have her manager call me back in 72 business hours. when I asked who I could send an escalated letter to she started to give me the address and hung up on me. I can now see why this company is rated in the lowest 5 for customer service. I will take my accounts and leave, and make sure I can tell as many people about this situation. Very disappointed in this company.

Amongst The Worst Banks

Very bad experience with BofA. Customer service is among the worst in the industry. They are clearly looking out for themselves and have little or no concern for their customers. They just don't get it. Don't forget, these guys needed a huge bailout from Uncle Sam. Would never bank with BofA again.

The Worst Bank Ever

I was referred to open a new checking and saving account with the promotional $10 bonus. However, I never received any cent from the bank.

Bank Of American Frederick Md

the associates are out only for the bottom line - not the customer.  No recommendations on how to save money

Meh, BOA.

To start off, I didn't want Bank of America. I had to go with them while I was living in a rather large city. I wanted a private local credit union, but I couldn't get accepted until I had lived here at least three months. So I was off for three months with BoA. At first they seemed okay, but I got monthly fees that I did not like, and they took off some fees for god knows what. Their customer service was okay, but the biggest thing I hated was how they took my money and never mentioned it. You won't earn anything being at this bank, all they will do is rob you blind. Go somewhere else, if you have to bank here, make sure it's for a small amount of time or else they will steal everything you have. Be safe about Bank of America.

My initial Bank account opening in US

I just reached US 7 months bank...Initially when I came I was in a confusion to choose which bank for opening an account. I just walked in to nearby some bank but didn't get attracted by their services / benefits. When I went to BOA, I was pleased with their services. X person came and directed me with their available benefits , explained me about debit , credit card facilities and everything happened in no time that I opened an account there , got done with all formalities...Though it is bit far from where I live, I opened an account in BOA...


I have always had pleasant experiences with my bank. There were a few times I mistakenly overdrew my account and I called and they were really nice as a courtesy to remove overdraft charges. That lets me know they go above and beyond the call of duty and truly appreciate my service. The customer service both in the branch and on the phone has always been cordial as well. They hire I believe nothing but the best and thats what makes me proud to be a customer of Bank of America.

Average At Best

I was forced to open a checking account by a previous employer. He would not deposit my check directly if I banked elsewhere because he would have to pay a fee. That should have told me there all I needed to know about Bank of America, but I acquiesced for his sake. When I quit him, I decided it was easier to keep the account and bank locally. In that time, I watched my account be charged for balance transfers at an exorbitant rate, charged a service fee when I didn't have two direct deposits made in the month that I was transitioning between jobs and other small fees here and there. Additionally, there was never a sense of friendliness or care on behalf of the employees. The convenience factor of the ATMs was the only reason I continued to keep the account, and in time, I decided to just close it all together. Apparently, others did the same because now B of A is no longer even located in that building and I believe no longer in that city except for an ATM. I will never use them again, and I am sure they could care less, but do yourself a favor and use a local bank where they at least feign care because they truly need your business.

Totally Incompetent

First, I have no problem with my local bank, other than that they are severely understaffed. My gripe is with the mortgage department in some invisible place where you can never speak to the same person twice. This started in July when I received a letter asking for verification of homeowner's insurance. If I had none, they would begin charging me about $2400 for coverage (about triple what I actually do pay) I promptly mailed all the information to the designated location. A month later, I received the same letter. After calling them, they said they never got the information. I then FAXED it to them. A month later, another letter! I gave them my agent's name and number for them to call for the info, which he did. A month later, the same letter! Again a call to another person and again a call to the agent. This week I received a letter telling me when they would start charging my account for the insurance. Aaaarggghhhh! This time I brought the insurance info to my local BOA branch and they FAXED it. I am now awaiting confirmation that they received it and the nightmare ends. Oh, until July when the cycle will start again.
At best, they are totally incompetent. At worst, they do whatever they can to collect insurance money at grossly inflated rates.
We have four accounts in the bank and despite all the inconvenience of switching to another institution, we are thisclose to doing so!

Don't Trust The Refinance Dept !!!


   I call to find out information about paying my mortage off early.

   The transfered me to refianance. I was promised a great rate

   and told that I would not have to pay for an appraisal {I only owed less than 1/4}

   of the original loan and very low closing costs. I payed for a credit check which is exellent.

  none of it was true and I wasted my TIME and MONEY on LIES!!!

