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The Golden 1 Credit Union Reviews

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Satisfied Customer

I am so glad I switched to this Credit Union. I am an extremely satisfied customer. Golden One is located close to where I live. Conveniently close. I love walking into Golden One. Definitely has a sense of community. The Bankers are very professional and helpful. I never have to stand in line for a long time like I did at my regular bank that I used to have. I recommend Golden 1 Credit union. They are awesome and easy to get car loans through.

Lack Of Notice

While I have had a good relationship with this bank over the years, I am now removing all my money due to their overdraft policy.  I was extremely busy with five different deadlines and did not transfer money in time, so automatic bill pay started racking up overdraft charges.  While I admit that this is partially my fault, it was my credit card company that notified me that something was wrong -- not the bank!!!  In fact, I did not receive any notice until 10 days later when a snail mail notice arrived.  If my credit card company had not notified me, I would have had ten more overdraft charges!!!  This bank has emailed me about everything over the years -- and encouraged electronic statements and electronic bill pay -- but this is a rip-off!!  Not only that, they refuse to consider that they are complicit in this problem by not notifying me in a timely manner so I could fix the problem with a simple transfer of funds.  I will be transferring all of my business to banks that understand that modern life and electronic systems should be applied to all customer transactions.  As far as I am concerned, in this case, Golden One is stealing.  DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH GOLDEN ONE.

Service Fee Scam

Beware the two pronged attack: putting a "hold" on direct deposits of state payroll and then charging "overdraft fees" when the depositor tries to use the funds.  This happened to me and when I asked how it was possible that debits made the day after the deposit were treated as overdratfts, I was told that "the system" does this and no one at the branch could explain why.
Clearly Golden 1 engages in the practice of "churning" accounts in order to charge fees (in my case $165.00) for their "free services".  They claim to be not for profit, but someone somewhere in the Golden 1 banking structure is living pretty well on my "service fees".

So DISAPPOINTED! Closing This Account Soon!

I could not be any more DISAPPOINTED with the service I received today at the branch I had gone to today. I had been mugged in a parking lot after grocery shopping this past weekend on Saturday. I was not able to reach anyone until Monday in order to cancel my card for my entire savings account. I was finally able to close that card and was issued a new one. I asked the lady who I spoke with on a local 916 telephone number and mentioned to her my entire purse was stolen with my entire wallet including ID. I asked her if I would be able to use an expired drivers license I had to pull out money and get a temporary card and she said no, I would have to get temp lD from the DMV and then I would be able to. So I went into a golden 1 branch today... And after being mugged and having my entire purse stolen from me I never want to carry cash on me again. I asked for a temporary card and she said she could not issue one to me because I did not have a valid ID!!! After the customer service line already told me I could! I am so disappointed in Golden 1 I requested to withdraw my entire savings account and close this account out so I can take it to my other bank who has been so much more accommodating.  At this point, she told me she could only give me up to so much. And I would only be able to pull out $100 a day until I either get my card or a "valid ID". I am so upset, I cannot wait to close my account with Golden 1. I thought I'd share my experience... There's so many cons to banking with Golden 1: they do not have a 24 hour customer service line to call in the event your card gets stolen... Especially being a Saturday evening robbery, these thieves had all night Saturday and all day Sunday to use my card up until Monday when i was finally able to reach somebody, who ended up giving me incorrect information.... They close so early on the weekdays, if you have a 9-5 job you have to wait til the weekend to go in, unless you go on your lunch. I barely made it today since they're open a half hour later on Fridays. Overall, once I get a valid ID or my new card I will be running in the door to withdraw my entire savings account and moving it to where I have currently been banking for the past 10+ years. I tried Golden 1 for not even an entire year and have only been disappointed with never being able to make it to the bank in time. Without a temp card, I am not able to transfer any money to my actual checkings at another bank where they have set me up with a temporary card, so I do not have to carry cash on me due to my fear of getting mugged again. I guess that's why I've been with my bank for so long. I trust my other bank... golden 1 is not a place I want my money at and I am more than eager to start pulling out a $100 a day until I pull out every last penny. GOLDEN 1 IS NOT A BANK I CAN TRUST TO HANDLE MY MONEY.  Are you going to delete my post again? I guess I'll just post this on yelp and other review sites where you don't the ability to delete my review.

