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Valley National Bank Reviews

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Refinance Scam

We just fell for Valley's $499 refinance scam! They sent their "appraiser" to ouur house and it was valued $65,000 less than our 2 year old appraisal and $55,000 less than our 1 month old assessment. We asked ablout this and were told that they don't use the appraisal, just recent sales in a 3 mile radius. Features, lot size, condition don't matter. Three miles from my house includes 3 other towns that are much lower than mine in property value. The house next to mine with a similar lot size just sold for just under what we bought ours at and one up the street, with a smaller lot, just sold for more. Valley just stole $499 from us!


I have been banking at my branch for over 30 or so years. Valley purchased Prospect Park Savings many years ago.The branch was a pleasure to deal with, because people at the branch, could solve a problem if you had one.I recently ran into a problem with one of my accounts that they changed the monthy balance from $500.00 to $999.00.No notices were sent out by the bank for this change and since they stopped sending out hard copies every month I was charged a $25.00 service charge for this change in bank policy.The 2 girls at my branch were no help at all in solving this problem.After numerous calls to customer service I was able to talk to a supervisor who was able to reverse the charge and get me back on getting a hard copy of my statements every month. The tellers are great people,but have no use for the 2 so-called branch managers.

Don't Ever Get A Car Loan From Them

I got a overpriced loan for my Honda in 2007. When the economy went sour in 2008, I was unable to make prompt payments.This bank's main office called my business and personal # at least 2 to 3 times a day for months. After getting a phone call from an very rude gentleman, who got me to tears twice I stopped taking their calls. They received a monthly payment with late payments each month with the late payment fee. I was unable to get ahead with payments and this bank did not want to find a solution. I even attempted to add $50 to 5 payments, and was told that this would come off my principle. Now I am at last at my last payment , and was told the payment is 2X the normal payment. I was informed that they had added interest each day it was late, a "Late payment on the interest".  I am sending them them the check today, but not without the final word. If you read this, don't bank with them ! Their collections department staff is nasty to say the least. They are not there to work out solutions to problems their customers may have. The are the rudest collection department of a bank that I have ever dealt with ( and I did deal with other banks at this period of time that did not treat their customers like that!)

Can't Pay Loan Back Online

I just bought a car and my dealership made me go through Valley Nation Bank for the loan. I like to pay all my bills online because it's quicker, but this bank doesn't offer that option unless you're a member. They make you send a check. My last loan was through capitol one and they were awesome. Not a fan of VNB.

Horrible Bank And Mortgage Processing Is The Slowest In The World

I have applied for Home Refinancing with this Bank, and it has been over 3 months and the loan has not yet closed. They go on asking new documents every few days when I call to check up on the status, which I duly oblige within a day. Then again, no response till I call back to check again.

They do not provide a complete list of expected documents at the time of applying such that the customer can make an informed decision.

Never get lured by their low closing fees as it proves with lower fees the kind of service is equally of low quality.


Worst Bank Ever

Everyone who works there is an idiot. None of them speak good English. If you value your money, bank somewhere else!

Wasn't Pleased

Out of date technology and rude customer service for my car loan.