   No personal attacks here just want the truth!!! Honestly will you post the truth

   I can confirm all my facts?  Branch is fine.

Bank Of America Home Loans

We recently refinanced with Bank of America and I wished we hadn't stayed with them. Multiple delays due to their inaccurate and sloppy review of loan documents with multiple requests for documents already received. It's like we were working for them vs. true customer service. Our mortgage officer was great, but the underwriting department was the pitts. Unfortunately their customer service is a hassle now too. It's really unfortunate that they make every interaction so hard for their customers. I will not use their business again if we move or choose to refinance again.

Can't Provide Docs In A Crisis

We're trying to close on a home, and my wife and I each needed to provide a transfer record from our banks. I called my credit union, "Logix," and they emailed me what I needed immediately. My wife called Bank of America, and although the representative admitted she could see the transaction on her screen, she could not email, or fax record of it to us. Only snail mail would be provided. We needed it by the end of the day so that the lender would be appeased and we could close by the end of the week. The rep actually understood and apologized for their "policy," but suggested that if we go in to a branch, Bank of America corporate could email or fax the transaction to a representative of the branch... but not to the actual customer. Makes NO SENSE. But, we took her advice and hoped for the best. We went to the branch and were again denied. The branch representative also was very apologetic for their "policy." I have an idea... CHANGE THE POLICY! My advice to everyone: do NOT choose your bank based on the number of ATM options.

Bad Rep Unjustified For Me, 20 Years

Provided about $500 in various bonuses despite my bad credit. Electronic bill pay in checking  is superb, no difficulties, fast to reach payees even without bank accounts. Accommodating even in branches when I forgot debit card. East and West Coast accounts worked well; except some branches have L-o-n-g waits for which a star is subtracted.

Almost No Problems Over 33 Years

I have had a relationship with BofA since April, 1979, and have had almost no issues with them.  In California the convenience of their branch and ATM network is unbeatable. 

Greedy Corporate Bank With Poor Customer Service, Focused On Profit Margins Not Their Customers

I understand how difficult customer service and banking can be. In my industry, I have lots of experience working with banks and various other service industries. However, I have never, in my life, hung up on any customer service folk. At Bank of America (BofA), I've hung up on 3. Let me summarize my worst 3 experiences with this bank.

1) In 2010, I went to dinner at a Sushi Restaurant. When putting in my tip, the restaurant accidentally inputted too many numbers into the credit card till, and instead of a $45 transaction, my bill was a $45,908.54 transaction. BofA CLEARED this transaction and then spent over a week to reverse the money. At age 23, I did not have anywhere near this amount of money in my account and so I incurred, without doubt, a number of overdraft fees (this was before I finally realized a $45K+ transaction had cleared). Since it took them over a week to reverse the transaction, I was without money for a week. Furthermore, when I had called Customer Service to disput this transaction, the man on the phone asked me if I was trying to buy the restaurant. This was a serious question. Next, instead of reversing all of my overdraft fees, he only reversed half of them. I am not quite sure what his logic was here.

2) Recently, I had to write a few post-dated checks for a house rental. The rental company had deposited them all at once -- something they've done for the past few years. Every other bank would hold onto the checks and deposit the check according to the date listed. BofA cashed all checks immediately, and then started ringing in the overdraft fees. I called them again to disput this. The lady on the phone told me that BofA has no policy to cash checks according to the date listed on the check. In fact, if the check was post dated 6 months (or similarly, 3 years old or dateless), BofA would STILL clear the check. This hardly seems like a good security measure for your bank to have. Let alone a bank as big as BofA. In this instance, while the post-dated check clearing annoyed me, what upset me the most was how the customer service rep handled the issue. In summary, she had basically told me that: this wasn't her problem, it wasn't the bank's problem, and it was my problem to figure out. In fact, I believe she asked me the very question "well, what do you want me to do? There's no way I'm reversing the overdraft fees and there's nothing else to do."

3) BofA likes flagging the most random transactions on your account as "fraud" and putting a freeze on your account without warning. One or two random freezes without warning, I can understand. The bank is just trying to protect your account and is freezing your card for security measures. However, it gets extremely frustrating and annoying when this happens 4, 5, 6 times... and all, again, without warning. No email or phone call until the next day. By then, you are already aware your account has been freezed, because you were at dinner or out grocery shopping and your card was (embarassingly) declined, and you have no idea why.

