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Northstar Bank of Texas Reviews

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Northstar Bank Of Texas

I like doing business with this bank.  The people are friendly, helpful and professional.   I also like that, as one might expect from a small-town bank, they are actively involved in the communities in which they are located.   For example, the bank has for the last 7 years been a generous supporter of a local group which holds an annual event open to the county. 

The online system is old technology and has the look and feel of something out of the late 1980's but it works reliably and consistently.  Your login ID is your account number but it can be changed through a call to the Customer Service number.  There is a separate signon for Estatements, which is cumbersome and that can likely be changed as well.  I believe the odd-cycle issue that the previous reviewer mentioned is common to many Reward Checking accounts although some institutions offering them do have more "conventional" qualification periods coinciding with month end. 

However, the Velocity Checking rate is terrific, the $50K cap is outstanding, and the required number of debit transactions is very manageable.  The Bill Pay interface works well (I requested a transfer at 0700 on a Monday and it was available in the target account Wednesday at 0700).  

To me, all those pluses more than offset a less-than-stellar interface and odd cycle closes and I would definitely recommend them.  

Wonderful People

Wonderful people. Beautiful bank. Hated to leave them but did not like the cycle date beginning 3rd Wednesday of month. When found a little better deal with cycle date 1st day of month, went to it. Northstar was very cooperative in getting my money (over $100k) back and I apprediate that. If they chenge the cycle date, I'll be back.

Ruined My Trip .

I had a month long motorcycle trip planned and the day before I was to leave I noticed the expiration date on my debit card was due to expire in less than 2 weeks . I had ordered a replacement card 2 weeks before because the magnetic strip was worn and I was worried that it might not work in an after hours gas situation . That cards expiration date was not due to expire until 2015 . Went to the bank and informed them of my dilema . Although the ladies at the branch were as helpfull as they could possibly be , their policy would not allow an imediate resolution to the problem and were unable to get me a new card with the correct expiration date for a few days or at least make the current card available after the expiration date . Now normally I would just accept this as a freak mistake but the lady at the bank told me that this had happened several times recently . My question is why was the issue not addressed so it could never happen again ? About a year ago I recieved a replacement debit card and tried to pay a bill with it and it was denied . After examining the card I noticed that it had my name on the card and my son's account number !! I've been banking with Northstar since they began operating (they took over Lake cities bank years ago , my previous bank ) These issues are scarry and shocking to me and I will be moving my account elsewhere asap . Can't reccomend Northstar with such dangerous mistakes happening with customers accounts .

Rate & Balance Cap are going down on Oct 18th 2012

Hey ya'll,

Got a letter form Northstar Bank today stating the following changes effective Oct 18, 2012:

Highest interest rate will drop to 2.02%  (down from 2.25%)

Balance cap to earn the highest rate will drop to $10,000 (down from $20,000)
Hope this helps!

Horrid Service

Worst service around. After waiting 15 min. to get the check I was depositing verifired... And the check was verified by the other bank. I was told they would go into my acct immediately.  I left happy but then was called on the phone 30 min later after making a few payments telling me I would "now" have to wait 2 days without an explanation!! Really?!