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Awful - Stay Away From Smarty Pig

Be aware that smarty pig doesnt actually hold your money, and should there be any problem with your account, or should you need to withdraw funds, you have to jump through hoops. They wont even give you a contact number at BBVA Compass - the bank that holds the funds -- they tell you to hang by the phone and the bank will call you. Inexcusable. I've been locked out of my account twice in a week and both times the bank has taken 2 DAYS to contact me to resolve the isue.

The Worst Choice Ever!

I wish I could give "negative" stars to Smartypig.  Even one star is too many.  There is nothing smarty about this pig. 

My account has been locked for a week now for the reasons that I don't know.  I am not even provided any explanation.  Each and every time I contact the customer service, I am told that the account is being "reviewed" by BBVA (the "real" bank that SmartyPig operates with), and that someone is going to contact me.  That's all I got!  Even Smartypig is unable to get into my account, and they don't know what BBVA is doing.  Not only I can't get any explanation from Smartypig, they also don't provide any contact information where I can seek an explanation.  My money is being held up by someone for some reason and I am denied to have access to it!  Is this legal?!  In any case I deserve an explanation, which would be provided If I had chosen a reliable financial choice over Smartypig.

As of now (after a week), noone has gotton back to me yet, and Smartypig is (apparently) unable to do anything until BBVA gets back to them (or to me).  All I have been told is to wait.  Why and how long, no clue...  I didn't know Smartypig was just a puppet company of a bank, with no power over that bank.  I would certainly have never chosen Smartypig if I had known I could be locked out of my own account indefinetely for the reasons that even the Smartypig customer service is unaware.

I am currently planning to contact BBVA (found the contact info in Google).  I am also considering to pass this issue to an attorney.

Not Up To The Mark

I tried to open an account and kept getting an error "Your username has not been recognized"  contacted support and its been several iterations with them.  while they are polite, i do not think they are very competent. 

I think this is not yet a fully mature company and they still have a lot of work cut out for them.  i am now hesitant to park my money with them.


I Like Smartypig

I think Smartypig is a fun and creative way to allocate funds and save for goals.  I also like the idea of being able to use social networking sites to publicize your goals and accept gifts and donations to what you are saving for.  Their interest rate is pretty decent compared to what's out there now.  I would recommend using Smartypig for anyone interested who want to have fun with savings.

Love Smartypig

I have nothing but great things to say about Smartypig. Anytime I have locked myself out of my account, I am always easily let back in by answering my security questions. I haven't had the need to talk with the bank that actually holds the money I have with Smartypig, so I have no idea if they are easy to work with. I have also been able to get my money out in partial amounts or my entire goal. It might take a day or so to get your money into your account, but I like that. I always have trouble saving money in a savings account with my normal bank because it is hooked to my checking. I like having this separateness, so I am okay with the day or so it takes to get my money. I also love being able to see what percentage I am to my goal, as well as the ability to add money using their mobile app! I haven't use put my money into a gift card, but the ability to get cash back from doing so is making it something I will definitely look into in the future!! I definitely recommend Smartypig to anyone!

Wacky, Yes, But Good Rate

If you can put up with the hoops, they do have a decent rate compared to other options out there. It's an interesting concept, and I like the original idea of having the availability of different categories of savings to keep yourself organized. But, they've dropped the rate steadily (like everyone) such that it's no longer such a good deal. Additionally, they've added "features" like a prepaid card that I am suspicious will add more to their revenue stream than to their depositors' wallets. Still, it's worth a look.