For these reasons, as soon as I can, I will be switching banks to one that cares about their customers before their shareholders. A company that puts their shareholders and board members before the core of their business (their customers) will, inevitably, fail, and I hope the rest of America will see this soon.

Bank Of America

I have my mortgage with Bank of America, and when I went to pay my mortgage payment for September I typed in $1,100, and they took out $2,300. I found out, after calling my own bank after my debit card was declined, that Bank of America had taken out twice what they were supposed to. It's been two weeks, and after doing everything they required, the money has yet been put back into my account. If I am ten days late on my payment I am penalized. And yet I have no recourse. The customer service department is very difficult to get a hold of, and when you do get someone they can't help you. And this is not my first bad experience I've had with Bank of America. I wish things were different, but this is how it goes so often. Mary H.

Confusing And Arbitrary Rules

I honestly chose them because they are pretty much everywhere, including a few blocks from my house. I started banking with them in February 2012. One of the things I like about them is that they allow you to resolve overdrafts within 5 days, before charging you an overdraft fee...or so I thought.


Apparently, they only allow you to do that if you, for instance, went to buy something, didn't have enough funds, and ended up with a negative in your account. If it was an authorized/automatic payment (like a monthly bill, for example), you get charged immediately. Which is fair, but it would've been GREAT if I had known that. Because of that, I have $11 in my account right now for the rest of the week, and I don't even know how I'll survive.

Bad Banking

This bank is bad, there accounts online sometimes do not match or if you call there 1-800 number they will tell you the wrong thing about your checking account. If you make a big deposit, they will hold it up to 10 days or more and only give you less than half, but wait, if you get paid 1 time a month and you write a check on the 31st and you get paid on the 1st,and your paycheck is there on the first and the check you rote clears on the 1st of the month they will put the check you wrote first so that it will bounce and they will charge you a 35.00 fee. Someone should stop Bank of America, this is bad on the poor, lower class people. Everyone and I have had this happen more than once.

Would Give 0 Stars If I Could

I had heard all of the negative stuff about BOA and had never had a problem with my BOA credit card. In fact, they have been routinely increasing my limit and offering me 0% APR on special purchases. This is an effort to get me to spend more, right? I always pay on time, so today, I took some advice I heard from various people in the finance world and called BOA to see if I could get a reduction in my usual APR. They said I didn't qualify, and I understood. Doesn't hurt to ask, right? But where I took exception was when I was told that upon review of my account, they were also lowering my available credit to about $200 over what my present balance is because my balance has gone up over the last 6 months (which they encouraged with "special offers"). Really? I had to scramble around and stop any recurring payments so I wouldn't go over and suffer further fees. BOA not only won't help me, they are punishing me for even asking. So I cut up my card. They aren't getting one more penny out of me than what I currently owe.

Bank Of America And Bank Transfers

In my state all government benefits go through BOA unless otherwise stated. Well I didn't have a choice with my disability. It was automatically put on the BOA card. With the first payment I had received I chose to go to BOA, and pull it out but I had set up the transfer process through BOA to my bank for the next time I would receive my TDI. This morning that is what I did especially since they had it listed as "One-Time Immediate Transfer" with no charge for the transfer. I did this at 7 a.m. and waited until I knew the banks were of operating hours before I started checking. Well now it's 10 a.m. and still nothing has been transferred so I started calling both my regular bank and BOA. I find out from BOA it could take up to 3 days for the transfer!!! What the he?? kind of service is that. If it stated on their site "immediate" then it should be within a few hours... NOT DAYS!!!!

Simply The Worst

I have banked with plenty of banks and Bank of America is by far the worst. Customer service isn't so great and the hours aren't either. Only good thing to say about them is they have a lot of locations, but that's about it. Will be closing my account immediately.

Bank Of America STINKS!!!

Hidden charges, mad overdrafts. You can only use your card at Bank of America because they REALLY over charge you for using your card in stores. I mad a big mistake using this bank!!

I Wish I Could Give Them A Negative Rating!!!!

Wow, I've never dealt with a company so out of touch and less regard for small business.

