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100 Gibraltar Road
Horsham, PA 19044

Vantage Point Bank is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution First Choice Bank (NJ).

Reviews (12)

Vantage Point Bank

Very bad experience-

Higher than promised interest rate and closing cosys approx 20% higher than most banks.

They come across as being very nice but watch out-


I encourage you to shop and compare closing costs- VPB charged me approx $2,000 for processing and administration fees. While other lenders charged approx $699.00.

Shop and compare be smart!!


Worst Experience Ever!

We got pre-approved by an agent in Chicago. Then he asked me to wire money to his personal chase account for "escrow." I called hq, and he was fired. But that didn't stop the fraud on our accounts. And I asked vantage point to make it right by paying for credit monitoring or some other compensation. They refused. If you dont believe me, comment on this post. I have the emails to prove it and will be alerted when you comment. I talked to the broker manager and the h/r director. Both washed their hands of it.

Vantage Point Bank

My experience with Vantage Point was great. Excellent service and really fast closing. My closing costs were within $7 of what I was told they would be and the rate was actually 1/8 % lower.  Yes, their costs on a couple of items were higher than some other but other costs were lower. Overall thier closing costs were very competitive and my mortgage originator was most professional

One Star Is Too High For These Deadbeats

My company rebuilt their tellers desk in Horsham. I was asked to perform the work on a rush basis as they were opening soon. I met originally with the president of the company who released us to do the work. He was then fired but I was assured personally by David Bezar, one of the corporate execs. that there was no problem, we would be paid. We did our work and sent a bill.  

Not only have we not been paid, but they said that they had to repair our work equalling the sum of our contract. That's a bold faced lie. We were never contacted to do any repairs, which we would have done immediately had there really been anything to repair, but on three occasions I offered to meet with the president of the company, Dan O'Brien who has yet to respond. He said he would send photos but never did. He won't take phone calls. David Bezar won't take phone calls.

These people are a disgrace. I suggest that anyone thinking of using this bank turn and run away as fast as possible. They are lies, cheats & should be in jail for theft.



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