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External Transfers No Longer Available

I got this message from them today:

External transfers are no longer available through Crescent State Bank's online banking. If you would like to make an external transfer, please contact your local office and they will be glad to help you.

Thank you!

It looks like they just took out one of the services that I like about this bank, hence the lower rating.

Bad Security!

This bank opened an account in my name without my knowledge or consent.  They never checked identification didn't even get an ID or a signature card!  Then when the whole thing went bad they came after me for money.  The only information that matched me was the name but they eventually tracked me down.  What the? It is crazy that a bank could open accounts online and never verify who opened the account.  Isn't this a violation of the patriot act? Watch out! 

Don't Use This Bank For Mortgage Financing!

We confided in Crescent State Banks services for refinancing our home. We gave them all of there requested documents for the loan minus my wife's green card that thy asked for. We explained that her green card had been stolen and that a police report had been filed the same day that it was stolen. The Mortgage Loan Officer  took our application along with a $400.00 check written out to Crescent State Bank for the appraisal fee and said that she would check into the green card to see if there was any other document they could use. The Mortgage Loan Officer told us she would forward our application and get back to us on the Green card status. Meanwhile Crescent State Bank ordered the appraisal on our house without making sure that the green card issue wasn't going to be a problem. After several inquiries as to the status of our application and one month later they told us that they cannot refinance our home unless we provide a copy of the green card and that the $400.00 we gave them in good faith was non-refundable. The bottom line is that Crescent State Bank should have made sure that the loan was approved before ordering the appraisal on our house. We had to pay $400.00 for Crescent State Banks Error's.

And lost $400.00 by using a bank that clearly has no business doing mortgages.



Weird Statement Cycle, Posting Delays, No Waivers

I second the post above. I did the last few debit transactions on 14th Monday during the business hours well before  3pm. And it was delayed for whatever reason... they blame the merchant. I dunno if the delay is on their side or if it's truly the merchant.

I ask'ed for a one time waiver but they won't give me the interest. The manager talked around very slick. All other banks & credit cards do give you a one time waiver at times.

Proof Is In The Puddin'

Crescent State Bank is a customer service oriented bank. I had banked with larger banks in the past, and am extremely pleased with Crescent and the service I received.

The thing people don't realize that is order to give this higher interest rate, the bank still has to be competitive with other banks within this economically uncertain time. Interest is not owed to the customers but an extra of the checking account. This is not a savings account, it is an account to be used on a daily basis. Usually the people complaining about not receiving their interest are the ones who are in fact trying to play the banking system for whatever they can.

I have banked with Crescent for 3 years, and the one time I did not receive my interest, the manager (at the Falls Branch) looked into my account and saw that I was using my debit card regularly, had my payroll coming into the account every month and that I had tried to get all 10 debit card transaction in, but they did not process b/c of a delay with the merchant. I received a waiver for the interest that month and learned to get my debits in early as to receive the bonus interest!