Worst Bank Ever

I went to Mexico to get some dental work done and ended up being cheated. The dentist, Montano, at BioDental Studio quoted me $130 and charged me $570 for sedation. Then, while I was sedated, he drilled 10 of my teeth without even a consultation with me on a treatment plan. When I complained to B of A, they told me that I had to get an expert opinion, which I did. About a week after filing my dispute, I get a call from B of A stating that they can not ask for money back on quality of work rendered in a foreign country. Why didn't they tell me that before I went to the trouble and expense of getting an expert opinion from another dentist? Instead, I receive a letter telling me that after all, merchants have a right to get paid for services rendered. That's like adding insult to injury, which really made me mad. Never mind, that this bank is not there when you need them, but to have the galls to tell me that I should understand that after all, merchants have a right to get paid for services rendered. Are you crazy, not for purposely bilking the client from $130 quote to $570 and not for drilling my teeth without my permission. The worst part is, the fillings were done so poorly that they trap food between my teeth causing more cavities. I initially went there to get an implant, now I need two more. Four of the fillings that Montano put in have already fallen out leaving huge holes, where I use to only have sensitivity. The first implant was charged to my Chase Freedom card. When I told Chase what happened, Chase went into action. They were extremely supportive and even when I was a few days late gathering all the information from the expert witness, within one week of filing my claim, my money including transaction fee was placed back into my account and when the merchant did not respond after two billing cycles, the case was closed with all the money returned to me. So the next time I charge anything, which card do you think I'll pull out?

Contact This Site, In Case Of Any Problem.

Need a helping hang, contact this site...and you will get your solution immediately...try this once.

Fees From Rght And Left

I opened my BOA account only because they have offices all over US. I have my mortgage with them too for several years. They have stopped sending me statements even I never optioned out paper statement and even I have asked them several times to send paper statement, but still they do not send it to me any more. Every now and then I see they charge my account $25. I call them and they tell me they did a mistake and my mortgage is not linked to my account and the put $25 back and promise to fix it. This has been gone for several years. I am so tired of BOA.

I wish there was another way I could do my business without BOA, or at least there was a way somebody could sue the bank that without our knowledge they take money from our account.

If you find it, they will put it back, if not, I am sure they Thank you for that!

Your Custom Means Nothing To Them - They'll Take Your Money Any Way They Can

I've been a customer of BoA for 30 years. Two events recently have made me decide to take my accounts elsewhere ...

The first time was when the bank erroneously charged me a service fee for three months running that caused an NSF (they had, for three months running told me that the fee would be refunded - it hadn't). The NSF was partly my fault - I had missed accounting for one direct debit. However, instead of charging me an NSF fee for the direct debit, they honored the DD, which hit the account after four small transactions, and hit me with NSF fees on the four smaller transactions. When we questioned this, the customer service rep spoke to us as if we were worthless deadbeats (I hadn't had an NSF in the previous 25 years).

They have just done exactly the same thing again. My bad for the one NSF. Their bad for deliberately turning it into four fees. I've just scheduled all my bills to be paid Monday, and will be closing my account on Tuesday. Enjoy the $200 BOA - I know you have to make ends meet, what with the gazillion dollar bonuses you have to pay your executives for knowing nothing about banking and less about customer service, but I'm taking my money elsewhere ...

It This There Is Some Fraud Going On At The Bank

BoA is out to take your cash from your account for any reason. if you do not watch them carefully, they seem to set things up so that you are charged the $35 fee even when they hit you with a fee that creates another fee. The fact that this incidences have increased indicates an active program they must be following to rip off customers. I am one of those and I have had enough. The least I can do is take my account somewhere else, and that is what I did. They do not deserve my business.

Lousy Bank

Poor customer service, fees for everything,

Will Not Provide Lien Release

Had great difficulty to get a payoff number, wired the payoff, now 53 days later still can't get a lien release... To think I and other good tax paying people had to bailout "talent" like this... First class corporate GREED runs this company!!!

They Were Nice At The Beginning And Now They Are Sucking Your Blod To Survive

First they closed an individual account that I had for, and if I had any balance they took it to cover fees. My two credit cards are charging me really high interest rate, and without notice they just reduce my credit limit in half. Pretty much they don't want to do business with me. I pray that soon I will close those accounts and never ever comeback to do any business with this bank. I really regret ever starting with these back, and not in a credit union. I will think twice before doing business with this bank, and all the associates because they will take your money away whenever they needed without telling you.

