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Consumers Credit Union (IL) Reviews

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Beware Of Banks Gimmicks.Scams To Get You To Open Account.

The credit union offered this special that if you open up an account with 10k and you filled a few requirments such as looking at your account once a month and using your card 12 times and paying one bill you would get approx 30 buck a month.

WELL a few months into the program they changed the program ...and cut the amount and the rules remained the same..and really did not inform me was in the disclaimers..

So beware of these scams they just want you to open an account..which I have since closed..

Be Aware!!!! Anybody Out There Being Treated This Way?????

I have trusted this credit union and funded thousands of dollars since day one with them. And the person who took my funds never told me that my own money will be frozen, on hold however long until, they recieved my signature on some IRS back up withholding paper.

My trust to fund in this credit union is not treated back fairly.

What's more, the papers with which they excused to froze my thousands of dollars are not being mailed out one week later.

Please anyone out there, can you give me some advice on this credit union????

Great Deal, Great Service, Just Not Good Fit For Me.

Good company. Could be well worth it for you. They have always been good to work with. I have an open account there that I am not using. Even with the rates of 4% or 5%, I'm not ready to jump through the hoops for $10,000 limit. I have too many $15,000 and $20,000 accounts to max out first. Might look at it closer depending on what the credit card offers for $1,000/mo required charges. I get 1.5% cash back on 1 of my credit cards now. With the income taxes, I would have to pay on the 5%, it may not be to my advantage. Will have to do the math. Good company. Just too bad it's only a $10,000 limit. Right now I have active accounts totaling 3%/$70,000/50 charges and more 3%/$15,000 limit accounts on hold. $10,000 could be well worth it. It all depends on your situation. (wrote another review and lost it just now)

Worst Bank Experience Ever


I have been a member of this credit union for 20 years. I've had a few issues now and then, but nothing major until this weekend. On Saturday, June 29 I tried to make a drop in the ATM at their Gurnee location and the ATM was down so I dropped money in their night deposit drop box to prevent an overdraft fee from taking place. The made the deposit after the item had went through even though the money was there first. When I inquired about this, I was given the run around, an excuse which made no sense blaming another transaction for the overdraft which was untrue. I sent a bunch of questions back to them and they refused to respond. I posted a rating on their Facebook page and they messaged me but gave me a whole different line of reasoning still refusing to correct the matter. Then then ignored two further inquiry emails and started deleting my comments on their Facebook page until my friend posted her own questions. They finally responded to one of my two letters with yet a third excuse, different from the first two, this one said a night drop wasn't put in until the next business day, so if I made a night drop on June 29, they don't put it in until Tuesday July 2, if you do it on an ATM, its a two day wait, no other bank has that and that's ridiculous. The fact is all they have to do is hit a button on the computer to resolve the matter. They admitted they had the deposit prior to the transaction, then changed the story. They refuse to refund me only making different excuses. I have accounts with two other banks and never had this sort of issue, they deposit night drops instantly and there are never any issues like this. I my eyes, this is an act of fraud. Stay away from these people.

Great Customer Service!

I recently bought a used car and refinanced through Consumer's Credit Union. I had a very difficult time working the refinancing out with the dealer and the bank they chose for my original financing, but the representative I talked to on the phone, Valerie, was incredibly patient and helpful. I highly reccommend her, the overall customer service of CCU and the loan products they provide.

Consumers Is Trying To Transfer From An Account I Never Set Up & Charging Me

I opened a reward checking account with Consumers Credit Union.  They gave me an account number to establish a link with Chase.  I funded the CCU account with this link.  On the CCU site I did notice that I had a regular shares & reward checking.  I moved the money into the rewards checking and did the required debit transactions and ACH transfer.  I received an email stating that I did not qualify for the rewards checking interest & called CCU.  They told me that the ACH transfer went into savings not checking.  I did not know that I had a separate number for checking as I was not given another account number.  Last week I moved money from the designated "checking" into the "regular shares" and transferred from CCU to Chase.  The transaction when through.  This week I attempted to do the same exact transaction (I only have one link set up) & the transaction did not go through & I was charged a $30 NSF fee by CCU.  I called CCU and they said the transfer was "quoted as checking".  The CCU representative told me to transfer the money into the checking and see if it processes this time.  I don't know how they can transfer money between accounts where no link has been established and verified.  This is scary.   They can transfer the money "into" the account that benefits them and "out" of the account that benefits them.

Anyone Interested In Getting $50 For A Referral?

Hi, I'm opening a Reward Checking. Anyone interested in getting $50 for a referral?

Consumers Credit Union (IL) Customer Referral Program


i'm opening an account, and have some info on the $50/$50 program


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Good Credit Union $10,000 Limit

It's a great deal, if you can work with the $10,000 limit. I have an open account that I no longer use. It's hard to keep to many balls in the air at once and the $10,000 limit is too restrictive for me.


I highly recommend Consumers credit union,they offer the best deals in financing,the people there are great,especially Janet,she is a pleasure to deal with.


Funding Checking Account

You would think that a CU would make it easy to fund a checking account you just opened with them, right? Not Consumers CU. They do not show the checking account number in their website, they do not send you the account number in a mail message, and they will not tell you the account number over the phone. You kinda need the account number if you want to ACH money into it. Are they a bunch of idiots?

Referral Program

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REFER ME To This Union

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50/50 Program

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Share A Referral?


Would someone like to refer me for the program?  Also, I'd like to know opinions of how easy/hard it is to meet the monthly requirements.  I use a rewards visa now for everything, so hopefully switching to using a debit will not be a problem.  Thanks! wewithstand(at)yahoo(dot)com

Please Refer Me

hi, i would like a referral please.  kristin (dot) lancione (at) gmail (dot) com

I Can Refer You To Join Consumers Credit Union!

I am a member of Consumers Credit Union and glad to refer you to join. Actually the referral process is pretty simply. You just need to go their application website (Consumers Credit Union :: Open An Account Online) and open the saving account and the rewards checking account. I just need the full name on the accounts, then I'll fax the referal form to them.

Referral Program?



This Reward Checking sounds promising.

Anyone interested in referring me for the 50/50 program?

Is This Checking Acct Open To Someone NOT In IL?

If so, looking for someone to refer me for the $50 two-way reward!

Looking For A Referral So We Can Both Get $50!

Like javablonde, I'm also interested in signing up for an account.  Let me know if you want to be my referral!

Anyone Want To Refer Me? I Want To Open An Account. Sounds Like It Is Worth $50 To You And $50 To Me.

Anyone want to refer me?  I want to open an account.  Sounds like it is worth $50 to you and $50 to me.


See the details they have online:

Stay Away From CCC!!

Stay away!! Don't waste your time trying to talk to a live person. You will be put in recorded message jail and no one will ever pick up. Finally got someone to call me via their online web chat, and she could not answer even basic questions.