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Vantage Point Bank Reviews

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Based on 12 reviews

I Think They Were Great

I had no problems at all with this bank.  My service was just right, the costs were not as much as some have here...I am saving on my Monthly payments because of them they saved me and my family in a big way and they were quick on getting everything done promptly.  I know some have bad experiences but sometimes it is the customer who doesn't get approved and write things like this down so consumers be weary of them I cannot believe this company was bad 

Helped Me When No One Else Could!

My experience with VPB has been good up to the point of making payments. They delivered on a lower rate than originally offered and closing was relatively painless and within the cost range expected. My loan officer and those he coordinated my loan with were very responsive and helpful. Now as far as making payments, at first i was told and noted in the closing documents that my mortgage would be managed by another company. While waiting for info from that company on 1st payment detail I was notified that 1st payment needed to go to VPB. So, I'm still not sure where my 2nd payment will go but am told it will be clarified soon. Waiting.....!!!

Smooth Closing With Brian Palombo

  - Highly likely to recommend Closed refinance loan. Coral Way, Miami, FL Responsiveness:   Knowledgeable:   Helpfulness:   Follow Through:   Summary: I came upon Brian after already shopping around for info/APR with other banks. By the time I spoke to Brian I was already discouraged and didn't really want to proceed with a line of credit/refinance. After speaking to him he informed me on all options to make sure I was informed enough to make a decision. He then suggested a refinance for us and explained the reasons why. Also, once the process began he always answered all questions and made sure to follow up. We highly recommend him.

Review Of Chris

I was impressed with the service this young lady provided for me. I was turned down by so many banks--she worked with me to help me turn around my credit and rework my accounts. She treated me with dignity and respect and kept me notified of my account's progress. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to refinance a home. Edna C. Ward


Just closed on my mortage with VPB couldnt ask for a smoother, faster transaction only 30 days to close from the first phone call with Peter Kline and being that i am a long Island resident and dealing with Peter and VPB in albany for never actully seeing and acutal face he made u feel very comfartable like u would if u where to sit down with a broker.  As for closing cost and fee if u really do your home work every bank u deal with charges about the same amount the diffrence between VPB and others is there is no hidden fees or expenses it is what they say give or take 10 dollars which is told to u from the first phone call. If ur looking for a easy no hasel fast and no B/S RE-FI give Peter Kline a call he help u with any question or concern u may have day or night as u go threw the process.  I truly had a excellent experince with Peter and his team and would highly recomend them to anyone!!! 

5 Star Service!

Vantage Point Bank helped me out, when no one else would. They were excellent to deal with! Right on top of things, and answering questions day and night! Ended up with a lower interest rate than we originally thought. Im now saving 250.00 a month! Very Prompt, and they made things as easy as possible for me. I have referred family members, and will continue to refer anyone who needs help to them. If near the albany Area, i highly recommend Peter Klein to do business with! I am a VERY happy customer.

Great Bank...

Wonderful community, bank end of story. The one who gave the very poor rating.... Hard to understand how a bank located in Horsham, Pa is tied to Chicago. I have several loans with VP... Always competitive.

Great Service From My Mortgage Banker

I don't typically write reviews, but with the mortgages the way they are I wanted to give my banker the respect he earned with my business. As one said in here yes one fee might be higher then another, but I found that overall the straight forward banking that I got was next to none. Everything from start to finish was just as promised, and my rate ended being .25% better then expected which was just a bonus. Sometimes the best services are all in who you work with.

Henry Norton was my banker, and I must once again say I know sometimes it is who you work with, but he was excellent in every aspect and explaining all details of the process and what I could expect. I would and have recommended him several times now. If you want to reach him direct, take my word it would be next to none for experiences. I will not give his personal number as he provided us with his cell but his office line is 866-962-6698 ext 308.


Very Pleased client/customer