Charged Me To Put Money IN The Bank.

I have my mortgage with BOA. Never been late, never had any issues. As for the banking account I have, this has been an issue. I was placing money into that account from another bank I primarily deal with, my local bank. The BOA is 40 minutes away. I was charged a service fee to do this online. I can understand why a bank would charge money to allow me to send money out of my account to another account, but not to place money into the account. I had to wait 5 days for the money to make it to BOA. I could have spent that in gas and just drove. One other thing. When I opened the account, I had a check from a house I had sold that I received at the closing. I deposited it into the account. $25,000 to be exact. I was NEVER told of the delay that was going to occur in order to access the funds. I bounced 3 checks from the utility companies I had to make down-payments on in order to get those utilities turned on in the new house. Was I ever made out to be a fool. BOA said nothing they could do. Had to have a grace period for the check to clear. Thanks!!

Personal Service Blows

I don't care what the heck you have to offer, if coming inside costs me more I am gone, because we will all have questions from time to time.

My Local branch is always closed, but it has a wonderful machine to talk to. Phone customer service stinks, lots of recordings.

Don't forget to tell BofA all about your self so their affiliate's can call you all day to sell you service. I finally asked them how did you get my number, and they replied I am with your checking mortgage company, you know the mystery BofA folks.


Took Away Ability To View Account At Regions Online....

FIA Card Services took away the ability for Regions Customers to view their account at the Regions Online Website. I got the card so I can see it all my finances in one place. Now I'll just switch and take my business to USAA where I can see everything and they don't make major policy moves without first notifying the customer. FIA Card Services is just like MNBA used to be...too big to care about customers.

Terrible Bank

Terrible service all around. Branch customer service has turned bad. Hidden fees are always popping up and it is a struggle to get them reversed. Bank statements have been redesigned and are hard to read. Account numbers have changed recently make it hard to understand which account goes with which card.


Just a mess and I will be moving my accounts out.

Bank Of America

Awful - consistently bad experiences with the bank, and their mortgage department - customer service and ethics are rock bottom.

BOA Just Lost A 20 Year Customer!

I have been with BOA since 1991--I opened my checking account in college. Over the majority of the years, I've experienced great customer service and highly recommended the bank to others. I have had numerous car loans, equipment loans, as well as unsecured loans. One year, I carried a 20K balance on a BOA credit card. BOA has made tons of money with me as a customer over the years!

Over the past year or so, the culture has changed from great customer service to "let me squeeze every last dime I can out of my customer." My first thoughts were--a sign of the times--all banks are struggling. Most recently, I learned that my automatic credit card payments were set up wrong (by me). When the days fell wrong (weekend/holiday), I was unknowingly paying a late fee those months. Looking back, this added up to almost $100 over the past year.

Then, this issue was compounded when I allowed my checking account to go into overdraft one month. I never worried about this, because my credit card provided overdraft protection. All of a sudden, I had several hundred dollars in overdraft fees because the credit card protection was apparently null & void when payment is not received by the due date. (Two day differential in this case.)

I do realize this was all my fault, but BOA of several years ago would have said "the error was your fault, so we will charge you one instance of overdraft ($30) and credit all the overdraft fees back to you--thank you for being a customer for 20 years." Now, customer service reps and managers have ZERO AUTHORITY to reverse unreasonable charges (or so I was told).

To the CEO--Was $200 in fees worth losing a 20 year customer? There were times in my life when BOA made well over $200 per month in interest alone from me as a customer.

Over the past month, I've switched all my banking to USAA, who seems to actually want my business. USAA's insurance and brokerage business is top notch, as I have been with them 20+ years too. It's sad to see what was once such a great bank go into the toilet.

Good bye Bank of America! I look forward to trashing your junk mail offering incentives for new customers.

I Love Bank Of America! The ATM Cut Off Times And Their Online Banking Is Amazing.

I love Bank of America! The ATM cut off times, and their online banking is amazing! I love that they have long customer hours to call!


Ridiculous Fees, CLOSE ACCOUNT ASAP.

The Worst Bank Ever

The worst bank ever.