Bait And Switch

Golden 1 did a bait and switch on me. Their site advertised auto loan is 2.9%, after I applied. I had to called Customer Services and they told me the rate is 6.7%.

I know my credit are in good standing in the mid 700...


The Best!!!!

I have been a member for two years now. And they are the best. I switched from Wells Fargo to Golden 1 Credit union. They have no hidden fees, and my check and savings account are free. I have always had great customer service. Everyone is always very helpful and smiling, which makes it a nice experience when I go to the bank.

I have had an auto loan which was easy to get even with the bad credit that I had. They gave me a chance and believed in me. The loan has since been paid, and it boosted my credit score.

Golden 1 is conveniently located close to me that it is in walking distance.

Bill pay is wonderful, makes my life easier just clicking to pay, very hassle free.

Forever a Gold 1 Credit Union Fan. Keep up the great work!!!!

Nice Place For Locals

I first became a member of this credit union as a junior in college. What stood out was how intimate the employees are with their customers and how that smaller touch gave me a greater sense of connection to the banks. The only reason I closed my accounts was because I moved out of the area, but what I always remembered was the friendliness of being a person that was recognized at each branch because they took the time to make me feel valued. Those small touches make all the difference sometimes.

Friendly Banking

Golden 1 Credit Union is a great place to do your banking. Offering all the services of a regular bank, Golden 1 provides the additional benefits of lower interest rates and lower fees. They hire friendly tellers and financial officers. One of their policies is to release funds sooner on deposits made inside the bank rather than at the atm machine, promoting a friendly face to face atmosphere. This "get to know you" attitude they have is why I prefer to do my banking with Golden 1.

Uhhh What Bank?

Why do some of these reviews call Golden1 a bank? No wonder they have issues, they don't even know that their money is, or was, with a credit union! Night and day difference between banks. I've been happy. They have made huge improvements to the website and almost on par with banks like BofA. Mobile apps work great and on the occasions that I do need to deposit checks I do it with the mobile phone app. Take a picture and send it off and see your deposit the next day. Never have had to set foot, and can always quickly and easily access/handle my money online. If you are savvy enough with technology and competent enough to know where you are putting your money and the related fees that are clearly on their website, Golden1 is a great place to store/invest your money.

Happy With Golden 1

I've been with Golden 1 for a few years, and I have been very happy with the service, I love there online bill pay. I love the friendliness of there staff in every branch I've been in.

I've only had two issues with being a victim of fraud, but both times Golden 1 was on top of it, notifying me right away and freezing my account. They were very nice to me on the phone and were & quick to send me a brand new card in the mail and getting my money back to me. I am very pleased with this bank!

Real Customer Review

Gotta love the people who rated Golden1 "CREDIT UNION" and said how they didn't enjoy this "bank". If you are looking for an alternative to banks and looking into California credit unions, and you plan on staying in California, Golden 1 is a great choice. I haven't had to move, but even if I did, I would probably still stay with them. The service is always friendly. We did use with B of A and our local branch was also friendly (1-800 phone support however is horrible) we just chose to switch for many other reasons.

I won't rant about Golden1 safety in assets and security as you can do a web search yourself, but as a customer I will say that Golden1 recently came out with many long over due technology updates that I have overall been very please with.

They now have android apps and website tools that are a little more on par with for-profit-banks. The online tools are still new and being updated but work great! A few minor kinks in the overall user interface, but my bills get paid, I can use all the latest technology to keep watch on my account and it was no hassle signing up and getting my wife on the account. I would upgrade to a 5 star when they keep ironing out all their technological updates.

We use direct deposit and occasionally, golden1 mobile app, to deposit misc checks from home. Transferring money between checking and savings is easy as any major bank, and you can do it all online by yourself. We hardly go into our local branch, but as I mentioned, when we do, it's been a great experience. I'm usually in and out on my lunch break.

Easy to work with and fair.

My primary experience with Golden1 was purchasing a used car. Golden1 offered me, a person with dubious credit, a large enough loan to purchase a vehicle for my needs at an interest rate that was quite fair, and monthly payments well within my financial capabilities. If I encountered trouble making a payment, they were always willing to help me work out a better schedule.