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University of Iowa Community Credit Union Reviews

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A week ago I used UICC's outside ATM to deposit a check thinking that my account would be ok . Then after reviewing my account online I found that they withdrew my check because they said a check wasnt in the envelope. My fiancee and I clearly put the check into the envelope and sealed it shut and wrote in red ink. Between their atm machine and the employees  recieving the envelope the check was lost and now im out x amount of dollars (shaking my head). NEVER use their atm machines to deposit anything !!!

Great Account! Includes A Best Rate Guarantee On Cds Too

Great account! Includes a best Rate Guarantee on CDs too.

Nightmare Banking---Greedy, Aggressive, And Dishonest

UICCU sums up everything that is wrong with modern banking. Their lack of service, constant greed, and anti-customer policies make it a nightmare to do business here. I've had bank accounts with close to a dozen different banks---including the national ones---and this has by far been my worst experience.


1) Greed is all that motivates UICCU. If they can find a way to charge you a fee, they will. UICCU cares only about making money, not about customer welfare.


Under my plan, I'm charged a fee everytime I use my card as debit and whenever I use a non-UICCU ATM. This is a problem since the credit union shut down almost all of its direct campus ATMs, meaning that you either get stuck with the fee or effectively have no ATM access.


Once I misplaced my checkbook and asked them for one temporary check. They printed it off. I thought it was awfully nice of them and then I saw a charge against my account for a few dollars.


UICCU will kick customers when they're already down. When my card was lost/stolen, I was told that I'd be charged $15-20 for a replacement. Even the mega-banks like Chase have never imposed that kind of fee on me. The worst part is that my replacement card never showed up. That was a sign that I needed to bank elsewhere.


2) UICCU employs hyper-aggressive, deceptive sales tactics. Also aimed at earning them money to your detriment.


For several weeks, everytime I came in, I was bombarded with sales pitches about their new credit card. I told them every time that I was not interested and that I probably wouldn't qualify anyway (as a student with low income). They persisted in asking me for weeks after that. Finally my resolve broke down and I asked for more information. I explained my situation to the banker, that I had only RA-income and income from a small business that was a few months old. He assured me that I qualified and would receive the new loan, so I went ahead and signed on the dotted line. Days later he told me that there was a problem with my application, since I didn't have enough year-round income (which I already warned him about). I sincerely tried to follow up and get the application through but received no response. I did nothing but waste my time and injure my credit score by giving UICCU a fair chance.


The bottom line is this---don't bank with UICCU. There are few incentives and you do so at your own peril. If you roll the dice and bank at a random credit union, you almost certainly be happier. It does not get worse than this.

Long Term Member

The Rewards Account is consistently the best in market, and I can’t think of any other place where I can earn more on my checking than I would pay on my equity loan.  Been a member for 20 plus years and love what they do for me and the community.

Poor Service, Too Many Stipulations, Outdated Home Banking.

While the rates are seemingly good, I have never had to jump so many hoops. Additionally, the service representative on the phone was snotty and rude when explaining all the stipulations. The home banking website is not user-friendly. I can use it to get what I need done, but it is no comparison to other home banking websites. I will be moving my money out of this bank as soon as possible. The rates aren't worth the service. I just wish I wouldn't have moved my direct deposit yet.

#1 In Nation For Return To Member

This CU was recently recognized by Callahan and Associates as being #1 in the nation (out of 7,441 credit unions) for returning profits back to its members in the form of lower loan rates and higher deposit yields.

1St And 2Nd Mortgage Screw Ups...

We got a good rate on our mortgage but every month they take money out of my husbands checking acct they never know how to seperate the moneys for the 1st and 2nd mortgage. We've been with these guys for 1 1/2 yrs and we've had to deal with it so much. My husband has to directly go to the office just to argue with them about YES I did pay my 2nd mortgage.'s so frusterating they can't figure it out. Also, they aren't customer service orientated either.

Touch Tone Teller

The touch tone teller voice  speaks way too fast to follow when checking my accounts!!! Other than that we're happy with most everything else.

Watch Your Loan

I had a car loan with U of I CCC, and after paying on it over a year, hadn't even touched on the principal amount. They had added their own insurance, even though I had faxed my proof of insurance several times. Once I caught the problem they owed me over $3000 plus interest. Without me finding the problem, they would have gotten an extra $3000 + from me. I'm not impressed.

Terrible Don't Join

I have had my check direct deposited for a year at this poor excuse for a credit union. Multiple times I have had money in my account and use my credit card and all of a sudden my card would be randomly denied. I went online and looked and had plenty of money to cover the charge in my account. You will also get charged for transferring money after your third transaction of the month. DON'T JOIN, THEY WILL JUST KEEP TAKING MONEY FROM YOU!

Come To Des Moines

Great rates. Always competitive on the deposit and loan side. No origination fees on mortgages. I just wish they had branches over here in Des Moines. Bring it west UICCU.

Great Account!

I have had the rewards checking account shortly after the credit union introduced it.  It has been a wonderful account.  Staff explained the features of this product in great detail, inlcuding the posting of the minimum of 12 "credit" transactions each month.  If you truly use this account as your primary checking account, there is no reason you can't meet the minimum number of transactions.  The rates have continued to be very competitive.  I have been very satisfied with this account.  They must be doing something right to be the #1 credit union in the US in member giveback, thank you! 

good, but not great

I've had a decent experience with the University of Iowa Credit Union. As a local of Iowa City, and as a student, my choices are limited in credit unions, however I am happy with this one. Going into their offices, I've always had great experiences. All of the employees are friendly and very helpful. The only reason that my rating is not a perfect rating is their lack of a mobile interface, and some of the interactions have been kind of slow over the internet. Besides that, I would recommend this credit union to somebody else.