I recently lost my credit card that I have had with bank of america and I called the customer service line to report it lost and get an other one. I did all that. After a few hours, I wanted to buy something using my debit card, just to find out that instead of canceling my credit card, they have canceled my debit card, therefore, I could not use my debit card at all because they cannot reference the canceling of the card. I was not to bothered about this, mistakes can be made from time to time. But the next day when I checked my account online, I see a 5 dollars charge on my account for debit card replacement.

So, just to ad insult to the injury, they not only left me with out a card and money , I could not get cash anywhere because it was after 5 when I found out they closed the debit card, and the credit card was also lost, on top of that they took my money for something that I had not requested. And to ad to that, I called the customer service line at 8:01 am, and I could not talk to anyone, and the robot was kept telling me that the hours of operation are from 7 am- some other late time, and i should call at that time.... it was 8 already....

I AM CLOSING MY ACCOUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worse Bank

This is the worse bank I have ever dealt with. The online banking is extremely difficult to navigate. I will never do business with this bank again.

Bank Of America ATM Receipts

BofA has a new policy on ATM receipts. They list your "available balance", but not your actual account balance. When I complained to a teller about this, I was told that the bank felt that customers were "getting confused" about the difference between available and actual balances, so they decided to eliminate the actual account balance. In order to get an accurate balance, you must enter the bank. We depositors are deemed too ignorant to be given this essential piece of information.

Bank Of America And Consumer Privacy

I recently received my BoA statement and included in it was a US Consumer Privacy Notice. Basically BoA can share my personal information with pretty much anyone they want and there is very little I can do to limit this sharing. This likely has a lot to do with the number of telemarketers who phone my home routinely offering some "service" that I don't want and don't need, and the amount of junk mail I receive. The realization that I have little privacy with BoA and their new policy of charging three bucks for "check imaging" on the monthly statement is enough to make me investigate other banking opportunities, and to visit my local branch and express my distaste. It'll likely do no good. But, if everyone who feels similarly took action, it might make a difference.

Bank Of America (3819)

I once had a troubled encounter with Bank of America.  I was charged with a bogus service charge, and when I called asking for an explanation, the representitive i was speaking with hung up on me.  As a professional myself, i would hope they would practice the same customer care as me.  I guess the company is so big now, that the small individual does not matter, for the most part its a wonderful bank, just a few small details that are so pleasant i guess.  Good thing about bank of america is that its everywhere, which is convienent for everyone.  Now-a-days i guess everyone has hidden service charges.

Bank of America falls short on customer service

Bank of America can compete with any bank when it comes to technology, products and competitive rates. Their mobile banking is easy to use and they have multiple offices that make banking convenient. That being said they also charge convenience fees for actually using their branch locations too much. When calling their 800 number I encounter long wait times and I'm often give different answers from each customer service rep when asked the same question. From my experience their customer service reps have been less than friendly and I feel more like a bother than a customer. Overall the technology wins my service since I don't require much personal interaction with Bank of America employees.

Bank of America

My first banking experience was and continues to be with Bank of America; I have a student checking account and a savings account with BofA that costs me no monthly fees. Their touch-screen ATM software is awesome, and the machines always read my checks. No matter where I move to in the U.S. there is always a BofA branch/ATM nearby. Their web site is well designed and informative as well. My only complaint are the fees for over-drafts and such, but typically one can resolve their issues with BofA by going in and talking to someone at a branch and explaining the issue.


My bank punishes me for not having enough money. If my checking account falls below a certain number, they fine me a monthly charge. I recently lost my job and every dollar counts. The twelve dollar a month "service charge" is my food for a week. This rule upsets me very much. Unfortunately there is not much I can do because my new job direct deposits my money into that account. Oh well. I guess will keep banking with them.

Very bad experience

I have been banking with Bank of America for quite some time and am counting down the days to closing my account. They charge fees for any little thing you do. Their overdraft protection is filled with fees, basically doing the opposite of what it is intended for. I absolutely hate this bank and cannot wait to end my relationship with them. The customer service is not the worst but there are many things they cannot help with or are not willing to.

