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EmigrantDirect Increases Cash Back on Credit Card


EmigrantDirect increased the cash back percentage on its Platinum MasterCard from 1.25% to 1.40%. I'm sure the demand for this credit card hasn't been what Emigrant had hoped. I doubt this increase will help. Even with a cash back rebate of 1.40%, it still requires a balance of $10K in your savings account for 6 months.

EmigrantDirect has a lot of competition for cash back rebate programs. Fidelity/MBNA's Investment Reward Mastercard still pays a flat 1.5%. It does require a Fidelity account but this isn't any worse than Emigrant's requirement. For those who have most of their expenses at grocery stores, gas stations and drug stores, it's hard to beat the 5%/1% cash back credit cards.

Some good resources to find the best cash back credit card include: FW thread of good cash back credit cards, FW thread of 5% reward credit cards.

Credit for this find goes to Steve who left a comment in the finding deals post.