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6.18% 36-Month CD at an Arizona CU - $50K (Arizona Holsum)


Arizona Holsum Credit Union has several high yield share certificates. This includes a 6.18% APY 3-year CD, a 5.88% APY 2-year and 1-year CD. These require a $50K minimum deposit. The rates are 0.25% less for a $10K minimum. These CDs are also available as an IRA with an extra 0.10% rate.

In addition to these standard rates, the credit union is still listing a 8.30% APY 8-month CD with a maximum deposit of $8K. It requires new money and an active checking account. I had posted on this special back in September. A reader had mentioned that the best checking account to get is the Enhanced Checking since it has no monthly fees. Also it was mentioned that the credit union does pull your credit in the account opening.

The field of membership includes those who live in the local community of the credit union. In addition to families, friends of members are also included. The branch is located in Phoenix.

The credit union is NCUA insured. It's a small credit union with $15 million in assets and 1,779 members.

Comment #1 by Banking Guy (anonymous) posted on
Banking Guy
The 8.30% APY 8-month CD special as ended as of January 2007. However, the 6.18% CD and the others are still in effect for this month.

Comment #2 by Anonymous posted on
Not that it matters now, but in November and December, they allowed you to get more than one of the 8% CDs provided the aggregate amount was less than $80K. I was lucky enough to have a CD mature on 12/28, and while the sign was down on 12/29, they were honoring it through 4pm that day, so I got very lucky.