Too Big To... Care About Customers

Yes, Bank of America may be one of the largest in the world, but that does not give it the excuse to be terrible to its customers. Matter of fact, if it wants to retain this reputation and position, it should be one of the best in terms of service. This wasn't my experience at all. Not only does Bank of America have terrible rates, it's employees just do not care. For them, just working there is enough; the customer does nothing for them. Even when I decided to cut off my services, the employee's last words to me were, "You'll be back." Really? How arrogant.

Review: Bank of America

I have been a loyal customer for this particular bank over 10 years and counting. i have not had any issues with my information being lost, with my money transfers. everything goes smoothly when i do have issues that need attention. i am able to make contact with customer support frequently if needed. my bank statements are provided with all the relevant information. in person encounters are very helpful and informative if i do have any questions.


I've never had any major problems dealing with Bank of America. I've only dealt with their customer service a handful of times and my problem has always been resolved promptly and to my liking. I also do most of my banking at ATMs when I need to use their services and I've always found them to be very easy to work. When I have to talk to someone, the employees are nice and helpful. The drive-throughs are nice too because they can be more convenient than parking and going inside. Also, they often give out candy if you have kids in the car and dog biscuits if you have dogs with you.

Good online banking

I have been a customer of Bank of America for approximately ten years. With them I have held a savings and checking account. They unfortunately don't have branches closer than 20 miles from where I live, but the online banking and customer service has been great. The biggest downside is fees. Overall, I recommend this bank.

Mediocre Bank

I had a mediocre experience at Bank of America. The customer service was never bad,but was never very personal. Several times I was put in a private room to discuss account issues with a someone on the phone rather than dealing with it in person, which was awkward. I ended up switching to a local credit union for more personal service, lower fees, and to more responsibly invest my money in a more local economy.

A Decent Experience

I've been banking with BoA for almost five years now. Since its a major, "big" bank, their interest rates, fees, and other products are not as competitive as smaller online banks would offer. However, it does have a robust and overall nice mobile app and website I can use to do my banking on the go. Also, the customer service I receive at their physical branches and on the phone is quite good.

Bank of America is great

Bank of America is arguably one of the biggest banks in America. They have pretty good customer service and have many different products available to every customer. They are located everywhere and usually can offer the same level of service throughout all their locations. They hold my mortgage on my house and they have always been fair with rates and they don't nickel and dime me for little charges on my checking and savings accounts. I recommend bank of america to anyone that wants a simple bank that offers a lot for your dollar.

My First Bank

Honestly, you are lucky if you understand banks when you open your first bank account at the age of 16. What I did like was that Bank of America was one of the few banks that let you open it at that age. I ended up learning a lot on how bank works and how you shouldn't just sign up for all their programs. I can't review every single program, but the one I disliked the most was Overdraft protection. It's supposed to help you not overdraft but all it is a program that charges you a fee to cover money checking into saving & also will let you overdraft and charge you two fees instead of one.

Very friendly

My working relationship with Bank of America has been extremely good! I needed an account to direct deposit my SSI check and they opened it for me when two other banks turned me down. First off I had problems with getting online banking started so I went into the bank and they was very helpful and had the online banking going for me in a short time. Also I keep a low balance because of my fixed income and when they charge their fee for this it will run my account negative. They have never charged an overdraft fee for this! It has just been a wonderful experience in every way with this bank! Customer service is fantastic!! I would recommend them to everyone!

B of A Review

I have been a customer of Bank of America since I got my very first job when I was seven years old. Initially, I signed up for an account at Bank of America because of convenience--it allowed easy transfer of money from my father's own B of A account and there was a location only a couple blocks away from my house. Recently however, I have come to appreciate B of A all the more because of the protections offered from identity theft, something I recently became a victim of. Overall, I am happy with my bank!


I've been using Bank Of America (BOA) since I was about 13 years old, as it's one of the more plentiful banks here in my area. I signed up for a student checking account at that time and had a savings account along with it. A few months into using my account, I had went over the limit on my checking account after buying something at a store. The next day, I found multiple $35 fee charges to my account due to insufficient funds.

On the bright side, I got my first CC from BOA back in December of 2012 with a $300 limit. I had gotten a secured CC as I lacked a credit history and, a year later, I was given the standard card. After calling customer service, I had the card upgraded to their 3-2-1 rewards card and my CL was increased substantially to 2,000.

I'd say as long as you have a steady flow of income going into your account, your experience with BOA will be a good one.