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“Crooks And Scam Artists”

“Crooks and Scam artists”  They stole my own money out of my banking account now I have to wait weeks and weeks for the paper work just to see if I get it back... Trustco Bank  3707 New York 43 , West 

Trustco Scam

I opened an account in 2010 thinking I'll be using it often but only made a $20 deposit and haven't used it since. I went to the local branch today to close my account and I found out that these crooks have closed it and won't refund my deposit claiming that there is a 'returned mail" fee that was assessed on the account. Ridiculous!!! I get mail every day, it's impossible to have only Trustco mail returned furthermore, I do have several letters from them extending some other financial products and offers... Even if the mail got returned they should call and ask for an updated address, they had my phone number, they had my wife's cell#... When asked to produce evidence that the mail was returned, the manager said that they probably don't have the mail any longer because it gets destroyed after a certain period of time but she will ask for it and if they have it they'll show it to me. It's been ONLY 3 months since the account was closed aren't they supposed to keep the evidence or documents for at least 1 year? This is a complete lie, a fabrication from the bank seeing no activity on the account, instead of putting effort into creating activity or contacting the customer, they decided to close the account and cash the funds hoping that the account owner doesn't remember he/she had an account or maybe he/she has passed away... Despite the insignificant amount this is an outrageous behavior from a financial institution and these crooks are  in for a big surprise... Stay tuned

Terrible Bank If You Are Not Local

I moved to an area where there is no branch of Trustco anywhere nearby, so any kind of dealing with them has had to be through phone and snail mail.  It is the most backwards and frustratingly inconvenient banking I've ever had the displeasure of doing business with.  

Very inflexible methods of communication are used.  In the past (I've been with them over 11 years, not my choice) if they needed to communicate, it was only through mail, even though my phone number was in their records, but apparently dialing it was too much effort.  I've had to call numerous times to change my address (for the same residence).  

Any kind of dealings with them through snail mail has to be notarized, and then when you need them to reference said mail, it's a gigantic hassle.  As in "the manager isn't here, I can't find it".  Are you kidding me with this - does the manager keep mail on their physical body?  Is this 1930 that you have to rummage through a desk?  Needless to say, it's not at all a pleasure to deal with them and as soon as I can withdraw my money, I will cease doing business with them.  

I would love to give them just 1 star, but in person they were fine.  It's just that if you live in the current age, be prepared to take a dive in the past.

Great Products And Friendly Staff

This bank has stayed true to the way banking used to be-friendly staff that know your name and are available to speak to in person. You don't get transferred to some call center with an automated line that's impossible to navigate. Simple products without a "chart" to figure out if you will get a fee. No minimum balance to maintain and no monthly service charge. I have always have received great service and it's easy to maintain my account and not worry about getting hit with fees the big banks charge for no reason.

Terrible Bank Even If You ARE Local

We have used Trustco for CDs for a long time.  A bit of a pain to work with, but I only saw them once very 2-3 years.

We opened checking/money market accounts a week before Christmas at their Stuyvesant Plaza office.  The assistant manager forgot to order our ATM cards, and ordered our checks with one of our names spelled incorrectly, as well as our town spelled incorrectly.  The re-ordered checks arrived a few days ago, but when I checked our account, I find that Trustco had charged us to rush order the new checks. 

I assume that charge will be withdrawn (if not I will edit this comment), but so far our experience has been a tragedy of errors at every step.

The interest rate/required balance combination between the two accounts is good enough to keep us banking there temporarily to see if this nonsense continues, but we are actively shopping for a new local bank to house our checking and cash accounts.

Trustco- Seek A Credit Union

I would rate 4-5 stars- ok bank; policies on check holds and fees are clear, even if you don't like theat they hold checks for 24 hours, checks are always free, and the ONLY fee on your accounts are if YOU overdraw it. What? do you really think the bank will give you an interest free loan?! ... you get the disclosure when you open your account people. Try other banks with maintenance fees, transactions limits, and charges for such things as on-line banking or Bill-Pay... The service is always friendly and helpful... I don't like the way they treat the employees. Tey treat them like pawns on the chess-board, and there is ALWAYS a different person sitting at the desk, having to eplain my situation to everyone not only gets old, waste time, but makes me feel very insecure... Just WHO am I giving my information to? everytime they look up my acct. they want my SS#. all these floaters, I can't tell who is still with the bank, and who is taking my information for later... and talking to these 'floating' managers, they don't seem to like it either- they have to pay for their own travel with only minimal reibursement  from the bank in their own vehical-far less then the $0.55/mile alotted on your taxes (at $4/gallon) - I feel bad for these kids- and I mean kids! they have the most inexperienced unprofessional 22 year olds sitting at a desk, who have to call other branches for simple answers... waste of my time.  They are ok for simple checking and savings accounts; try the credit uions for loans... Rumor has it they are downsizing- getting rid of employees (1-3 tellers) left and right... there goes the customer service aspect I liked.

Issues With This Bank

So here's my story and based on the other posts I have seen, I should have investigated further before banking here. I opened my account one month ago just because it was convenient to my house. Wrong move....

So I went in there and opened an account and made 2 deposits. One into the checking and one into the savings. No big deal so far. We received my checks a little while later and noticed that it had the wrong account number on it. We went back there to tell them the error and they told us "sorry, we can reissue you another set but will have to charge you". I need to go complain about that one. Then I got my monthly account statement and noticed that it was missing a deposit. I called about it (luckily I have saved my deposit receipt) and they said they would look into it and call me back. I waited 2 weeks and called again. I am still waiting for a call back. As soon as I get this money resolved, I plan to close this account and go somewhere else. It's just too many issues on the get go for me to trust them to handle any amount of money.

Trustco Bank Is Horrible.

Trustco Bank is horrible. Customer service people will get rude with you and hang up on you. They will also refuse to provide you with their last names because they do not wish to get in trouble. They do not move quickly to resolve your issues and will allow people to rip you off.