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Delta Community Credit Union Reviews

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Delta Community Credit Union is a credit union headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Their customer service is great,fair and competitive. I may take a little longer to speak with a representative but I don't mind because they are very attentive to your needs. They handle or resolve customer service issues immediately and accurately. Delta Community Credit Union do not have many branches in the Metro Atlanta area, but their locations are fairly positioned to serve their customers. I am pleased to be a Delta Credit Union Member.

Great Place to Bank! you feel like family

This is a great place to bank! they really treat you like family there.
when you enter a Delta Community Credit Union you feel like you are entering your friends house, they knowledge you and they salute you, nothing like big banks that they don't even realize you are there. opening account at DCCU is extremely easy, it takes about 5 minutes. I love going there with my children, they never mind that I am with them. I will always bank here!

Terrible Service & Support

After my wife and I married we decided to merge our separate bank accounts.  She had used a credit union several years ago (in an adjoining) state and was very happy with it, so we decided to open accounts with DCCU because it was near our home (for convenience).  We should have paid attention to the warning signs when we first went in - the place was set up like the old "Wa-Mu" (Washington Mutual) open concept/design where you had a central desk to clear first and then went to separate teller desks (we both HATE that operation and look).  Once we waited for nearly 1 hour to see someone about opening an account we nearly left because they couldn't "find" my SSN in the "system" (we were told something was wrong with my credit report - later I found out that there was nothing wrong with it), so we used my wife's (without any issues).  After setting up everything and getting the bill-pay accounts set up I noticed how bad their online software was (compared to other "big" banks like Wachovia or Fidelity Bank) - it looked amateurish and was very clunkly to navigate.  Next problem was their "system" kept cancelling our login and we had to reset it 7-8 times in the first 2 months.  My wife decided to inquire about a car loan and wound up getting 3 different quotes from different people (2.5% to 13.75% rates - HOW does that happen??). The last straw just happened - their bill pay system did not pay a credit card (the system shows a date and an amount, but nothing was processed AND they did not notify us) - I found out when my delinquent credit card statement showed up. I called their online/bill pay 800# only to be told that they couldn't access my account without a SSN - when I inquired why they couldn't just use our account number the operator said they were an outsourced call center. I finally had to call the general 800# and was switched to 4 different people just to find out what happened (the last person was going to call me back because their "IT people were in a meeting").  

We're done. We're moving our account to a "real" bank. How are these clowns still in business???

Really Outdated Banking Site And Services, Poor Customer Service, Only Here For The Great Rate That We Got On Home Equity Line Of Credit.

The application process is slow.  The staff is based out of Georgia and is slow to return calls.  Everything is done manually, on paper.  The worst part of this is the terribly outdated website and online banking system.  When I questioned the staff on this one of them had the audacity to disagree with me!  Hello Delta Community Credit Union, please join us in the year 2011 and update your banking website.  I don't doubt there are security holes in the site.  I tried several times to get auto transfers set up on the site to pay my loan and only got it working when I spent an hour on the phone with a "customer service rep" who was the one who disagreed with me.  Hmm, I would bet I was hitting some bug that was "nudged through" when I complained about the issue.


The Best Credit Union In Georgia

Delta Community Credit union gave me a car loan at 4% cheaper than a Bank would with the same exact credit score. I also get way more interest in my savings and checking accounts and there are no monthly charges or minimum balances.

Have Been A Member Of Delta Community Credit Union For A Quarter Of A Century.

Have had accounts at various financial institutions since I was a preteen, and have had very good service with Delta Community Credit Union for a quarter of a century.     I have used my accounts online, so I rarely have been in a branch.    Many Americans use the internet to do their banking all around the clock.    Since branches cost money which customers pay for, it is cheaper to use the internet and ATMs.     I hope Delta Community Credit Union keeps up the great service.   Thank you.  

Its Obvious Big Bank Employees Write These Reviews

Delta Community CU is the best. They pay me interest on savings and checking. As an economics teacher I teach my students how to save their money. I refinanced my auto loan for 3% cheaper at DCCU than i had at a big bank even though i had the same credit score.

All Big banks care about is executive pay, paying for buildings and paying shareholders. Which is why DCCU is the best!

Great CU, Awful Website.

I love this CU because they have great customer service reps and always have snacks in the lobby. I like the convienance of full access to my other CU this is a huge plus.  Also they have very convienant locations.

But their website is awful.  It is clunky, you must dig and dig for even the most basic things.  I often find myself searching for the same thing each time i need to use it.  But the worst is the Online Bill PAY.  OMG! this is garbage!  No billing lookup, no catagories, no electronic billing statements, the money is pulled from your account days before it is sent and on and on.  Just a load of garbage. 

I am keeping my other CU just to do ONline bill Pay.

Bank Rating

We went from a bank to the Delta Community Credit Union, and it was the best choice for us due to the incompetence of the banks we were using.