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Love The Personal Service And No Fees

I absolute love Midfirst!   It is small enough to be personal.    I simply asked and they linked my accounts.   I have no fees on both my business and checking accounts.   I can use any ATM and my fees will be rebated if charged.  

 I have online banking.  I set up my bills for payment.  I get an email as soon as they come out.   Their system is a bit different than other banks.  I could not go in to change my pin as with other banks. I kept waitng for a chance to to in person to change the pin and was a bit irritated when the banker couldnt' do it.   But to my surprise it was exceptionally easy process on the phone  I had to call to set up the online bill pay.  It did take about 2 days to get my confirmation.  Again a different system but it works.  I was upset the accounts weren't linked   Called and was told they would link.  Thought it woudl be another couple of days.  Next time I looked at my email (within hours it was linked)   But that was their way of confirming that it was me that made the change.  

At times, I wasn't sure if I liked it but everything that has happened made sense and it works like perfectly.    I love the tellers seems like every time we end up in a conversation just because they are so friendly and helpful.  The lobby at Thunderbird and 7th Street in Phoenix feels so good.  Professional and warm and welcoming.  I still am on an account for the merchants on Cave Creek Road and when I go to the bank, something about the lobby seems cold.   I haven't closes my Chase accounts because I am waiting for one of my direct deposits to go to Midfirst once before I close it.  (I waited to change the direct deposit until I was sure that I liked Midfirst and get that deposit seldom.)

Chase started charging monthly fees for my personal savings because it was under $300 with very short warning and the notice was in the fine print with a bank statement.  New business accounts have a $12 or $15 monthly service fee without keeping $1000's minimum balance    Midfirst has a no balance requirement for no fees.  I sure love that since my business is very small. 

Oh and free coin counting even if you aren't a customer

Sure love Midfirst... especially the $125 that I got for signing up for a group of services. 


Midfirst Rocks My Socks Off. (Midfirst Bank VS. AT&T)

I locked myself out of my Midfirst account. I called in because you have to unlock it over the phone. On hold for about 30 seconds, then I was on the line with someone. I talked to the first girl and she was super super friendly. It was like she was smiling so big she was about to just laugh out of pure joy in talking to me. She had to transfer me, the wait was about 30 seconds and the second person was super nice too! She had already unlocked my account by the time I was on the phone with her. So basically she just had to ask if I needed anything else. Time: <2min Problem resolved: yes. Mood: Even better than it was to start with. Let's compare. When you call AT&T you typically wait on hold for 30 minutes, then you get to the tier 1 person. They can't help, don't know how to help, and don't really care about your opinion of the company. They take a bunch of information to confirm your identity at the beginning of the conversation, and then you struggle through their inability to assist you for 10 minutes. Then they tell you they have to transfer you to someone else (thank goodness, because they are so tired of having to deal with a customer). They transfer you, and you sit on hold for 15 minutes. Then you get someone else who is slightly less interested in helping you than the last person. They ask you all of the exact same questions to confirm your identity, and then they spend 10 minutes figuring out that they can't or won't help you. Can you talk to a supervisor? No, we don't have supervisors that handle customer issues. etc. etc. This could go on through 3 or more transfers. Time: 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Problem resolved: no. Mood: pissed off to the point of screaming at someone.

Terrible Customer Service - Unfortunate

The customer service that I have received from the 888 number has been consistently friendly (if not totally inept sometimes), but the service I received in my branch was shockingly bad.  I felt completely insulted, as the discourteous and snide bankers (two different ones) I dealth with consistently blew me off, never returned calls, insisted that an obvious Midfirst mistake wasn't theirs, and so on.

A year previously, I had looked into a refinance for my vehicle, and that banker consistently blew me off as well, never returning calls.  Really unfortunate.  I chose Midfirst to get away from the faceless big banks, but ironically, I have received better service from Wells Fargo than Midfirst could ever be capable of providing.  IRONY!

I closed my account.  I absolutely would never reward that low class of customer service.

I'm Through With This Bank

I have had enough of overdraft fees when I have money in another account that could cover it. I have had enough of waiting for a check from another bank to clear. It has been over a week and I am still waiting for over $15,000 to be available for use. NO MORE! GOOD-BYE MID FIRST!

Attitude & Online Banking

Online banking is the absolute pits. I have downloaded Adobe 10x so that I can download statements from the other banks that I do business with, ie, Chase, Wells Fargo. At MidFirst there is a test to see if your Adobe program is compatible and working. I've taken the test on three different computers I have in my offices and all pass the test, yet I still can not download a statement. After several calls to this banks IT department since September 2011, I now find that Adobe 10X doesn't work. It works for their online test, but not to download statements or anything else.

Is this customer service ?

I don't think I've ever dealt with a more arrogant bunch of people than MIdFirst Bank. It's as if they are doing you a favor to let you in their banking centers.

High Early Withdrawal Penalty

Just found out that the Early Withdrawal Penalty on an 84 month CD is 2 years!!! No thanks, MidFirst.