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111 N. Wall Street
Spokane , WA 99201

Sterling Savings Bank is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution Umpqua Bank.

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Reviews (8)

They Love Their Overdraft Fee's

Sterling Savings Bank in Central Point Oregon is the worst.  The drive though is like an all day event . If you are a gluten for punishment open your account here. But if you value good customer service stay away.

The new upgrade they did for all accounts is set up to charge the customers more in over draft charges. this is their thing...

Is Too Busy For My Business - Because So Many People Are Buying -

I have the same problem as one if the other reviewers - that my loan officer leaves me feeling she is too busy - wonder if we got the same one? Anyway, I am tired of being told "I'll get back to you, I'm so busy" - ok, I have options too - find another lender with my 786 credit score and 50% equity. Wish I'd read these reviews first.

Painfully Behind The Times

I have a mortgage with Sterling, which I got through Costco. They charged me extra to maintain my own escrow account (taxes and insurance), then at closing they forced me to pay my taxes early and to pay an entire year of homeowners insurance. So much for managing my own account.

Now that they have my mortage (they sold it to Fannie Mae, but maintain the servicing of the loan) they are incredibly difficult to do the most simple things with.

I tried to make two half payments a month on my mortgage. The first payment was applied entirely to principal, so I had to call and tell them it was simply half a payment. I was told they aren't set up for that and not to do it again.

Then, I tried to simply round up my payment to pay a little extra to principal. When I checked to see how the payment had been applied, the extra had seemingly vanished. I was told it was sitting in "unapplied" because no one knew what to do with it. I was told not to pay extra in a single check unless I wanted to call them every month, and that if I wanted to pay extra I should write a SEPARATE check and MAIL it.


Business Checking

I have been in business for going into 16 years.  We have banked with several banks looking for a bank that is business oriented.  We are still searching.  I thought by using a smaller bank that we would receive better care and understanding regarding the needs of our business.  It started out great, but we were constantly being misinformed regarding bank policies and precedures.  I love the small bank atomsphere but do not like  how the bank handles our company.  I feel they would love to get rid of our business.  Granted we are not a fortune 500 company but we do over 2 million dollars through them and we just added another location and forsee growth in the next year.  I will seek another bank that is more interested in our business.

Review Of Sterling Versus Old First Independent

It is a shame the Sterling bought out First Independent!  Service has dropped.  They continue to charge us some months twice for equity loan and not enough branches are open on Saturday.  I have waited 20 minutes to get a drive up teller free.  They are changing people all the time and the good employees have left.  The checking is not good for customer and saving accounts one of the lowest paying interest.  We will be leaving this bank soon

Approved To By A House With Sterling

This whole experience has been such a long process. I absolutley can not stand my lender that is working (or not working) for us. I have learned a lot of information about buying. We have been in the process since  Aug.2011. We don't have perfect credit, but have worked hard to repair it after bankruptcy. Our lender did help a little bit with repairing and correcting our credit report. Seems though everytime I talk with her, she is always playing the blame game. She is always talking about how she is in a hurry and her next client will be there soon. So basically she really doesn't care to have time for us. She says she will call or email and get us info before the day is over and it never happens. Not to mention, we had to get an extention for some structure on our property and it delayed the paper work process by 2 weeks and then I talk to her yesterday and she says there will need to be another extention. Excuses, excuses. I am so tired of this process. I want to wake up and not have this on my mind anymore. I just want to sign and be done with it. Move on!!!!  I will tell you this, she won't be getting a thank you letter. It will be more like, thank god you are not a part of my life anymore!!!

Horrible Service

They wouldn't let me leave. When I tried to cancel my account they kept it open for months afterwards even though I signed paperwork showing my account was closed. They refused to refund my overdraft fees even after they made a bank error with my checking account. Huge headache to bank with them. I tried talking to the branch manager on more than one occasion, and he never returned my calls and seemed to magically be on "lunch" at all hours of the day. Horrible, horrible, bank.

Great Customer Service

I have been banking with Sterling for 11 years and have no complaints.  I have banked at 3 different locations in WA state have several accounts and my mortgage with them and the staff is always friendly and helpful.  I have several friends that dopped their other banks and opened accounts at Sterling.


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